Multiplayer on One Keyboard 6: Lier…. um, yeah

By: Jordan Magnuson

On: May 14th, 2008

I know, I know, we’re all mature independent gamers here, and we know The Indie Canon like the back of our collective hand; and yes, Open Liero was mentioned here a scare half year ago. Well I’m sorry, but here’s the thing: is there any one here who is really going to stand up and say that Liero doesn’t deserved to be mentioned at least every few months on any self-respecting indie site? If there is one person out there who reads this post, and has not yet played Liero, and plays Liero as a consequence, then this post was not in vain.

So many clones, but there’s only one original; and here’s dos box, for sound.

If I had a million dollars for every time I had fun playing this game, well, I would be richer than Bill Gates—and that’s a lot of millions.

Edit: despite my [snobbish?] loyalty towards the original, it’s true that OpenLieroX is perhaps the definitive version of this game. Download it here.

  • Lim-Dul

    Ah – good old Liero. So many hours wasted on this one in high-school. :-D

    Actually you might consider OpenLiero (not OpenLieroX) instead of using DOSBox. It’s not a clone, it’s the original adapted to run on modern systems.

    Nevertheless nowadays OpenLieroX basically is the new standard – I see no reason to go back to the original since all its features are emulated by some OpenLieroX mods and heavily expanded upon in others…

  • raelz

    Agreed, Liero is just absolutely amazing
    No problem with having tons of Lieros in here =D

  • Triple T

    Last time I played Liero X](, it was further from the original then [gusanos, a game with core gameplay practically identical to Liero and different weapons and working network / online multiplayer.

  • chutup

    Ah, the memories. Got to play this again some time.

  • GirlFlash



  • I guess I should be anonymous

    Hah. I’ve never seen a mention of Liero on TIGSource, but we play OpenLieroX pretty much every day at school where it lurks in the far reaches of the school server beyond the knowledge of any silly administrator.

  • basro

    When I started playing liero I didnt like it a lot until I discovered the 0% reloading times option.

    After playing it with 0% reloading for a while I went back to the normal gameplay and saw it with different eyes :)

    So if someone is new to liero be sure to check the 0% reloading time option ;P

  • Blueberry_pie

    Hell yeah, instant reloading. I would always use the Gauss Gun to fly around the stage at crazy speeds.

  • Joola

    I haven’t played it before. And now I will.
    Mission Complete!

  • Derek

    Woot! Yes, this is one of my favorite games of all time right here!

  • Fost

    Can I suggest for a future entry: Triumph War.

    Really great game. There’s some weird issue if I remember rightly with the options screen needing to be reset each time and make sure you hit save AND ok (or something). Also the main menu buttons need clicking on a fair bit before they work.

    Also, make sure you read the instructions on the options screen.

    To issue orders to nearby troops press the second button then up/left/right or down. Your objective as commander is not to kill everything Rambo stylee but to pickup icons on the floor representing objective points. These will reward you with airstrikes and troop drops.

    Mark and I wasted a few lunchtimes to this over at Moonpod HQ :)

  • PHeMoX

    Totally deserves to be on TIGsource a few more times than just once! Great game that I keep playing from time to time. A bit like Soldat also..

  • Tr00jg

    Indeed basro. 0% reloading times is what makes it fun! I remember throwing countless bouncy mines and then me and my bro tried to contain all of it with dirtballs. :D

  • Stij

    I’ve always liked the worms series, but I could never really get into Liero…maybe I’ll try it again. It kind of reminds me of Cortex Command, which is a good thing.

    The only thing I don’t really like about games like this is that they’re usually based off twitch reactions rather then strategy. (unlike Worms, where half the challenge was planning your moves carefully)

    I’ll try it anyway…the idea of real-time Worms is just too awesome to pass up.

  • Trotim

    I… actually never played it. I played Soldat and Worms 2 a lot, but never this. I always wanted to, too.


  • BeamSplashX

    Also, the ninja rope is one of the best accessories in a multiplayer game ever. Beats a grappling hook any day.

  • South

    Keep mentioning Soldat too then :D
    Both one of the most entertaining games ever made, imho.

  • Snow

    It would definitely be nice to see more Liero being played. It’s nice that unlike Soldat, you can actually – if you want – play this game with a USB controller. You can play soldat with a controller as well, if you set one up properly, but your aiming is way to slow and awkward for such a fast game.

    Liero on the other hand is one of those games that has more of the old school control style that I like. I grew up with Atari and Nintendo controllers/d-pads in hand.

    Even though, I like keyboard and mouse, it is nice to have a game that has familiar controls, where you can sit back in your big chair and play. You’re always hunched over with keyboard and mouse.

    I know there have been some that said that liero’s controls via keyboard are hard to get used to. Perhaps that may be why there are not enough people playing it. So, if you’re someone who has difficulties with the controls on a keyboard – try a controller. :)

  • some guy

    “If there is one person out there who reads this post, and has not yet played Liero, and plays Liero as a consequence, then this post was not in vain.”

    i had not played it before now. this post was not in vain.

  • Derek

    Also, I love the way the worms grunt in this game. It’s so ridiculous lol. “RUURGH!”