fruit mystery

By: Derek Yu

On: July 12th, 2008

fruit mystery

fruit mystery is…

fruit mystery is……

fruit mystery is.

(Source: auntie pixelante)

  • Dusty Spur

    I’m disappointed in the people who can’t tell a joke game (and website) when they see it.

  • ngajoe


  • Ritgun

    wow, just wow-

    Fruit mystery coming for your soul :D

  • apology

    “sorry steve.”

  • human man

    Whoever made this should be President. Except, corn chips aren’t fruit.

  • Valkyrie


    I didn’t even make it past the title screen before I busted out laughing. Then I fed a watermelon to the sleeping lion and laughed so hard, I ran out of time.

  • Radix

    president of where?

  • moon_rabbits

    wait what.

  • wut


  • Oob

    It says much about TIGS that this post gets more comments than the one before it.

  • Golds

    This game is the best.

  • Radnom

    but wanderlust didn’t make me laugh!

  • Decipher

    Ooo… kay?

  • some won

    yeah… if that wasn’t the biggest expercise in retardedness i dont know what is.

    its surprising people like that are even able to.. to.. well, even breath.

    still some of you idiots seemed to like it.

  • ugh

    This is good because the developer uses his shortcomings as a tool for humor and doesn’t take himself so seriously…unlike 95% of the crap that comes from the indy community.

  • Superb

    It’s not so good to see talentless twats getting coverage for rubbish like this when there are some quality indie games and news out there.

  • Hodinky

    I used to like this game :)

  • I am representing BG

    brett did not intend this game to be getting this attention and i dont think he is a talentless twat…

    he makes art not games..this is not a game.

  • Uesugi

    It’s like Jeff K. made a game.

    Im cring tears of fruit jusice

  • Radix

    I’ll take this kind of shit over just about any ‘art game’.

  • Not Sure

    That was the single best thing I have done all week. Even better than finishing Mass Effect.

  • Exoduster

    I played this, and two days later, I had a seizure.

    God damn it fruit mystery.

  • krizzle


  • fail

    ‘I am representing BG said 1 day later:

    brett did not intend this game to be getting this attention and i dont think he is a talentless twat…

    he makes art not games..this is not a game.’

    …wtf is this talentless ‘art’ doing on here then?

    plus the internets gone to hell, full of silly kids giggling over the most stupid of things

  • Superb

    The internet went to hell a long time ago. This place is losing it’s quality.

  • krizzle

    you dont understand shits if you dont understand the arty intend!

  • magallanes

    i saw godlike flash, awesome flash, good flash, decent flash, average flash, poor flash, lousy flash, “my first flash attempt” flash and this flash.

  • Karuvitomsk

    It’s simply in its own category, yes. There are no words to describe the experience.

    Possibly one.


  • robolee

    I can’t believe some people took this seriously… it is them who are the retarded twits who need to lighten up -stop being so serious all the time!

    it teaches us that we must all take life with a pinch of salt. And excuse the radical wrong-doings of people who have problems, they don’t mean to hurt anyone.

  • ultim8p00

    Hahahaha, this was hilarious! I loved how nonsensical it was. Awesome!

  • lolz

    wtf zookeeper steve pushed me, I’m suing. Also he made all the animals hate me, I’ll sue for defamation as well