DrPetter’s musagi

By: Derek Yu

On: August 18th, 2008


DrPetter, the creator of sfxr and 116 unfinished games (and some pretty cool finished ones), put out a free music app that’s been floating around in an incomplete (but functional) state for awhile. musagi is a sophisticated music editor and synthesizer that I warrant could compete with commercial music editors should DP decide to rub out a version 1.0. It certainly feels intuitive and easy-to-use for even a newb composer like myself.

There are a few rough spots in the program, but most can be worked around. For example, I had problems loading songs until I realized that it was the “Parts Window” that was screwing it up and making it crash. Once I made sure to close that before loading songs, I was gold. Diamond Rider “remixes” flowed from me like fine brandy.

Anyway, I’m hoping that this post will help inspire DrPetter to clean musagi up, because it would most certainly be a boon to all of mankind. Also check out his article repository, where you can find some learnin’ words about sfxr, musagi, and sound/music in general!

  • Trotim

    Quite a while. Half a year?

  • Derek

    Are you trying to say “old,” Trotim? I really hope not.

  • http://www.0xdeadc0de.org/ Eclipse

    maybe ancient sounds better?

    joking… really…

  • w


  • josh g.

    Old but awesome. Musagi is great and I would love for it to get more attention.

  • Gutter

    A music app that always seemed much more powerful that what I was willing to learn is Pixel’s PXTONE. Anyone used it? is it worth the time to learn? There is a couple of songs on his website, but I could never load them…

  • Josh

    What an awesome way to get into the Indie Game Remix competition :

  • Julius

    A very good other free music making program/tracker is Aldrin btw:


    by the AWESOME musician “paniq” (of Farbrausch fame):

  • DrPetter

    Damn you Yu and your inspirational postage. I might just have to do something about this perpetual 0.1 release stage now.
    Part windows shouldn’t crash though, you must be doing it wrong ;)

  • deadeye

    Does this only output to .mp3?

  • Trotim

    Wait, it outputs to mp3? I always thought it’s not functional at all yet because it can only use its own format? D=

  • deadeye

    I dunno, I just saw on the site that there are .mp3 samples, so I assumed it output .mp3…

  • http://www.0xdeadc0de.org/ Eclipse

    @DrPetter, if it crash, also “doing it wrong”, is a bug. An application isn’t intended to crash anyway :P
    Cool stuff, i tried it and i like it a lot.

  • Gainsworthy

    FIRST the 116 games, THEN sfxr, NOW THIS. What next, some kind of panacea?

    He must be stopped.

  • DrPetter

    Eclipse: Obviously. Hence the smiley. Testing is annoying in the cases where it works on my machine but not on others, though.

    deadeye/Trotim: You can output/record songs as WAV and then convert to whatever format you like using some external audio editor (like Audacity)

  • Tatsu

    Looks neat, but is there a list of steps to try if the software crashes immediately?

  • http://del_duio.sitesled.com Del Duio

    I’m a giant fan of his sfxr program, and have used it to some degree in all the games I’ve made since I first downloaded it. This guy is great!

  • DrPetter

    Tatsu: Hmm, is it crashing before the window is up and running properly? You could try enabling the logfile by editing config.txt, but I bet it crashes at some point after initialization, when the audio callback kicks in…
    I should really look more into error reporting/handling, but it’s so boring compared to adding and tweaking actual features :P

  • jph

    This looks very cool indeed!,. personaly I still use and recomend BUZZ for a free-ware modular studio app. [ http://www.buzzmachines.com/ ] or for a share-ware (mostly functional without reg.ing!) advanced VST tracker try RENOISE! [ http://www.renoise.com/ ]
    However I may give this a shot,. . as we never can have too many noise making systems IMHO.

  • Robotacon

    I highly support Musagi. An excellent program without the mumbo-jumbo of other music programs for a note-hater like myself. It also beats any tracker I’ve tried.

  • Tatsu

    DrPetter: Weird, I opened it up again (same boot session, even) and it works. Weird since I didn’t have anything else running when I tried it before, but I have like 40 apps open now.

    The config.txt file has been created after running it properly, so I’ll get a log if I have this problem again. In the meantime, I’m going to have some fun with it.

  • electronic music snobbery in action

    real men use CSOUND

  • Trotim

    I didn’t know that it can output to .wav. Dang, this makes everything way more awesome.

    Is this our new PXTone? I hope so, PXTone is pretty iffy.