PGC – Voting Has Begun!

By: Derek Yu

On: June 11th, 2008

Procedural Generation Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, voting for the Procedural Generation Competition has begun! You can check out and download all the entries here.

There were 60 entries to this competition, which is by far the most we’ve ever had. Really, really incredible turn-out – I’m still making my way through all the games, which are about as varied as you can imagine. There’s obviously a lot you can do with this theme, and you guys didn’t disappoint!

So yeah, vote, vote! Start voting! Congratulations to all the competitors!

  • raelz

    damn 60.. thats insane, I am never gonna play all of em :(

  • Adamski

    The Adventures of Charles Dumbbell is an awesome game. Loved everything about it. For the win ^^

  • Chris

    So far I’ve really enjoyed Dyson and MMO Tycoon. I’ve only played about 10 games, though.

  • MedO

    Me no entry. Me fail.
    But seriously, looks like every new tiger assault reaches new, previously undiscovered levels of awesome.

  • Spanky

    I disliked almost every game, and a handful didn’t even function for me at all.

    Self Destruct and Mujakwi are the only two that actually show any lasting appeal for me. Space Shot was entertaining for a bit, just because of the insults. I’m not an ass appeaser, damn you space shot!
    Darby’s Run is adorable and the music is DOUBLE AWESOME but the actual gameplay feels too NES. Whoops, I just fell four feet. And DIED. DIED DIIIIIIED.

    Many of these I would classify as “toys” rather than games. That feed the birds game and that cave exploration game come to mind.

  • trav

    Dyson was easily my favourite. I liked the idea behind MMO Tycoon as well.

    I agree with what Spanky said about pretty much all of the entries being more toys than games, I don’t really have a problem with that though,

    I was also impressed by the number of them

  • colorFool

    wow, so many promising titles here! gotta check them out as soon as i have time to…. hope the voting lasts a couple of days, so i can get through most of them…

  • Gr.Viper

    Test pilot rocks… if the sky gets a blt more populated it could be real fun.

  • ithamore


    What is you definition of a “toy” that others might consider a game, game-play example, demo game, or etc?

    I once was one who too easily applied the term of “toy” to games that didn’t fit fully enough into my past perspective of gaming (even when I began searching beyond mainstream gaming).

    My perspective about gaming has expanded in the past year+, and I’m curios about what definitions and/or limitations you are using when you classify many of the entries as “toys”.

  • BlackUnknown

    I have tried to play all of them, some didnt work but out of the ones that did work i liked “everyone loves active 2” the most. Even tho i have always hated asteroid this game was made in such a way that i actually enjoyed it for the first time. Especially the artwork created by the way you moved and how your cursor moved was really cool.

    A runner up for me would be “test pilot”. This game just rulez. The fact that there are so many planes possible just makes it fun.