It’s TIGJam!!!

By: Derek Yu

On: August 23rd, 2008


Guys, I’m very pleased to announce that TIGSource and Flashbang Studios are teaming up, like Batman and Superman-styles, to throw the first-ever TIGJam – a three-day creative pow-wow in the red-hot Arizona desert. Bring your projects to work on in the company of your fellow indie developers, or start new ones! For those of you trying to meet the November 1st IGF deadline, this might be a great time to get some feedback. For everyone else, just be ready to have fun, make friends, and create some cool stuff. Sleep is totally optional.

There is a $50 registration fee, which will help keep the brass monkeys, soda, and snacks flowing during the jam, and will also cover the post-jam celebratory dinner and ensuing party on Sunday. Space is also somewhat limited, so if you’re serious about attending, sign up soon! Head here for online registration, as well as more detailed directions.

We’re hoping this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful tradition. Look out for more info (and possibly some surprises) as the date approaches. Depending on how many people decide to show up, lodging should be free or cheap. We’ll let you know.

Hope to see you there! Let us know what you think!

  • Eclipse

    why america? :(

  • Dord

    They are just trying to compete with the Swedish get-together >=|

  • Jeff Lindsay

    Because it’s nearby.

  • jimmykane

    British get together, anyone?

  • brog

    British, yes please.

  • haowan

    Sucks to be in tht UK huh guys. Let’s have a game jam here soon!

  • Data

    Guess this was posted just as you Englishmen were busy sipping your Saturday morning tea in your red silk leisure robes while perusing the morning news with your monocles firmly in place, amirite?

    This event will be fun shit – already signed up.

  • Sninnyer

    Will cactus be there? I mean, it’s in the desert.

  • Terry

    How about we organise one in England, one in Canada, one in Australia, and one in Sweden all for the same 3 days?

  • Eclipse

    I can organize one in Italy were i’ll be the only one attendee

  • jimmykane

    I will* come to Italy just to prove you wrong.

  • Pip

    LiveTigJamBangAid 2008

  • BaronCid

    why tigjam?
    We have hard party every evening on TIGirc.


  • !CE-9

    Sninnyer: I have lol’ed.

    jimmykane & brog & haowan
    The UK Game Jam would be positively awesome.

  • Gainsworth

    That’s a damn fine poster you’ve got there.

  • Petri Purho

    I really wish I could participate this. Damn you Americans! This is the first time in eight years that I actually wish I would live in your country.

  • curezen

    HOORAY! not only am i in america. I LIVE BY THAT EXACT AREA! THIS IS AWESOME!

  • Adam Butcher

    I like the Indie-Club-Night style you’ve got going there. Milky?

    Makes me want to attend.

  • Trotim

    The German get-together is called Games Convention. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • fartron

    >teaming up, like Batman and Superman-styles

  • Toadsanime

    Trotim – You’re on about Leipzig, aren’t you? Not much of a communal gathering, though, is it?

    Even if this was in England, I wouldn’t be able to go anyway. I’m only 15, and my parents would never let me go to a convention alone.
    Of course, even with me not personally attending, this meeting does affect me.
    It’s clear that many games will be made as a result of this, so at least I have that to look forward to.

    And, who knows? If this gets made as an annual event, I may one day be able to attend, anyway.

  • Kinten

    Can’t wait to see the results from this! Knock’em out boys!

  • Hooker with BeViS

    BAWWWW!!! why so far away!!!

  • charon

    Hmm… Would it really be that difficult to organise a virtual convention at the same time, for all of us who are physically unable to attend? I would suggest setting up a temporary MUSH or MUD server, to keep the gaming spirit up :)

  • Alec

    I think I’m going. :D

  • Victo

    I’d go if I had a car …
    Sounds fucking awesome, I’d bring my bass and do the music thing while you awesome people make and play games :D

  • goldbuick

    I have purchased a ticket ..

  • Jeff Lindsay

    If anybody else is organizing anything like this (btw it’s loosely modeled after SuperHappyDevHouse, let us know it’s happening and we can promote it too. Whether it’s during the same time or not.

  • Trotim

    Toadsanime – Yeah, I’ve been there on Friday. It IS the better E3 now.

  • Lez

    I am totaly down for a tea and crumpets british get together.
    Damn yanks thinking they can wear monocles!

  • Skofo

    You guys just HAD to make it *after* the summer.

  • CMspice

    gahhh, why can’t this be in los angeles where everything else is.

  • FISH

    because LA sucks, man.

  • Alec

    Ticket purchased. Rawr.

  • Julius

    I have no talent. Can I still come?

  • Nameko

    Sounds awesome. Too bad I can’t attend.T_T

  • Drakkar

    I can’t miss this, I AM IN.

  • undertech

    This is totally unfair. Please hold the next one at Sealand. Thanks.

  • Teknogames

    Too bad its annual. This kinda thing should happen more often.
    I was just in Arizona too.

  • Snow

    Ew. Phoenix, Arizona!? Eh. Come up to Calgary. Or, maybe more of these types of events should be hosted. There are very talented indie devs here in Canada too. It was Canadians who made N and N+. :)

  • Adam Atomic

    soon as my paperwork gets signed i am DOWN LIKE A CLOWN

    that sounded way cooler in my head

  • Sifu Peng

    Ready to rumble. Hope everyone can make it!

  • NeutralD

    Shit. That’s unfair. I’m from Kazakhstan. Damn far away, to the south of Russia.

  • Ilia Chentsov

    And I’m from Moscow, which is far both from USA and from Kazakhstan.

    Besides, lately, I ceased even trying to make a game.

  • Alec


    Yeah, I want to host a Canadian TIGS thing at some point. Maybe next summer. :D

  • NeutralD

    Comrade Ilia!

    Don’t worry, let’s have a cup of your perfect RUSSKY VODKA. I’ll bring the SAMOVAR.

    Then we’ll have a round of TETRIS together.

    P. S. Please, feed your home bear MISHKA, my shit bricks when I hear him roaring in hunger.

    Yours, Kirill.

  • Jad


    Oh goddamnit, I’d have liked to attend. Really. I could produce some nice pixllz for those who’d need them.

    Oh well guise, if you arrange a BRITISH TIG GENTLEMAN-CON, shout out, I’ll bet that a crapload of swedes would attend as well, seeing as flight travel prices from heretothere are really low :D

  • FISH


  • BMcC

    I’ll attend as soon as I can find a replacement turbine for my private jet, ho ho.

  • BMcC

    But seriously, anyone got any spare turbines?