Top Spinner

By: Derek Yu

On: August 8th, 2008

Top Spinner

Top Spinner is an addictive new game from the creator of Too Many Ninjas, Mr. Benzido. TS is a batting game based on cricket, which is known in the U.S. as “What in God’s name have they done to baseball?!” In reality, however, cricket was probably invented sometime in the 16th century, making it an ancient sport of kings, or some such. Silly Americans.

The goal of the game is to keep swatting balls away from the stump behind you. If the stump falls over or if you hit a ball into one of the “out” zones, it’s over.

TIGdb: Entry for Top Spinner (the 400th game in our database!)

  • wat

    Well, this is the best cricket video game I have ever played, that’s for sure.

  • muku

    This game is the devil. Frustrating as hell.

    It feels too laggy, but that’s probably a result of Flash being a slow piece of crap.

    Even soo, I just made 548 points. Woot.

  • Spkl

    uhg, i cricket game?
    this is sooo stupid.
    i’ll stop playing in a bit.
    okay, maybe a while.


  • JohnEvans

    This game seems kind of neat, but the instructions are downright **vestigial**. How do you score? I can block at least a dozen balls but I never get more than 1 or 2 “runs”. Also, it’s difficult to move your bat backward, which makes it very difficult if a ball bounces upward off your bat and falls behind. And if I try to sweep my bat backward, I end up sweeping back any balls that are lying on the ground…

  • Tim

    1190 – beat that.

  • MisterX

    Maybe instead of balls there could be shurikens flying towards you. Maybe instead of a simple stick there could be some kind of plump boss guy standing behind you that you got to protect, which would be realistically cut into a half if hit. And maybe instead of a cricket player you could be a samurai, realistically deflecting the shurikens with your katana.

    Uuh, awesome… *wanders off in reverie*

  • Exoduster

    How many points do I need before I end up hitting the cricket ball that destroys the universe?

  • Flamebait

    Baseball is a game totally lacking in tactics, cooperation, excitement, and fun. But cricket… worst sport I know of, by far.

  • Skofo

    Hah, the rod broke on mine by itself and I can’t lose.

  • Benzido

    Skofo: you can still lose even if the ‘rod’ breaks by itself. Damn, I have to fix that bug, though.

  • Benzido

    And Tim: Now do it again with a faster computer!!!

  • Zulgaines

    I was having trouble with this until I started visualizing the balls as sick panda.

    /suck it TIGers.

  • Tim

    Benzido: It’s a Flash game – how fast of a computer do you need?!

    Anyway, the game moves rather slowly after the 300th run or so. I would have kept knocking balls out of the park if it wasn’t for that curving ball which appeared around the 1 min mark that was impossible to hit.

  • Benzido

    I did a bit more of an optimization, so maybe it won’t slow down anymore. If I wasn’t the world’s worst programmer, I could be more confident in my projections!

  • Radnom

    Seems to be going a lot faster after the optimisation. Could you please add a sound on/off toggle though? That’s the only thing putting me off playing the game.

  • Tim

    Benzido: did you happen to make it a lot easier to get good scores in the new version? because – 1253

  • Benzido

    Well, it’s easier not to lose when you don’t have to deal with invisible balls and slowdown. You are definitely the world record holder though.

  • falsion

    that AAAhh sound when you lose gets annoying quick, everything else is good though. but that sound is really grating, can you do something about it?