TIGCompo: Bootleg Demakes!

By: Derek Yu

On: August 1st, 2008

The Bootleg Demakes Competition

Demakes: remakes of games on older generation hardware. Bootleg: not infringing on anyone’s intellectual property. You have a month.

It’s on like teflon.

Addendum via Lorne: Stop complaining about the rules! Comp ends september, rules are in the definition of those words up there ^. Pretty much, make it lower tech then the original game and don’t directly use copyright material.

  • Taco


    On a more serious note, I am looking forward to the results of this. I can only imagine something like Dynasty Warriors with 8-bit graphics and not sucking like the GBA/DS games.

  • Radix


  • http://sophiehoulden.com GirlFlash

    awesome one, although finding a modern game that isn’t a sequel from ye olde days is going to be tricky =p

  • Ben

    Good stuff, good stuff.

  • IndieJones

    I can’t wait to finally have a chance to play “Past Right And Wrong”.

  • OrR

    Damn, how do you come up with these awesome competition themes?!

    Looking forward to 2D sidescrolling Mirror’s Edge as well as dozens of NES Guitar Hero implementations…

  • Tanner

    More games for me to play. :3

  • Paul Eres

    “awesome one, although finding a modern game that isn’t a sequel from ye olde days is going to be tricky =p”

    best comment ever

  • http://ChasesCotD.blogspot.com Chase

    I am setting an appointment for one month from today to come back to this website, because I am sure I will not regret it.

    This is a great idea, I can’t wait!

  • Andy

    epic win.

    someone should make a c64-esque spore demake.

  • http://toadsanime.deviantart.com Toadsanime

    I’m presuming the idea for this competition was spawned due to the likes of ‘Goldeneye 2D’, wasn’t it?
    This sounds like one of the best competitions you’ve come up with. I truly cannot wait to witness the outcomes next month.

  • Melly

    Hell fucking yeah, lets kick even more ass. I take dibs on Shroud of the Titan!

  • Ryan

    What a great competition theme. Really looking forward to seeing what people come up with!

  • Günter

    This is going to be frekain’ EPIC.

    Thank you TIGS. Thank you very much.

  • FISH

    why is everybody wanting to demake shadow of the colossus?

  • BeamSplashX

    Someone should demake Devil May Cry, since DMC was often credited as being a throwback to old school 2D action games. To see how it holds up AS a 2D action game itself.

    And Cogs of Conflict had better actually be made! I want my swearing in text format!

  • crackers

    Bummer that the theme isn’t favicons.

  • Melly

    @ FISH

    Because we love it.

  • strong414bad

    I may have to make Sneaky Raccoonguy now.

  • Aik

    A demake of Fallout 3 using FIFE would be incredibly amusing…

  • underseajuju

    When I heard “bootleg demakes”, my knee-jerk reaction was to picture an NES Kingdom Hearts with FF1 characters. Probably too involved for a 1-month contest, but no worries — I’m sure some Chinese bootlegger with a heart of gold is working on it right now.

  • Mentalpatient109

    Best. Competition theme. Ever.

  • ellipsis

    wtf does “FUCK YEAR” mean?

  • bateleur

    wtf does “FUCK YEAR” mean?

    The joke goes something like: “What’s the difference between a tyre and 365 condoms?”

    And then the punchline is: “One’s a good year, the other’s a…”

  • Melly

    Derek, you might wanna post the rules here as well since the forums are down.

  • ellipsis

    Was just gonna say that, Melly.

    also, bateleur, thanks for explaining that.

  • thatguy

    I third that.. please post the rules! I want to see what this is all about (and possibly compete)

  • TheSpaceMan

    We did a 48 hour premake back in school once. Trying to remember what game I tried to premake… It’s a bit diffrent but kind of the same. You would take a game that was a first of a series and port it as a previous game in the series being run on older hardware. Can’t remember what game it was, most 48H contests are quite a blur.

  • Tatsu

    Alright, I’ve already started mine. This is going to be fun!