July 15th: messhof at Light Industry

By: Derek Yu

On: June 17th, 2008

Rail War

If you’re in the Brooklyn, New York area on July 15th, you have an opportunity to head over to Light Industry and play the games of Mark “”http://www.messhof.com/“>messhof” Essen, including two unreleased games:

Game artist Mark Essen, a.k.a. Messhof, will install five playable games at Light Industry, including two new titles: Stenography Hero, a competitive text-based stenography simulator in the spirit of Guitar Hero, and Rail War, a western-themed side-scroller projected in a Cinemascope aspect ratio.

Other games on dis-play include Flywrench, Punishment, and Randy Balma: Municipal Abortionist. The show begins at 8pm and tickets are $6 at the door. No word on whether there will be free drinks!

Very cool, though. I imagine the installation will be similar to the one Mark set up at his university earlier this year.

  • fish

    game shows for the motherfucking win.

    its one night only?
    if i had more money, id consider the trek down to NYC, for sure.

  • toastie

    Oh yeah! Finally something going on in my little town. Easss Coasss!

  • fish

    TIGSource NYC correnspondent Ivan S. is on the spot with the scoop.

  • Derek

    Yeah! Ivan take some photos!

  • MDK

    )_0 pay to play Indie games.. at an expedition? Art is art! (;))

  • Guesst

    But his games… aren’t the best. I’d go as far as saying they suck. I mean they’re fine for 5 minutes of a laugh, but I never thought as I was playing them that someone needed to pay the guy for his work.

    And yet here he is capitalizing on them. Which just goes to show that talent and financial success are two unrelated things.

  • Melly


    The same can be said about a lot of ‘art’ you see around lately. Want some photos of the latest splatter of red paint on a canvas? The artist calls it “the ocean of my tortured soul”.

  • http://doomlaser.com Golds

    One thing I got from Gamma 256 is that indie games on giant screens in a club setting actually works really well.

  • muku

    I haven’t played too many of his games, but I have to say that Flywrench completely and absolutely rules. I guess it would be even cooler on a huge screen with really really loud sound (the music! I loved the music in that game).

  • kopasetic

    yea, the guy who made the flywrench music will actually be performing some of his stuff live, which should be great.

    also, if anyone thinks that messhof will be seeing any of the $6 entry fee, they are incorrect. that goes to the curators of the show.