Multiwinia Mondays

By: Derek Yu

On: August 12th, 2008

Introversion has declared that the next six Mondays will be for Multiwinia, the multiplayer version of their real-time strategy game Darwinia. The first installment went live yesterday, and featured this video, which is pretty cool.

In other news, Rock, Paper, Shotgun‘s Jim Rossignol has declared that Tuesdays will be for tuna and all tuna-related comestibles! And as for me? I’m declaring that Wednesdays will hereafter be known as Werewolf Wednesdays. Because that’s when I will be turning into a werewolf and “surfing” on the top of my dad’s van. In Spanish.

“Introversion: The First of the Last of the Days of the Week"

Multiwinia is slated for a simultaneous PC/Mac release in September, and an XBLA release in December.

(Thanks, Hans Frandsen!)

TIGdb: Entry for Multiwinia

  • Gainsworth

    Wait, I rescued the little guys from some all consuming virus just so they could get destroying each other? That’s hardly fair.

  • Biggerfish

    Mighn’t be fair, but sounds cool to me.

  • muku

    Fucking epic battle scene. Looking at this, I wonder whether my PC will still run it fast enough. Hopefully there’ll be a demo.

  • zanzer7

    If the official website is anything to go by, I’d say a demo is “fairly likely”.

    Also, this was my first … uh, news heads-up refer thing here on TIGsource. So yay!

  • Trotim

    The 2d art in the introduction looks better than the actual ingame stuff… >_>;

  • Uesugi

    Yeah, this is tonally a big stepback from the hopeful feel of Darwinia. It looks cool, but why are those poor little pixels fighting all of a sudden?

    And this video player sucks. I click “HD” and nothing happens. I click “SD” and the trailer plays offcenter. (Unless it’s supposed to be like that and I’m just not hip.)

  • ARES

    Does anyone know the NAME of the Song in this Video? fucking epic! or is it own creation? if its so then damn…

  • Nutter

    I know the songs (one plays quietly during the explanation and one for the gameplay part) were both created for the trailer.

  • Phill

    oo man, i loved darwinia, can’t wait to sink my teeth into multiwinia

  • Dacke

    Tunas aren’t for eating, it’s scientific fact that they are sentient – it would be like killing Darwinians for fun! Tofu Tuesday has been declared on Rock, Paper Shotgun!

  • nanobot_swarm

    They are probably fighting each other because:
    1. The battle against the viruses introduced them to war and they enjoy it
    2. Each tribe wants more land so it can prosper
    3. Racism towards each other
    4.Religous intolerance