Eegra’s First Annual Game Makin’ Shindig: Winners

By: Derek Yu

On: July 30th, 2008


You guys read Eegra, right? I hope so, because it’s the best gaming comic there is (see below right). And I’m not just saying that because their mascot is an octopus with a top hat and a monocle.


Well, Eegra has just finished their First Annual Game Makin’ Shindig, and the theme was “colour.” There were nine entries and four winners (two tied for third place).

I tried the top three entries and they’re all pretty solid, although I personally I felt Colourblind (#3, shown above) was the most interesting and polished game. It’s a physics-based game where gravity pulls different colors in different directions. Go Beryllium (#1) feels like a pretty standard bullet-hell shmup to me, and it doesn’t make nearly as good use of the theme, in my opinion. Spectrum Spelunker is a good #2. If the difficulty ramped up a bit faster this one would be ace.

Them’s just my opinions, however! Congratulations to Eegra for a successful compo and to the winners for winning!

  • Imaginationac

    That has the be one of the scariest depections of video game violence I have ever seen. Thanks, it was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning.

    Also, the forums are still in maintenance mode?

  • Alan Gordon

    It seems like most of the dificulty in Colourblind comes from struggling with the infuriatingly obtuse moving/jumping mechanics, rather than the complexity and engaging nature of the puzzles.

  • Terry

    Go Beryllium is excellent – a very deserving winner as far as I’m concerned!

  • bicilotti

    Gahhhhhhhhh TIGs talks about eegra shindig and does not mention ColourWise :_(

    Anyway, I think ColourBind was really really polished. I loved the mechanics!

  • Prio


    Videogames have made me retarded

  • Bezzy

    Judging from the video, Go Beryllium has fantastic generative music, if nothing else… probably better than Rez’s.

  • Günter

    Eegra is one of those comics that I feel really shouldn’t be funny, but I can’t stop laughing at.

    This one is my favorite:

  • Rampancy

    This one is amazing. The best version of Pac-Man ever. Check it out –

  • Melly

    I tried making something for it, but my mind was blank for ideas, unfortunately.

    Still, I too am slightly disappointed at the first place. Sure, it seems like a great game overall, but as I remember the author actually took a shmup he’d been working on for a while and stuck the color mechanic into it. It just doesn’t feel very right to me.

  • Melly

    Also, sorry for the TIGSTWG participants. Man, first ingame day and the forums go in maintenance. But I’m ready to kick ass as soon as it’s back.

    Also, my Eegra entry would have been about changing the three primary colors of objects in order to change their full color, and thus their properties. I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out a good way to implement that in a game, and just decided to focus on the PG Compo here at TIGS.

  • Phasma Felis

    That is possibly the worst gaming comic ever. And I’m including Little Gamers.

    Games look like fun, though.

  • zzzdude

    My friend rigged the election, so the crappiest game would win. all the rest are better.

  • Conor

    zzzdude – tell your friend I said thanks for helping me win, I didn’t realize it was an election! Next time I will try to make a less crappy game.

  • Mike hawk

    That comic…. I am assuming that by saying “best” you meant “fucking terrible”

    Awesome, Pac-man just ate sonic the hedgehog and then shit him out. That is some seriously funny humor.

  • Derek

    Honestly, yeah. I laughed just reading your description of the comic.

  • Bob

    Hey, at least it had unicorn genitalia!

    Seriously, though, how could you call it “the best gaming comic there is” when we have Penny Arcade? Eegra is like a retarded version of Perry Bible Fellowship with Pac-Man cameos.

    For the record, I love Perry Bible Fellowship.

  • Derek

    I do like Penny Arcade, but I think Eegra has made me laugh out loud more and with less strips!

    I dunno, I have a really lowbrow sense of humor and I really go for the absurd stuff, so there you have it…

  • Bob

    I think that you’d like Perry Bible Fellowship a _lot_ more. Just sayin’.

  • Derek

    Yeah, I love Perry Bible Fellowship! Still doesn’t make me actually laugh out loud that often. I think it’s clever as hell, though.

    Humor’s a funny thing…

  • Bob

    Well, I have to admit that the snippet that you stuck in the post made me laugh my face off.

  • Secret Admirer

    I think eegra is awesome, this one always makes me laugh: