By: Alehkhs

On: June 27th, 2008


Take the weapons from the Quake and Unreal Series (the shotguns, the grenade-launchers, the laser-cannons), throw in swords, over-sized wooden mallets, and grapple-hooks for good measure and give the whole arsenal to a tiny, round, and colorful race of giggling cuteness that one might come across if say… Tribbles got into a large stash of food. Now force these creatures to fight each other in battles ranging from death matches to rounds of capture-the-flag.

Well, actually, don’t do that – it’s already been done, and turned into an surprisingly polished and addictive experience.


Officially, Teeworlds (originally titled “Teewars”) is a 2d multiplayer-only platform shooter available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and with its gunning and grappling cuteness it recalls memories of games like Soldat, Liero, and the cute-but-brutal landscapes of the Worms Series. Although it’s only in version 0.4.2, Teeworlds has already shown amazing progress and is perfectly playable right now.

The controls of Teeworlds are standard controls for and big-title FPS (WASD for movement, number keys for weapons, click to fire, etc) and fit the gameplay very well. Of course, the player can remap any of these keys if need be. The customization doesn’t stop there though; each player can customize the shape and color of their individual character or even make their own maps via the map maker. Another aspect of the controls I really thought was innovative for a game of this type was the emoticon system: just push leftShift, and a circular menu will appear with several choices. Simply move the mouse over the emoticon you want to appear over your character, and release shift. Simple as that.


You can even go one step further if that level of freedom isn’t enough: Teeworlds is an open-source project, which has led to many, many, custom skins and mods on the part of the community.

Game play is easy to learn, and soon you’ll be a double-jumpin’ grapple-swingin’ gun-wieldin’ machine, so be sure to check this game out.

Download / Game’s Site / Wiki Article

  • trav

    Wow, the new writers sure do some polished posts. They like the linkies too

  • Thanakil


    Anyway, this looks pretty fun, gotta give it a try.

  • Bezzy


    Good post, and this seems like an awesome game. Right up my alley. Always did prefer the unrealism of Quake 3/Rocket Arena to the realism of CounterStrike. I wanted to like soldat – which seems like 2D CounterStrike. Something about its heavy metal undertones screamed teenage angst at me.

    This seems like it has the opportunity to have a much purer focus, and fill a gap I didn’t know I had. Thanks new news guys!

  • muku

    Yeah, I’ve tried that before; seemed fun, though I haven’t had the chance to get into a nice LAN match yet.

  • Gio/Wiidark

    Ah, this title, i’ve been playing this since the very early version. It certainly has gone a long ways. It’s a good to see others spreading the word of such a wonderful title. The game needs more players!

  • Untitled

    Maybe a good choice for Saturday game night?

  • fartron

    I concur with Bezzy, this looks like Soldat without the OMGREALIZMZ! And I need more Capture the Flag in my repertoire.

  • cougarten

    Great game!
    even if I never found a server with another but the standard weapon (wich is great with it’s delayed bouncing

  • Snow

    If your ping gets high or you have ping spikes, the controls get really screwy.

    While, I’m a Soldateer, this game IS promising. I especially love the grappling hook ability with the WASD+Mouse controls. In Liero for instance, it was harder to control the grappling hook IMO.

    I also love the fact that the game is open source. If you’re one who loves the 2d shooter genre and want to see how a game like this works, you have code to tinker away with, especially if you’re a programmer looking into making such games.

  • Lim-Dul

    Whoopee fuckin’ doo – I’m impressed. ^^

    Very cool game.

  • Benzido

    Sometimes I see a game title in the RSS feed and I imagine what it will be like and I get excited, and then I go to the post and see the picture and I get more excited, and then I’m let down when I actually read about game which goes with the title and the screenshot.

    In this case, I wanted it to be a mini-golf-themed platform/puzzle game.

  • Lim-Dul

    Bah, @Benzido. =)

    This might be the best Liero-like non-Liero-clone I’ve seen. Forget Soldat – THIS is way better IMHO. :-D

    Also, the graphics remind me of Weeble and Bob.

  • Fishy Boy

    I liked it. I had crazy ping, so it delayed like a second before I actually fired, but I still got to the top.

    The game has a nice focus on short range weapons. No real sniper rifel insta-kill type things, or rockets that go the entire map. Maybe the rifle, but it’s so weak that it doesn’t really matter. The whole thing keeps the game really hectic and exciting. Quake style grenade launcher makes me happy.

  • Tanner

    The thing I don’t like about this is that EVERY server has a 400+ ping. Otherwise I love the game.

  • Lim-Dul

    Huh? I have servers in all possible ping ranges – from ~10ms to 400ms. 0_o

  • Zeno

    So it’s cute Soldat?

    I’m game.

  • Snow

    About the ping thing… I think that’s because most of the servers are European. Therefore for someone like me who lives in Canada, the servers are gonna be high ping. So, if you live here in North America, expect harsh lag. Otherwise, if you’re playing a NA server – should be fine.

  • http://www.puppybuckets.blogspot.com/ Alehkhs

    ^Translation: somebody make a TIGS server…

  • v-rus

    amazingly fun!
    The grappling hook adds a whole new level of gameplay to this type of multiplayer.
    I only really hate the fact that, like any other multiplayer, you get blown away in 3 seconds by people who’ve been playing the game a lot.

  • Eclipse

    very fun, i’m Teerminator on it

  • http://planetumi.com Eddie

    Bezzy said the game was right up his alley, lol

    Hi Alex :]

  • Eclipse

    Tried more, i think it’s even better than soldat under some aspects, the grappling hook is awesome and the mario bros 3 floating boat map is pure fun :D

  • Gling

    Very fun, very addicting. Good future for this game.

  • MP

    That’s one amazing game.

  • cactus

    I thought this was really fun :)
    Someone should start a tigsource server?

  • Fudgy

    Very amazing game, come play it, Its still well alive :D

  • Fudgy

    Come and play this game! It’s still amazing and well alive :D