Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper

By: Derek Yu

On: July 4th, 2008

Jimmy's Lost His Toilet Paper

Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper, and you’ve got to go find it! This is a new 7-day game from Petri “Fuck Yeah!” Purho. In each level you’ve got to roll up the loose toilet paper and head toward the exit, a task which is made much more difficult by platforms, crates, and other obstacles. The concept is not only incredibly cute, but it works great in practice, and creates some interesting (and challenging) physical puzzles. I’d love to see Petri polish it up a bit more (à la Crayon Physics)… for one thing, it could definitely benefit from some kind of save feature/level select screen.

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  • Ryan Clark

    This sheet happens to be made out of poison ivy. Enjoy!

  • spacechillie

    CAVE STORY RI- *is shot*

  • Tanner


  • crackers

    The music totally makes this. And the ending screen.

  • Neon

    Argh, loved this game ’till i ended up crashing it by jumping half on and off an elevator in one of the last levels.

    Need a save feature.

  • http://www.djshardhouse.com Starshot

    Absolutely astounding experimental game. I would love to see a full fledge game made out of this. Though, I must admit, with the American economy as it is, you could easily profit by changing the theme.

    Jimmy’s Lost His Food Stamps!

  • Jeff Lindsay

    Nice, and a link to the DB

  • muku

    Awesome. The best part of it is holding on to your roll and dropping off a high platform: Toilet Paper Bungee Jumping.

    Unfortunately, just crashed on level 10.

  • http://www.shotbeak.com Tr00jg

    Loved this! The twisted smiling face and the music. Not to mention the obvious experimental gameplay. Go Petri!

  • Mike hawk

    This was up on Indiegames last week.

    better late than never I guess

  • http://www.cymonsgames.com Guesst

    And the award for best use of toilet paper physics in a video game…

  • http://www.cymonsgames.com Guesst

    Forgot to mention, that’s some brawny tp he’s using. No brand I know lets you dangle from it.

  • Bas

    I absolutely love this…. the sexy looking paper and the clever level design. Great little game!

  • ZereoX

    This game ROCKS, I just Finished it. I wish he makes a full fledge game with more stuff.

  • AClarkFS

    Very interesting concept, and fun even if this game type isnt my forte.

  • Neddo

    I love the idea and I love the style, but the controls ruin this for me. They’re way too loose and slippery.

  • ZAN!

    I’ve noticed you can induce a crash by letting your TP unroll too far. I happened by accident when I was standing on an elevator.

  • Harmen

    Zan, that’s what they call an ‘Out Of Paper’ exception.

  • PHeMoX

    It crashed here too, just like ZAN! said. I actually wanted to make use of having a bit more weight from toilet paper on one side, so I let it unroll and unroll… but unfortunately it crashed because of that. :(

  • http://www.cymonsgames.com Guesst

    Harmen… Bad. ‘Out of Paper’ exception… bad.

    More games needs a weighted tether. Imagine Mario vs Donkey Kong with that added in and you’d pretty much have my vision for Jimmy Lost his TP gold.

  • Bezzy

    Very very cool. I couldn’t stop playing until I finished.

    (I am fully reminding myself the exceptional time frame this was done in [and am aware that I could do no better] but I’d still like to make a comment…)

    Some of the raw player movement felt a little imprecise, possibly due to the constant tug of the TP? Or just low friction? For some reason, in my minds’ eye, I’d like this to feel as crisply controllable as a pixel platformer, but it still has a lot of the telltale kinaesthetic artifacts which come with a more general purpose physics engine. It’s very hard to marry both those styles of control.

    As I say, really awesome. I’m just being a picky fucker and hope that this becomes a whole game – especially some bionic commando style swingy puzzles, or pulling a block up by pulling on the TP… so many puzzles spring to mind which could work out with a little tweaking. Really enjoyed it. Well done again, petri.

  • jkd

    Pretty awesome. Kudos to Petri. I think this idea is worth expanding on.

  • http://www.the2bears.com the2bears

    @Bezzy, I think the imprecision of the movement is likely a side effect of using Box2D for the physics. Because of it’s nature (I’m not criticizing it here) you get “floaty” movement. Platformer movement, or shmup movement, should probably not use the physics engine. Things just tend to “not feel right”.


  • cougarten

    can anyone mirror it?

  • IamLate

    Very fun. I loved the music and the silly graphics and off-the-wall concept. The gameplay feels loose.

    I think that the toilet paper is too heavy. The toilet paper gets in the way of movement (esp block pushing), and it makes pulling and gathering the toilet paper to finish too much of a chore.

  • trav

    tons of fun, great idea and execution, love the music. Top work