Ben There, Dan That!

By: Derek Yu

On: July 15th, 2008

Ben There, Dan That!

To help inaugurate their new company, called Zombie Cow Studios, Dan Marshall and Ben Ward have released Ben There, Dan That!, a freebie adventure game starring none other than… them. It will sit side-by-side with Gibbage, their popular multiplayer deathmatch game (which is now half-price at £3/$6).

Ben There, Dan That! is funny, self-referential, and dutifully pays homage to all the Lucasarts classics (while poking a bit of fun at them). Definitely worth a look if you like old-school adventure games. Or humor. Or things of that sort.

By the way, whether or not they were a product of laziness, I absolutely love the walking animations.

(Thanks, seregrail7!)

TIGdb: Entry for Ben There, Dan That!

  • Jar-Jar

    Me Be is first. You be is deleting my posts. You is shame. ME BE IS FIRST

  • Uesugi

    If you’re stuck on the very first puzzle, as I was, put the mouse at the top of the screen.

  • Nikica

    Can’t belive Dan made something that he sells for 0 money, gotta download before there will be a price. :P

  • e-money

    4th post ftw!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that most zombie games are quite fun. You can’t fucking lose with zombies in your motherfucking computer game!

  • thezombiecow

    Walking animations _were_ done as a joke initially, but made us laugh so hard we kept them. They’re our best joke.

    Thanks for the plug ;)

  • oldwoman

    I love the game, may even pay for it!

  • thezombiecow

    That would be lovely, oldwoman. Thank you if you do.

  • Cheif Emu

    I’m still stuck on the t.v puzzle at the begining, can anyone help?

  • thezombiecow

    You need:


    _coathanger, wire from the bathroom, combine them, attach to TV, stick it out the window._


    If you need more help, drop me a line via


  • Cheif Emu

    Thanks a lot, I really wanted to get more into the game. It’s great so far!

  • ins

    This is great! I hadn’t laugh so loud in front of my computer for ages, thx guys. Waitinng for more :)

  • Grocus

    Love the game — but can anyone tell me how to disable the security camera? I must have missed an item somewhere, but I’m stumped…..