Scarygirl Game Preview

By: Derek Yu

On: June 13th, 2008

Touch My Pixel sent me this preview of a Scarygirl Flash game they’re working on. It looks like fairly standard platforming action, but boy, is it pretty! Love those underwater levels, natch.

Great name for a game company, too!

  • slang

    Pretty indeed. The Beetlejuice way…

  • Thur

    Pretty impressive…. these guys are rocking =DD
    Remembers Mark Ryden style

  • xerus

    Wowee, that looks silky smooth.

  • qrqe

    It’s rare to see awesome physics in a flash game, I’m sold.

  • Shoo

    Every so often (though not often enough) I’m reminded that we are, in fact, in the age where a video game can look just like a Saturday morning cartoon – something I used to dream about as a kid. This game looks soooo nice.

  • Winterous

    omg, that looks fucking amazing…
    Nothing special gameplay-wise, but the graphics make up for it.

    Touch my Pixel, you can touch mine any time you want.

  • Melly

    Oooh, I’ll touch it alright.

    Touch it goooooood.

  • Tarwin

    Awe thanks guys!

    The art is by Nathan Jurevicius, an Australian comic artist.

  • Adamski

    Beautiful work ;_;

  • Lim-Dul

    Looks fantastic!

    *Love those underwater levels, natch.*

    Well, obviously. ;-)

  • Secret Admirer

    Looks pretty and all, but also looks like a generic 2D sidecroller with nothing new to offer
    Don’t know if want

  • Al3xand3r

    Well obviously if one is not into platformers this can’t possibly do anything to change their mind, nor would one expect it to. What new things could they possibly do for the genre anyway? Everything really has been done.

    All that matters now to make the game fresh is to give it the just right game flow and its own charm thanks to the music, art, story (whatever little it has) and well thought out levels and enemy interaction, none of which can be judged by this video, as sweet as it looks.

  • Al3xand3r

    Correction: well, “none of which” applies to the gameplay stuff I mentioned actually, obviously we can already love the art :P

  • MikeK

    Firefox is hating the video. i can kind of scrub through. Also their website seems to be lacking (and strange). For instance i can’t find this video on there.

    What i saw looks grand though. I’ll have to check back later…

  • raigan

    Looks really slick, the platforms moving along curves is high-tech!!

    @Al3xand3r: you can’t really believe that “everything has been done” in platformers! I can’t really think of any genre where that statement would correctly apply..

  • Lim-Dul

    *Firefox is hating the video.*

    Is it? No problems here at all – both on FF2/Vista and FF3/Linux Mint. ^^

  • chutup

    No, I don’t like it. Sure, it’s pretty, but the gameplay doesn’t just look typical, it looks boring.

  • Toadsanime

    Wow. If this is gonna’ be freeware, I think I might just make love to this company, somehow. O_o

  • PippinZ

    I will be impressed if people still know of this game half a year after its release, like other medium-sized independent game releases that don’t get support from big online distributors like Steam.

  • Tarwin


    Thank you all for the feedback. Truth to tell we don’t think we’ll be creating the “next best newest most different” platformer out there. That kind of crown belongs with wonderful games like Gish – so full kudos to those guys.

    In a way this is an adver-game, for Scarygirl and Nathan’s work in general, so at the moment it is the plan for it to be free to play. That said, we are trying our best to make an extemely pleasurable time to play.

    What is not shown in the video is all the mini games that will be incorporated which will hopefully help to bring the gameplay out of the pack.

    If anyone’s interested in testing the game in a little while please just email us – contact [at]

    Again, thanks heaps for all the comments, positive and negative.

  • Lim-Dul

    By the way – I love how people are dissing the gameplay before the game is even released. ^^

  • Jäd

    Well, we DO have the video, and well, since many of us have played an awful lot of platformers, one can often tell how the gameplay feels by looking at it.

    But of course, you’ve gotta play it before you can appreciate how it really feels. I don’t see a lot of dissing in here though … ?

  • RayRayTea

    I’m having problems with that video too (Opera on Vista)… cursor disappears, loads forever etc. What I managed to saw before losing patience was very pretty though!!

  • Tarwin

    For those that are having trouble, there is now a Youtube version as well.

    Warning: it doesn’t look anywhere near as good here and the aspect is all screwy!

    It’s fair enough to diss it a little, as we don’t really show any of the enemies / bosses. I’m hoping for them to raise the stakes a little.

  • chutup

    I’m dissing! But I said it ‘looks’ boring. I can’t say for sure if it is that way, though.

  • Quetz

    Surprised no one has pointed out the exploding baby chick. Holy crap.

  • Quetz

    Or whatever that creature is.

  • Dan MacDonald

    DOPE FISH!! Gotta love the keen references

  • DanFan

    Is the real Dan MacDonald really back? :O

  • Tarwin

    Oh, I love Commander Keen! Though I’m not sure where the reference is – dam – gonna have to put one in now!

  • Uli.S

    Beautiful artwork, put together skillfully. Great work, guys. Music also yours? Great too.

  • Dan MacDonald

    I’ve been lurking.. super busy with the day job lately, but that will change soon, I’m quitting! :)

  • DanFan


  • jenn frank

    I collect Scarygirl toys and I am so excited for this game I could just horf.

    I’ve sent the preview video around to other Scarygirl toy collectors. The response has been uniformly favorable; we’re all big fans of Nathan Jurevicus, and I can’t help but think a lesser designer could have mucked it up for fans. It’s hardest to please the fans and all that.