Mission Extreme

By: Derek Yu

On: September 5th, 2008

Mission Extreme

Mission Extreme is a pretty excellent little run n’ gun from Deadheat Interactive. Love them chunky pixels.

But why is ‘X’ jump and ‘Z’ shoot?!

(Thanks, cactus!)

TIGdb: Entry for Mission Extreme

  • ChevyRay

    I still have to beat this…

  • Teknogames

    what’s wrong with X being jump and Z being shoot? Is’nt that normally the case? >_> am I missing something

  • Nemo07

    In regards to why z being shoot and x being jump is bad, I think it has to do with which finger is at each key. I assume most people have their index on ‘x’ and their middle on ‘z’. The index finger is usually used for primary functions and the others are used for secondary functions. In most games where you can fire a weapon as well as jump, firing a weapon is a primary function and jumping is secondary. So there’s biological sense to z being jump and x being fire.

    Go go critical analysis! :P

  • Dusty Spur

    I actually prefer X being jump.

  • alspal

    I much prefer them the other way around.

  • Trotim

    “what’s wrong with X being jump and Z being shoot? Is’nt that normally the case? >_> am I missing something”

    Yes you are.

    On a German keyboard, Y and Z are swapped, i.e. Z is between T and U and Y is left of X.

  • permanent

    We are more articulate with the index finger than middle finger. The controls are backwards and can’t be remapped. I found the screenshot to be much more enticing than the actual game anyway. Skip it!

  • soilworker

    Feels like a slimmed-down version of Commando by FAIND.
    But I must say his Blastforce WIP screenshots look interesting.

  • muku

    The German keyboard thing is annoying, but I long ago got around it by additionally installing the American layout in Windows and switching between them with Alt-Shift.

    But X for jump and Z for shoot is definitely backwards. I always go half crazy when games do that. Just goes against my instincts.

  • http://www.0xdeadc0de.org/ Eclipse

    X shoot, Z jump.

  • Carnivac

    Great game. I love this kind of simple platform shoot ’em up. Fantastic music too.

    Don’t understand the control issue. I always have Jump be the ‘right’ one and Shoot be the ‘left’. No problem at all. But better than that is to just play with a joypad.

  • PHeMoX

    Just make it assignable in your game. That way, no keyboard layout will mess up the gameplay.

  • Guy

    They shoot too fast, and I move too slow.

  • Teknogames

    Well I got to the evil miner guy. I’d rather start the level over then get a game over. What happened to gracious continues?

  • Cheater

    Z is for Zhoot.

  • Aplomb

    I always set “X” to jump and “Z” to shoot. Even the first time I played Cave Story.

  • ZeHa

    I like the overall idea of mapping normal letter keys to the functions. I don’t know when it actually got changed, but in the old days, everyone was using Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Space, and this can bear some problems.

    Though, I also have a German layout and it was annoying at first because Z and Y is swapped, but as someone already mentioned, you can simply switch to English layout by pressing Alt+Shift together.

  • HandCraftedRadio

    If you want the keys to be reversed just turn your keyboard upside down.

  • zepi

    Or cross you hands over and pretend you left hand is on asdw

  • Xander

    Fuck Manic Miner. Fuck him in the ass.

    For me.


    zepi’s awesome idea is awesome

  • Lim-Dul

    I don’t care if Z is jump or shoot as long as it’s not up for jump. ^^

  • Chuck Norris

    I approve this game.

  • Fishy Boy

    Xander: That’s the basic killing strategy for him, although you need to use bullets, not reproductive organs.

    Unless you’re really good and find the secret weapon…

    Game is pretty fun. Takes a bit for it to pick up. It is similar to Commando, but I find it more fun, since it isn’t as complicated.

  • muku

    Really what’s wrong with up for jump?

  • BeamSplashX


    But seriously, the graphics… BYUUUUUTIFURUUUUUU.

  • http://del_duio.sitesled.com Del_Duio

    Wow, this is a very refreshing game I like it a lot.

    Like the others, I was only able to get to the Miner and he wiped me out. I figured you’d have to shoot him in the rear but my gun didn’t seem to be doing any damage. 2 grenades didn’t either. I thought maybe you had to lure his missile back to him somehow but your guy moves too slowly to do this very well.

    The music is really good, it reminds me a lot of an old NES game. And speaking of old NES games, the way the hostages are sometimes hidden reminds me of Commando, although thankfully there aren’t any hidden gas chambers (yet).

    Those regular blue enemies look a lot like the Cobra Commander: “AHHHH!! I sound NOTHING like Starscream!!”

  • Helm

    Hm I wouldn’t call this excellent. The presentation is fine, but the core gameplay (of shooting and dodging bullets) suffers from enemies shooting outside of the screen range, the bullets being too fast, generally basic things that make this seem as if it was made in one week.

  • Lim-Dul

    *Really what’s wrong with up for jump?*
    Search the forums – there have been many discussions about that. =)

  • PHeMoX

    I think the game is alright. Doesn’t look ugly, at least not too ugly. ;) Gameplay is not that bad either. Oh and it has secrets!! ^^ :p

    Nah, seriously though, there’s a lot that can be improved, especially when it comes to the core gameplay. It’s still quite cool for a little while though!

  • Scott

    I think its more annoying that it has no option for windowed or turning music down.

  • ellipsis

    I completely agree with Scott. Where the crap is windowed mode?

  • Andy

    Great to see Deadheat’s ME remake got some attention here.

  • mxttie

    (on US layout)
    although I also don’t prefer z/x shoot/jump, it perfectly makes sense to me, because these are the nearest keys to ctrl/alt modifier keys of which ctrl in particular was often used as fire key in the old days :) (maybe he preferred zx so he didn’t have to take modifier keys into account..? :))

  • Cougarten

    I liked it, but I dont go for a second run in games that make me start all over again, hate that!