Treasure Treasure

By: Derek Yu

On: August 10th, 2008

Treasure Treasure

The world needs more awesome co-op games like Ishisoft’s Treasure Treasure, a cute split-screen puzzle platformer that’s made for two players on one keyboard. Guide Trixie and Troy through the castle and find the 20 treasure chests hidden throughout. It’s actually possible to beat the game alone, by switching from character to character, but where’s the fun in that? This game is about love and teamwork!

This game is so frickin’ adorable – it slays me.

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  • Miya

    Cavestory ripoff

  • w

    I wish I had someone to play it with

  • Blueskied

    Quit the game after a few minutes. It’s just no fun for 1 player. But it’s got some really nice retro tile-art.

  • Zulgaines

    I automatically support all same-room co-op games(Console or PC).

    Not enough of them. >.>

  • Trotim

    Yowch. Looking at these screenies hurts my eyes.

  • corpus

    Trotim, you need to learn the mad skillz of “taste.” Or, y’know, get better eyes.

    Long live Ishi!

  • Ryan

    I just finished playing this with my daughter, and we both had a lot of fun. It’s a very cute little game and it plays well. If you have someone to play with (especially your child if you’re a parent), I expect you’ll really enjoy this.

  • Fishy Boy

    Push into each other. Just do it. You will not regret it.

  • Zulgaines

    I just beat it with my sister, we got all the treasure but couldn’t figure out how to exit together, so I left her and took off with all the loot. Muwhaah.

  • Scott

    If you don’t have any friends you can use this to train your multitasking skills to godlike levels

    Also it the art isn’t really cute at all

  • CMspice

    I feel like the black and white doesn’t benefit the game in any way. It feels more like a technical restriction than an artistic choice. The art itself is solid but nothing to run home about. It’s sorta mainstream tile based graphics that isn’t particularly “cute” or anything really but still works. I think a higher resolution more lively tileset would do this game a world of good.

    Other than that. I adore the idea of such a well designed cooperative game. Usually “Coop” mode just means you get two people blasting aliens instead of one. Coop mode in this is far more well designed and enduring.

    I’ll have to wait another month and a half to play this with my friend at college. Makes me wonder why I don’t have friends at home.

  • Victo

    co-op Bquest? I have to try that with my gf :D looks beautiful!

  • Trotim

    Heey, I like pixel art a lot. I just don’t really like the lack of contrast =<

  • Troy RULES

    Go Troy.

  • Annabelle

    I really liked this game and the pixel art is great..

  • corpus

    Yeah. I’m a big fan of the art, and I had some fun playing it by myself (multitasking!) until I got into a situation from which neither of my people could escape (they were both trapped on either side of a big pillar in the cellar kinda place.)

  • barold

    this isn’t adorable at all

  • Cargo

    Yay! Managed to beat it with all 20 treasures, and get both people out (hint: you need to catch one of the giant crates with your head).

    For some reason, the credits background was still the guy stood by himself in front of the barrier, so I don’t know if that was a glitch, or what.

    Definitely checking out the rest of his games now.

  • Groogokk

    Okay, we’ve got 18 treasures home and dry, but can’t figure out how to get the one in the arched room left of the big room with the vines. Can anybody help, please?

    Yeah, and we have no idea where no. 20 is so far. But we hope that it’s somewhere near no. 19…

  • Groogokk

    I think we got it… we got to get the cover off the well…

  • YuRiPa

    Yep, just make sure you have the trunk off the bridge above, as well as a bomb.

  • Groogokk

    Hahaha we really enjoyed this. But to get the cover off the well, we got the two blocks from the room on the far right at the bottom %-) up the ladders… We’re both sure it wasn’t meant to be done this way, but hey… it worked. Now that I read your comment, YuRiPa, what trunk was it that you used?

  • e

    fun game. we used a block with a bomb on top to push the cover off the well.

  • Cobalt

    I’m pretty sure it’s black and white to resemble a GameBoy. Nostalgia, folks.

  • Lcd Televize Jack

    Thank you Derek, you made my day! :) Its really fun game, and im totally love pixel arts too.

  • YuRiPa

    Groogokk: Up above the cover on the well, there is a bridge, you get up and down it by the vine. To the left of the vine, there is a part of the bridge you can bomb, and it will fall down.

  • Carnivac

    I love the graphics in this game. The resolution and low color palette are all part of the charm.

    Can’t even begin to play it by myself though. Got a friend coming to visit tomorrow so maybe have a go then.

  • Groogokk

    Thanks, YuRiPa.

  • fish

    I still can’t figure how to get both of them out of there. I think I know which crate Cargo is talking about, but I can’t figure how to bring it over to the platform.

  • Chris

    Turns out that pushing doesn’t work when you’re standing on a cracked rock. This becomes a big problem when you’re standing on said cracked rock with a big box blocking your exit. At 19/20 crates. I give this game 10 points for style and negative 13 points for shattered dreams. My girlfriend, who I persuaded to play with me under the assurance that “games are fun” is terribly disillusioned.

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