Cactus interviewed by Game Maker Television

By: Terry

On: July 25th, 2008

Quoth Cactus:

Dan Eggers from GameMaker TV came to my garden for an interview. In return I treated him to a ride on my dinosaur and opened myself up for some deep discussion.

The fourth episode of Game Maker TV was posted here yesterday. Check it out!


Addendum: He also released a new game, called Stallions in America, which is an existential adventure in the art of killing people on the beach, and man is it a doozy!

Watch out though, the balloon things drop eggs.

  • Trotim

    What is this witchcraft?

  • Fishy Boy

    I’m delighted and horrified all at once.

  • FireSword

    OMFG it’s Gamemaker TV! lol

  • BoboDaHobo

    Good lord… this is the most horrifyingly obnoxious interview I’ve ever been subjected to.

    Needless to say, I watched the whole thing.

  • cactus lick

    Hey, “stallions in america” looks fun.

  • Petri Purho

    Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

  • Satsuz

    I want to cry, but I am afraid that video destroyed the part of my soul that handles that function. Perhaps I will go scream for a while.

  • FISH

    I just want to be the first to say that Cactus is to indie games what David Lynch is to movies.

  • im9today

    idk i liked the 1up interview better than when you try to be zany or w/e

    just good old jonatan

  • im9today

    seems like its just me though

  • Pnx

    He has a dinosaur??? I never got to see it, all I got to see was the purple gorilla.

  • Eclipse

    XD that’s damn crazy

  • muku

    Damn trippy.

  • wat

    Thia is fucking creepy as shit, son, holy hell.

  • Skofo

    What a shitty excuse for an interview. What, do they hate their voices that much?

  • AmnEn

    What the hell just happened…

  • splotki

    David Lynch? Really? More like Takashi Miike.

  • Golds

    Moar like David Cronenburg amirite?

  • hoobadoof

    I tried out Stallions.

    I prefer games where the primary threat isn’t the visuals.


  • Toadsanime

    @Skofo – No, I think it was more of a tribute-like thing to games such as Mondo Agency.
    Talking of the Mondo series, I see that cactus is planning to make another one. That’s flipping excellent, to be honest. I was missing some creepy Mondo-like experience. The other two were purely awesome.

  • Gutter

    “ride on my dinosaur”? Is that how you yougins call sex these days?

  • Quetz


  • Gunter

    Not only did the novelty ware off in thirty seconds, but it was a really shitty, boring interview.

  • Exoduster

    This could have just as easily been summed up with a single sentence:

    “‘Allo, my name is Cactus, and I’m extremely pretentious.”

    The guy’s games range from pretty-good to pretty-mediocre, but everybody salivates over him because he knows how to murder epileptics.

  • Jad

    He’s only as pretentious as how much you take him seriously. :O

    I see this as a Mondo-style-interview, just for fun, but ok. Also I do not salivate over him but I appreciate cactus’s talent. = __=;;

  • cactus

    I did this for fun since I didn’t have a camera, a microphone or anything else to use in an interview video. It’s not my fault the questions I got were extremely typical. I had nothing new to say so I didn’t bother going into any details or take the whole thing very seriously :)

  • renkin

    Haha, I found it hilarious. “We are home”.

  • Gainsworthy

    Ha ha? Sorry?

    Ok, I skimmed the show, I admit. But, regardless, where exactly was the Cactus? I saw Ad Nauseum 2, but it seemed to be a show down between it and Return to Sector 9. Oh, and some ads.

    Or have I once again been tricked by funny joke? :|

  • guest1234

    Hold old is the kid who does gamemaker tv? It feels like something a pedophile would watch.

  • virvius

    This site has a love affair with Cactus and Ikki, doesn’t it?

    I swear this is like the 100th post about Cactus. Wake me up when either of them make a game that has a playability value of over a few minutes. Or a game that took more than 2 minutes to make.

    Not that there is anything wrong with these kinds of games, but there nothing special or worth so much hype about them either. These are the kinds of games that anyone with basic programming knowledge usually make. Yet, you don’t hear about them unless they’re made by Cactus or Ikki or whoever else this site seems to favor so much.

  • virvius

    And the statement I just made, well, that list of who this site favors isn’t very big. In fact, I think I just named the two biggest and possibly only ones.

  • virvius

    But above all, Cactus, I mean give me a break, there is a post about this guy every time he just barely makes a 2 kb incomplete demo of a game that he didn’t even have time to name yet because this site posted about it already. It’s ridiculous.

  • Derek

    The argument over which developers this site (or “favors” is about as important as the one over which U.S. presidential nominee the mainstream t.v. news “favors.”

    In other words, it’s pretty important.

    But no, the developer I actually favor is Tarn Adams, who has about as many posts devoted to him as cactus. Or maybe Jonathan Mak, my brother from another mother. Or Kenta Cho, whose altar we worship at. Or Jonathan Blow. Or messhof. Or metanet. Or Jesse Venbrux. Or… yeah.

    I’m not sure what else to say other than that I agree with you, because I like some people better than other people, even though I know that all people (and games) are created equal. I’m kind of proud of that very human weakness of mine. This site will never be truly objective, and best of luck to you to find some place that is.

    In the meantime, you are welcome to suggest developers that you feel are underappreciated on the site. With some perserverence, they may end up being mentioned in one of the mere thousand-or-so-odd posts made on the site that aren’t about cactus or Ikiki.

    Apologies in advance for the snark. I’m just in that kind of mood right now.

  • Tim

    You don’t like Ikiki? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Gainsworthy

    Well snarked, Derek. And Tim.

  • virvius

    I didn’t say I didn’t like them. But do something other than make every post about the same person over and over again.

    A while back there was even a post where Derek posted the same game by Ikki twice (granted, by “accident” but still) and even one blatantly begging people to give money to Cactus (for what exactly? or why?), nevermind the fact that every single thing that he makes gets posted here no matter how miniscule (even just crap he made in 2 seconds just dicking around with GM) as if it was the second coming of Jesus

  • virvius

    Cactus, I mean. They’re both pretty good, and I really like Ikki and all but come on, seriously. You either have nothing else to post about or you aren’t really paying much attention to anything else.