Caveman Craig

By: Derek Yu

On: May 14th, 2008

Caveman Craig

In Caveman Craig you’re charged with leading a tribe of cavemen as they try to survive the harsh realities of everyday life as a friggin’ prehistoric caveman! Namely, dinosaurs. And evil cavemen dressed in black.

The interesting thing about CC is how you train each individual caveman to do his job (which he will then perform automatically). Cavemen come in three flavors (hunter, gatherer, and preparer), which each have two skills. To teach them these skills you simply perform the action a number of times while they are following you. New cavemen arrive when enough food has been prepared.

Along the way, you’re blessed with small gifts that make things easier for you (e.g. a fire and spit that prepares carcasses). These are fun rewards, and they alleviate the repetitiveness of training somewhat, but more skills, more dinosaurs, and more variety would have been very welcome. Raids on other tribes, perhaps?

Still, it’s a fun little game while it lasts!

  • Trotim

    A Gamemaker game! Just, you know, for the record.

  • Gr.Viper

    I wish it were possible to train trainers – give them all the skills and let them go. Some could run away and form another tribe :)

  • MisterX

    Now that was pretty fun. It’s a very cool concept and it’s been realized quite nicely in my opinion, it’s just lacking content. Even though CC is so very simple I still found it to be entertaining because of the ever growing tribe and the “events” unlocked over time. I probably played the game for too long (until I had 30 hunters, 14 gatherers and 12 preparers, plus a framerate of seemingly about 10fps) but I think it was too early that nothing new happened. Also the combat against the evil cavemen seemed pretty glitchy, as very often some of the evil ones just couldn’t be hit by my men anymore, so I was the only one who could set them free from their endless throwing of stones.

    But all in all it was still very entertaining, especially as I just love games in which you can really see a development of not only your own character, but your whole environment as well. I’m thinking of games like Spellforce here. It’s just very different and in my opinion better to have a specific character you control and use it to develop the environment, instead of just being some kind of invisible “god” controlling everything.

  • stark

    cavemen and dinosaurs never interacted k
    raptor jesus went extinct for their sins, remember? :D

  • PHeMoX

    Lol, in that case, mankind if fcked as well and will go extinct. :p

    Nice game though, it lacks a bit more depth, but it’s very entertaining nonetheless.

  • PHeMoX

    Oops, typo; ‘if’ should have been ‘is’, now it looks weird. :p

  • MisterX

    By the way, what’s with all the hype for dinosaurs lately?
    Not that this is a bad trend by any means, there surely need to be more games featuring them! :D

  • Nuke

    ‘training’ became such a pain in the ass later on.

    I got to like 14h-10g-6p all fully trained and then a streak of triceratops just came and devastated my tribe.

    All in all, I probably had way too much fun playing the game though-a few of my hours just flew by.

  • ZeppMan217

    really cool and addict game =)

  • Rhys Andrews

    Thanks for your kind review, mate. For anybody’s information, Tim and I are working on a sequel to Caveman Craig which we can promise, if it is completed, will improve the length and variation of the gameplay.

    The comments everyone has made, particularly on YoYo Games and GMC, have helped Tim and I to really put some concepts into concrete in our planning for this sequel.

    I’m glad you’re all enjoying the game! Thanks for trying it out.