The Making of Gesundheit!

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 17th, 2008

Gesundheit! Design SketchMatt Hammill, funky, fearless creator of IGF Student Showcase nominated Gesundheit!, has been a busy, busy man. After IGF (which was fun, man — sucks I got sick!), he finished school, joined an animation studio, and even released a children’s book. Which is all thoroughly rad (congrats, Matt!), for sure, but, let’s be honest, what we here at TIGS want is more of that super cute, hand-drawn, homemade gaming goodness. Thankfully, he’s been “pluggin’ away” at that too!

Just recently he did a little making-of feature on Gesundheit! for Game Developer Magazine’s fall Game Career Guide, which you can find right here. It’s got design sketches, fun mock-up artwork, and useful reflections on the game development process, specifically working with AGS. Groovy.

Update: He’s also got a collection of misc. game art he’s done up on his personal site. Bonus grooviness.

  • undertech

    It was a great read. Very insightful. Also, the fact that he used a recorder for his music is a win in my book.

  • Tanner

    Now finish it, damn it.
    Only kidding.

    Kind of.

  • Quetz

    Quite awesome. I regret that I hadn’t checked this game out until it was posted in a small list of freeware games on a couple weeks ago. Also, seconding Tanner.

  • Quetz

    Oh and you spelled Matt Hammill wrong for the tag!

  • BMcC

    **@Quetz:** And everywhere, yikes! I was being rushed out the door as I was writing this post… Thanks! :)

  • BMcC


  • cswat

    that’s so awesome. its like reading a story about myself when competing for the make something unreal competition in 2004. line for line. organized assets and a good month of scripting tutorials would’ve helped immensely. i still haven’t figured out a great core way to organize. anyway, the sense of accomplishment you feel after taking on such a huge project like that, alone, is immense. not even considering that it paid my rent for the following year :D

  • xerus

    This post is rad.

  • Gainsworth

    This is AWESOME news. I thought maybe Gesundheit had stopped. No news was bad news. And now this! Rad news indeed.


  • !CE-9

    loving the pixel Beatles.

    and all.