Knytt Stories…on the DS?

By: Shabadage

On: August 28th, 2008

Just stumbled across this video. Apparently a fan of Knytt Stories is in the process of porting the golden child freeware game over to the DS.

While it’s not done yet, it seems to be coming along quite nicely!

  • imaginarythomas

    Yes yes, a thousand times yes!

    Is the cave story DS port still working?

  • SEH


  • Shabadage

    Last time I played the CSDS, it only had backgrounds running. I don’t think it’s gotten any further than that in the last few months.

  • Nosgoroth

    Great idea!

  • MisterX

    Good heavens, yes!

    Even moreso than for a Cave Story DS I had hoped for Knytt Stories DS. An incredible amount of vastly different “stories” is really just perfect for a handheld.

    Apparently he isn’t “just” porting it, but really putting a lot of thought and effort into it. That’s just great. Many thanks to him, I’ll be waiting eagerly :)

  • moi

    Is it approved by the author?Is the program open source or what?

  • ^_^

    Yes! That’s possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen in weeks (Excluding TIGJam).

  • Trotim

    Nah… the player has no name. She’s only addressed as “Juni” in “The Machine” as far as I can remember and everyone then simply thought it’s always the same.

    Ah well. Don’t have a DS.

  • MisterX

    The author, rrc2soft, stated this in a post on the official forums:
    “I want this to be completely free, and nifflas allowed me to do it only if it is free.”

  • Martin Bodger


    Playing on PC was cool, but playing it on DS would be just plain Awesome!

  • Medieval

    Nifflas himself confirmed to me that the character’s name is Juni.

    This is looking awesome, and when this finishes I am SO going to buy R4!

  • Medieval

    Oh, and in case anyone didn’t know:

    R4 is the thingy that lets you play NDS roms from an SD card.

  • DaVince

    Holy shit, it’s looking just like the original. Really impressive.

  • Naufr4g0

    I have already an R4 card, and I want to try my levels also on ds!! :D
    Good initiative!

  • Fireblend

    With this and the recently released Every Extend on my DS, my life might as well be over.

  • splotki

    gimmy just plain old knytt first!

  • Julius

    Why do you all want Cave Story on the DS? There’s already Cave Story on the superior PSP.

  • MisterX

    The thing is that the DS has a truly retroish cross-dpad, instead of just 4 disjointed buttons like the PSP. It greatly enhances the atmosphere and fun and stuff while playing platformers!
    That basically makes the inexistant DS-port of Cave Story better than that PSP one. !

  • Hideous

    Medieval: Don’t buy the R4. It is obsolete. There are much better flashcarts now.

  • Shabadage

    Yeah, the R4 is dead support wise.

  • Misunderstimated

    This, and other indie and homebrew DS stuff is what makes the system MORE than worth it.

    @ Hideous

    What flashcards are you talking about? Help a brother out.

  • Anarkex

    Cyclo looks like the best choice at this point. I’ve had an R4 the past year and loved it, but if I was buying one now I’d probably run with Cyclo.

    You want to do some research on it yourself, though. A quick google search should give you all the info you need on the full spectrum of flash cards on the market.

  • Breadcultist

    MMF game ported to the DS? What manner of witchcraft is this?

  • rrc2soft


    C + Reverse Engineering through videos + Crappy programming.


    Yeah, I also want Cave Story for the DS…

  • PoV

    Wow! I never knew Knytt was so clever. I know what I’ll be playing shortly. :D

  • OrR

    @Julius: Cave Story also runs even more perfectly on the vastly superior GP2X so why bother with a closed handheld from Sony with a smearing screen? (Rhethorical question!)

    The DS homebrew scene is really quite impressive. The system has inspired some amazing games and with homebrew it becomes a mostly complete PDA. B)

    I hope this port means that Knytt Stories on the future Pandora is also an option.

  • Gideon Zhi

    This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I’d *pay* for something like this, provided there were an easy-enough way of obtaining new levels that didn’t involve DS wifi bull. I’ve never gotten the wifi to work correctly :(

  • LimeLemon

    Simply awesome.

  • jsut

    Ant this’d be compatible with regular user-created levels? That’s more awesome than I can process.

    Good luck getting it finished – I can’t wait!

  • Razzorman

    @jsut: Well this is what rrc2soft said about it. “This is the way it works ^_-. PC version levels are immediately playable on the DS.
    However, ogg files should be converted to downgraded mp3 (maybe I can create a program to do this… need to check the existing libraries…)”
    So yes, probaoly they will.

  • FoxBlitzz

    The movement looks lazily coded. If he wants compatibility with levels such as Xeia, he’d better program the thing to match exactly.