Soulja Boy on Braid

By: Derek Yu

On: September 16th, 2008

The rapper behind the Grammy-nominated, #1 hit single Crank That (Soulja Boy) gives us his thoughts on the IGF award-winning Xbox 360 masterpiece Braid.

(Courtesy of Alec.)

  • Kobel

    Joel Cairo thinks that most teenagers are exactly the same. Then he calls them stupid. I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean it ironically. THAT’S depressing.
    Why is it that dicks on the internet can’t see a rich dumbass without using them to project their fears of a world they don’t understand?

  • Dusty Spur

    Oh man, he made another one. It’s not as good because it lacks WHOOOOP but it’s got Arabs.

  • Chris

    I was under the impression that youth violence was actually declining, despite all the bad press. I could be wrong, though.

  • poooop

    i would’ve expected people around here to be a bit more relaxed, a bit less racist and bit more tolerant of others enjoying a game, even if those others are looked down upon.
    seems i was wrong. and this is sadder to me than the “decline of western civilization” or whatever other bullshit was posted here.

    i was under the impression that indie gamers are smarter than mainstream gamers. i see now what a load of crap that is. they just like to think that they’re smarter.

    i’ll take a non pretentious, chilled out, normal person anyday, over an uptight pretentious racist asshole.

    chill the fuck out, let others be and mind your own sad business.

    that being said, WHOOOOOOP to you.

  • Kobel

    Yes, it IS sad when people generalize a group of people over the actions of a few, isn’t it?

  • v-rus

    yall need to chill the fuck out!

    that shit was funny as hell, Soulja Boy needs to review every indie game.

    Grammy nomination though? seriously?

  • namuol

    Thank you, Tigersauce. Thank you.

    Also, those of you without a sense of humor: take it easy.

  • ChrisL

    I’d just like to point out (since it is not particularly obvious in the video) that being an intelligent, mature person and enjoying marijuana are NOT mutually exclusive.

    That said, I agree wholeheartedly with every response above.

    All of them.

  • ChrisL

    Also: Both “Alice in Wonderland” and “Fantasia” saw huge resurgence of popularity in the 1960’s. Just sayin.

  • Del_Duio

    I was under the impression that youth violence was actually declining, despite all the bad press. I could be wrong, though.

    Not near my house it isn’t. I watched a 19 year old and his fat uncle fight the other night outside their house. The kid had made some car-racing bet about whether or not his grandma, who was just taken to the ICU apparently, was going to die there or not (His uncle didn’t like this one bit). He then stripped to his briefs for whatever reason and went all Karate Kid pose while they shouted about who was the bigger bitch for about 20 minutes. Finally, the uncle stepped in and the kid took a swing at his head. The uncle, who was roughly 4 times the weight of the nephew, then proceeded to sit on the kid and beat the bag out of him. All the while the kid was scrreaming “C’MON HOMO, HIT ME HARDER I LIKE IT!!!”

    So after awhile I guess the uncle’s arms got tired of hitting the kid so he lets him up. The kid’s face looks like Rocky and he’s got a bloody patch on the back of his head where it hit the cement repeatedly. He then turns to some of his ‘boyz’ and says that he took the beating on purpose because he wanted to show how drunk the uncle was (wtf?). He then shouted to his uncle to, and I quote because it was hilarious, “Shut the fuck up, go back in the house, and shut the fuck up again!” One of his cousins called 911 while all this was happening.

    Eventually the cops came, but they only arrested the kid because he was hopped up on something, I don’t know what. The sad, sad thing is that this story is 100% true and at the end the uncle was shouting to the nephew that he’d come bail him out the next morning and to “chill out”. I’m surprised they didn’t arrest the uncle too because he was really wailing on the kid (who, despite being on crack or whatever, is still not more than 120 lbs soak and wet).

    I couldn’t make this up, this kind of weird shit happens all the time at that place. It’s like out of some fucked up movie sometimes. The part that bothered me the most about it was that for an hour and a half after the police took his nephew away all the uncle did was talk about how great he was and etc. with the other white trash who’d come to gather on yonder lawn. He said something like “Down this end of the block.. I’m the top dog around here!” What a great pillar of society we’ve all been blessed with.

    I think the moral of the story is that although I personally think this video is funny, it’s people like this that 19 year old gangta wannabes look up to in the first place. Hmm, I guess that’s not a moral at all is it?

  • moon_rabbits


  • Joel Cairo

    Nothing I said was racist…I was just pointing out what an absolutely moronic fuck-nut Soulja Boy. As for grouping teenagers into one category, I’ll admit that there are the good and the bad…but trying to find one who can hold down a meaningful conversation that doesn’t include, cellphones, fashion and screwing is like trying to find a photo of Paris Hilton with her underwear on. Oh and believe me I’m chilled…I just call it like it is. I stand by my conviction that Soulja Boy is a tool to the music studio that produced his talentless ass.

  • Dusty Spur

    Man, did someone just compare me to Paris Hilton with her underwear on? I mean, it’s better than Paris Hilton with her underwear *off*, but damn.

  • Kobel

    How many teenagers do you actually know or have tried to talk to? I stand by my conviction that you’re kind of a dick. Believe me, I’m chill… I just call it like it is. That’s why they call me the whale biologist.

  • withalligators

    If you thought mainstream video games were in creative trouble, look at mainstream hip hop.

  • v-rus

    hip hop is dead
    just lettin you know

  • Joel Cairo

    How many teenagers do I know…hmmm lets see…I was a high school teacher in Toronto for five years before I got sick of the attitude so I took a job at the local business college to teach a marketing course. Well I guess I don’t know that many then do I?

    You know what? your right, I am a dick! Then again it would take a cunt to notice that now wouldn’t it. Whale biologist is a bit of stretch for you my friend Kobel. I was thinking more along the lines of proctologist since you’ve clearly got your head up your ass.

  • Soulja Boy

    yo they aint no point to dis joel cairo maaayyaan, dis shit stupid as haayyeell!

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    These comments bore me. Is it already a time for the “games for baked people”-competition?

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    Joel Cairo, what.. someone who teaches marketing at a business college? Must be an outrageously evil greedy dickhead, that man!!!
    Presumptious? Well I have met many people who work for marketing, so up yours!

  • Kobel

    Joel Cairo is very confused as to what a proctologist’s job involves! Makes me wonder exactly how good you are at your job. I hope you haven’t stuck anything in anyone’s butt in the course of your duties.
    Well, hey, I wonder how long you’ve been working at this college? Because before too long, it’s going to be the same age group you taught before that signs up for your classes now. Boy that would make you like kind of dumb, here, wouldn’t it?

  • Joel Cairo

    Yes but generally the teenagers who make it to college are actually interested in learning. I am greedy, a dick and I am presumptious, but everyone here who has taken shots directly at me here can hopefully see the irony. In your effort to insult me your all doing what you accused me of…generalizing.

    In my defense, anyone currently living in Toronto will know that this past week was the worst for Teen oriented violent crime. We had no less then three schools go on lock down for shootings and gun related issues in a two day period. Most of the shootings this year have been related to teen gang violence. So pardon me if I find this generation of teenagers one dimensional…they are certainly earning that distinction for themselves.

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    @Kobel: interesting point actually. And I would assume it would also be easier to make positive impact on a teenage person, than a college student. I think J. Cairo prettu much ran away from the problem and is going to face troubled teens again when they’ve become troubled young adults.. and besides kinda ironic that he whines about their morality when he first hand had the possibility to try to shape things for better. Yet he chose to leave. We indeed see our own failures as a failures of the world.

  • Joel Cairo

    Okay if you guys want to go down this path then let me enlighten you. Any one of you, when faced with having your life threatend on a repeated basis by students who clearly have no interest in learning, would seriously consider a career change. Unlike most people who bitch about their jobs and do nothing about it, I chose to make a career change.

    After five years of vacant stares, iPods, PSP and Nintendo DS turned on in class and repeatedly being told to fuck off by 16 year olds, I am sorry if I lost my drive to try and reach these kids. see the difference is you pay for a college education and most kids and their parents are a little more serious about getting their moneys worth.

    I love how you all nail me for making perceived generalizations and then proceed to do the exact same thing with me…kettle meet pot. I suspect that some of you were superimposing your own fears or insecurities over my comments. I certain made no reference to race or creed yet many of you have acted like I did. It was an opinion and I am entitled to it without being called a dick.

    And just to further the reason for my opinion, and anyone living in Toronto will be able to back this up. This last week here in Toronto was one of the worst for acts of violence in schools. No less then three schools went on lock down here thanks to guns and teen behaviour. So while you can chose to pretend like the issue of eductional degradation doesn’t exist and that people like Soulja Boy and the rest of the marketing tools aren’t part of the problem, it stills doesn’t change the fact that the current state of teen behaviour is frightening.