Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist

By: Derek Yu

On: May 24th, 2008

Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist

I went to Las Vegas with my parents one summer and they took me to an arcade there (I can’t remember which hotel). In the arcade they had this virtual reality headset with Wolfenstein 3d in it that was haphazardly constructed and extremely disorienting, and it made me want to vomit. I haven’t thought about that game in many, many years, but Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist brought the memories flooding back (out of my mouth).

I believe its creator, messhof, is genuinely trying to hurt us with his games.

  • cactus

    I really dig the graphics, and some of the gameplay is really interesting. First game to have given me a migraine I think.

  • Noyb

    Ow. My brain. I like the subtle wordless instructions for each minigame.

  • raelz

    The first one is actually fun =P

  • Joola

    I only tried Grappling hook before and if his other games are like this one I’v made the right decision.

  • Indian Gamer

    This game killed the child in my womb.

  • chutup

    I nearly gave up on the truck section, but I’m glad I didn’t, because after that it gets much more interesting. I wonder if messhof intended it to have a ‘pro-life’ message, or was he just using abortions to attract more attention to himself?

  • Malefact

    This game gave me a headache. Glad I had some paracetamol in the house. The last two sections were probably the most effective in terms of images/gameplay, but I still think all the epileptic crap was completely pointless.

    It wasn’t fun or thought-provoking, and it didn’t feel that much like a unique and memorable experience, either.

  • http://www.sophiehoulden.com GirlFlash

    the truck/bus stage was just irritating, the way the controlls switched exactly when I didnt want them too, and every other crash pointed me the wrong way.

    this is a game that gets better the further into it you are, but thats only good if the game starts alright.

    didnt get a headache, though I think I am going to need to get a therapist.

  • Dusty Spur

    This game makes me feel DRUGGED UP ON DRUGS.

    I can’t help but think of Tales of Game’s Studios everytime I play this.

  • Teeth?

    This was a really interesting experimental game, the weirdest thing messhof has done since Bool. I didn’t mind the bus section like everyone else, but couldn’t figure out the final (?) section with the octopus/baby and the spinning color wheel. Sure, the colors slowed down/sped up depending on the direction you were moving, but does it end? Anyway, good thing I was on Vicodin while playing or my brain may have exploded.

  • Radek


  • http://www.casualexplosion.com Uesugi

    Teeth, for the final level, watch the babypus’ eyes…

  • Teeth?

    Ultimate victory achieved!

  • rndll

    It takes five times longer to load than a Medieval:Total War scenario, has more slowdowns and is way more boring. And it doesn’t even have prettier graphics or stuff.
    At least it’s free. So it’s a waste of time for which you don’t have to pay. Yay.

  • axel

    I thought the game was interesting. I really liked the atmosphere, especially the bus stage – it certainly did make me feel DRUGGED UP ON DRUGS. I found myself laughing out loud several times while playing it.

    No headaches here, though the big ben/clock stages made me slightly nauseous.

  • Krux

    @rndll: dont compare it to total war. It has nothing to do with it.

    This game is strange, and i like strange games @)

  • rndll

    Was just a random game. I could have written Revenge of the Sunfish if that fits your taste better.

  • Lailoken

    I actually thought it was kinda fun 8D. No headaches, and I only got slowdowns on the last level.

  • jUNe

    It was amazing! *BUAGHUAHDAASRF* Yeah, a visual masterpiece.

  • ZeppMan217

    Nice and strange, but nothing more.

  • jkd

    I finished it, though I really wanted to stop playing when the first stage (the bus) started getting annoying.

    The other stages are much better.

  • AClarkFS

    Visual Studio Just in time debug error on exit. Awesome programming guy, better double check your cleanup methods.

  • th15

    I totally failed to get anywhere in this.

  • realtime

    don’t have time to try the game, maybe latter. but seeing from others opinion seems that it’s very interesting.

  • ssfsx17

    I had a hard time figuring out that I had “beaten” the game – but I think it’s more like the game has beaten me. Lucky for me, I’m resistant to motion sickness.

  • Rolf

    Almost as bad as “the hangover”.

  • Jock Thampson

    Dear Mr. Messhof:

    You have fifty-four (54) days in which to stop the release of RANDY BALMA: MUNICIPAL ABORTIONIST on PC.

    Govern yourself accordingly.
    Sincerely, Jock Thampson

  • Dusty Spur

    I played through it again, for some reason.

    I commend messhof for making the only game to make me physically ill.

  • Ben

    AClarkFS: It’s made in Gamemaker…

  • Phasma Felis

    You know, the problem with the cult popularity of Sexy Hiking and the resultant B-Game Compo is that now people are making terrible games *on purpose*.

    I can’t really feel like this is a good thing.