Open Mic Hero (v0.002a)

By: Derek Yu

On: June 19th, 2008

Not really a game, per se, but any excuse to post videos of TIGForums members singing and playing the guitar! Open Mic Hero is a neat program that lets you play sounds with an XBox 360 Guitar Hero USB guitar (or keyboard, alternatively). The program comes with two sound banks, “Acoustic Guitar” (shown in the video) and “Drum Kit,” but you could easily create and load your own sound banks. Can someone make one out of fart noises?

The project, which is still in early development, was created by Alexander Shen, who I am proud to say is also happily abusing a technical degree from Berkeley by working on comics and video games (and music).

  • Lim-Dul

    Cool, though I probably can’t be bothered to learn to use the guitar controller like a real instrument – I prefer sticking to the real thing. ^^

  • BenH

    I totally want a version with fart noises.

  • Quetz

    and singing the same song!

  • JimmyBignuts


  • Tomjunlee
  • trav


  • AClarkFS

    How would that be abusing a degree? its called innovation.

  • Lim-Dul

    By the way – my GH Xplorer controller doesn’t seem to be working with this even though I’ve been playing Frets on Fire for quite some time with it.

  • FireSword



  • Junx

    The Guitar Zeros have tutorials up on this stuff…

  • Jeff Lindsay

    I’ve done a fair amount of software hacking to turn things into instruments or other weird audio devices. Here a friend demonstrates what we did with my N64 controller:

    That night we also wrote software that turned the Rock Band drums into an instrument that plays audio from YTMND.