Castle Crashers is Complete

By: Derek Yu

On: May 17th, 2008

Castle Crashers

No release date yet, but soon… very soon (okay, just kinda soon). Also, bears.

  • MikeK

    YES! Finally. I have been waiting for this.

  • Starshot

    brb, stealing someone’s 360

  • Noyb

    “It has to go through all the required hoops of certification/final testing & all that jazz before it will actually become available on the service.” Microsoft’s certification process != very soon. =(

  • EarMeNow

    Also, mysterious sphincter-faced archers.


  • Trotim

    So… in about half a year, eh?

  • Nikica

    Now just make it for PC.

  • muku

    Seconded. Dammit, I want it on PC.

  • FireSword

    Saruman Teddy Bear ftw lol

  • Nizzate

    thirded for PC, I wonder how hard it is to port it over to PC? We should start a petition!

  • Xander

    I like how the third character can look pretty badass whilst simultaneously resembling an anus..

  • MetalGearLefty

    Fourthed for PC. Especially if it goes on Steam.

  • Ichi

    Great, now I’ll have to convince a 2D-hating friend to get this for his 360.
    Why couldn’t this be on PC? :(

    For those hoping for a PC port.. we never got Alien hominid, I don’t think this will be any different.
    It’s really weird that they’re neglecting the PC crowd, considering that this is flash-based and all. I don’t get it.

  • Mischief Maker

    PC = headache of making the game work for all the many and varied hardware configurations of customers’ computers instead of a single set of hardware?

    PC = lower number of customers? (C’mon, guys, you all know we’re a very tiny subset of the computer gaming crowd)

    PC = easier to pirate?

  • 501105

    Agreed a pc version would rock

  • gnome

    Especially if bundled with Alien Hominid…

  • Starshot

    That would be an indie gamer’s wet dream.

  • Lim-Dul

    Well – if an XBox game is popular on the console it usually comes to the PC sooner or later. And indeed it’s not very hard to port the games back and forth – consoles, especially the XBox 360, have virtually the same hardware as a normal PC>

  • Yaen

    XNA is very back and forth from what I’ve seen in other projects. I think that a PC version might need some retooling for online play, don’t know if they can use xbox severs or if it would be a peer host.
    Fulp mentioned something (on their forums) about porting it to whatever ends up not taking too much time or money after its released.

    Not too sure but hey, Braid is coming to PC, and I hope Fez makes it as well.

  • Lim-Dul

    Yeah – you can even play “unported” games on your PC if you install the XNA framework. Unless they haven’t been built with it, obviously.

  • Patrick

    A 360 does not have the hardware of an average PC, but porting 360->PC is easier than PC->360.

    Here’s a list of PC->360 issues from one of the Moonpod guys:

    1. x360 uses powerpc type chips instead of Intel so byte ordering is swapped (all your data is the wrong way round).
    2. it uses something similar to DX9 so video startup and rendering all need changing to the new system.
    3. file system and the way games are saved is different.
    4. there are strict guidelines on everything that dictate how the frontend works, where the buttons can and can’t go, etc, etc.
    5. redo the control system
    6. you have to fit everything on a 50MB game card and starscape is 120MB so everything needs to sit compressed and then be uncompressed into ram on demand.


  • bateleur

    Mischief Maker wrote:
    PC = headache of making the game work for all the many and varied hardware configurations of customers’ computers instead of a single set of hardware?

    If, as Ichi claims, it’s Flash-based then that’s not really a problem. In fact they could even do a Mac port and a Linux port at the same time.

    (And then I woke up.)

  • Melly

    I too would love to see a PC port, but like it’s been said, it’s a sad reality that PC isn’t that attractive to develop commercial games to compared to keeping it in consoles.

    However if it’s cheap and fast they could probably use something like Steam which I don’t think is easy to pirate from, but I could be wrong.

  • MetalGearLefty

    Braid is coming out for the PC?!

  • Yaen

    Yeah check the braid site, I was snooping for some info on a port and he said it would come to pc. I hope he doesn’t change his mind.

  • Jonathan Blow

    Yep, Braid is coming to the PC. I am talking to a potential PC online publisher right now.

    It will come out a little bit after the XBLA version, but hopefully not too much after.

  • xerus

    PC version of Braid? Jonathan Blow, I thank thee ;D

  • YesYesYes

    Well it’s confirmed – Castle Crashers will be released some time in the future of the Xbox 360!!! Oh wait a minute, that applies to all of the Xbox Live Arcade games that have been announced over the past 3 years… shit!

  • wut

    Keep it, Alien Hominid sucked so much ass.

  • Arkmino

    I concur…