Procedural Generation Competition: Results!

By: Derek Yu

On: June 26th, 2008

Rescue: The Beagles

And the winner of our supremely awesometastic Procedural Generation Competition is nenad, with Rescue: The Beagles! I can say without hesitation that this game is destined to be a classic – I love traversing the three-tiered abstract landscape and mapping out the best routes. Every part of the game feels very thoughtfully put in place. (Plus, I get fuzzy feelings from rescuing those cute beagles and hearing them yip with joy.)

In a very close second place is Dyson, the stunning “life” and colonization game by Alex “haowan” May, Rudolf “Borsato” Kremers, and Brian Grainger. And in third place is Self Destruct, a fast-paced procedurally generated shoot ’em up from the indie gaming dream team of Terry Cavanagh and Annabelle Kennedy.

But as always, all of the (60!) entrants deserve a hearty round of beer and ’grats. There were so many great ideas that came out of this compo that we should have called it the “Great Idea Competition.” But then it would be so hard to distinguish from the other TIGSource competitions… seriously, you all are blowing minds!

So be sure to play every game, if you can, if only to participate in Melly’s Players Choice Awards! The fun don’t stop.

Thanks again to everyone who made a game, played a game, gave feedback, voted, provided mirrors, and/or devoted any small amount of time to making this happen. See you next compo! It will be a doozy.

  • Tim

    Congrats to all the worthy winners. :D

  • B

    Correction: Rudolf is Borsato, not Brian.

  • Rudolf “Borsato” Kremers

    Congrats to all :-D

    Indeed, Brian’s nick is Milieu if you want to use it :-)

  • Derek

    Ah, thanks! Sorry about that. :)

  • Tr00jg

    Congrats guys!

  • Guesst

    Self Destruct fails to sell itself, doesn’t it? “…made in one day” “As a result, it might suck just a little” and yet it gets a mention on the site. So either Terry is a better programmer that he sells himself or the standards of the rest of the entries aren’t worth looking at.

    And I’ve seen some of the other entries, so it’s got to be the first.

  • Tzibo

    … Congratulations to the winners, and why not for the other participants, too! I’m gonna test the games now, they look cool. :)

  • jeb

    Ah, as predicted! Congratz nenad! :D

  • Melly


    Definitely the first. Self-Destruct is awesome for a one-day game. Made in C++. I mean seriously.

  • Fishy Boy

    I have a suspicion that there was some planning of gameplay before they actually started programming, but whatever.

    If Rescue: The Beagles hadn’t won, I would probably have snapped. That game is amazing.

  • Gling

    These compos are getting huge! It’s so amazing that all these people participate. TIGs is really a great place for fostering indie development.

  • Oh god how did this get here i am not good with computer

    I liked the competition, and there were many good games and everything, but I still have a little complain about it. Brace yourself folks, because I know someone is gonna get pissed over what I’m about to write.
    A lot of people were trying so hard to create a procedurally generated game that they forgot to make their games fun.
    I’m not saying all games were boring, but so many of them were, it made me kinda disappointed.
    Innovation is to the world of indie games as graphics are to the world of mainstream gaming.
    Sometimes they focus so much on it, they forget to actually make the games enjoyable to play.
    Many awesome games, can’t wait for the next competition, keep up the great job, everyone.

  • X-Tender

    Loved playing the game :D

  • Groogokk

    Congratulations to the Beagles programmers and especially to the Dyson team. I hope you (Dyson guys) don’t change too much about your game.

  • Terry

    Hehe, thanks, I think :)

  • first post getter

    I’m a poopy head!!111

  • Disraptor

    Rescue: The Beagles = awesome.

  • lizardboi

    Ah man! I was checking the entries and this was the only one I donwloaded and tried out :D Good game, congrats for the creators!

  • Chao Zhong

    Game play page no longer available :(