Pro Killer Man

By: Derek Yu

On: September 23rd, 2008

Pro Killer Man

JW’s Pro Killer Man is killer, man (d’oh). In each of the game’s 10 stages you have to kill the man (or men), in white, and evade cops and bodyguards as you rush to the exit. It’s that simple!

But there’s something very compelling about the arrangement of the game, from the simple pseudo-3d aesthetic to the way the characters in the game react to the violence. You really get a great sense of the panic ensuing from the crowd as shots are fired, even though there are very few visual or aural clues revealing as such. The use of color is nice, too.

This is one of those games where I’d love to see the concept extended, but then maybe that would just ruin it.

TIGdb: Entry for Pro Killer Man

  • Naufr4g0

    Too hard! I always die killed by a cop, 5 seconds after I have started to play. :(

  • Ezuku

    Agreed, I’m afraid I’m only half a dozen levels in and already stuck…

    The fact that the police instantly home in for you the moment anyone is killed, and their complete disregard for human casualties, makes it a lot harder than it should be.

    Cool concept though, just needs a few tweaks. Reminds me of top down Black Shades

  • Biggerfish

    Great fun.

    It was ridiculously hard though, I only beat the last level because one cop shot the other one (AWESOME!).

    I also kept losing myself in the crowd, and had trouble keeping track of my, the guy in white and the cops all at once.

  • MisterX

    I also thought of it as Black Shades, only from a different perspective (well, basically two).

    I only got to “Almost there…”. I thought it was fun that the crowd serves as one huge meat shield for you, but I agree with all the rest that has been said so far.

    Oh and it’s funny that you can kill everyone in range while hiding, until the area is sprawling with cops who will happily riddle you with bullets the second you step out :)

  • Winterous

    This game is great fun!
    I finished it, and got the awesome ending cutscene!

    Anyway, ridiculously fucking hard, and awesome visuals.

    7/10, mainly because it’s fun, but not that functional.

  • Chris

    It’s funny how the TIGdb entry suggests I “also try Aquaria”. I guess they both involve shooting… (;

  • MZP

    Won’t start. I’m running Vista.

  • Ezuku

    Use the game maker Vista thinggy converter

  • Dacke

    Awesome game.

  • vista

    what’s the vista thingy converter? i’d love to have something like that.

  • Blueberry_pie

    You can find it here.

  • Quetz

    I can’t run it either. Also using Vista.

  • Sandy

    Go… to:
    wiki . yoyogames . com/index . php/Making_games_work_under_Windows_Vista

    And remove….. the spaces betweeen the dots……. :-)


  • Sandy

    And put “_” beteween the words in the last bit… :-(

  • soupy

    man, I was expecting an awesome ending, but all I got was one big letdown

  • Fishy Boy

    What are you talking about? That’s the best ending ever! What more could you want?

  • Uesugi

    Too hard using laptop touchpad… GARGGGGGL. Cops are insane, must take out those white shirts so I can follow the thrilling story.

  • jkd

    I recorded myself playing it as I tried it out.

    Sorry about the game volume, (I should have tested first) but I thought it was better to preserve my first reactions than to re-record.

  • Exoduster

    Seems that the download has been moved, or maybe it’s just screwy for me. Either way, this works:

  • Biggerfish

    *What are you talking about? That’s the best ending ever! What more could you want?*

    I thought the ending was very appropriate, I mean, I was smiling for the 5 minutes I watched it.

  • Kongming

    Hard? I beat this in like fifteen minutes. I mean, I died a lot, but it’s just a matter of timing, using the hiding spots effectively, and a sometimes a little luck.

    Also, the ending ruled. I’m going to echo Fishy Boy: what more could you want?

  • MisterX

    Oh, I didn’t know I was nearly through the last time. This time it was rather easy: Killed the last target, one bodyguard killed a policeman, I lost all of them around the corner, done, yay.

    I agree that the ending really was very.. say, appropriate.

  • permanent

    This has replay value. Beat it without dying more than 5 times.

    Where’s the music from?

  • JaJ

    I composed it

  • Bo

    i did all lvls:) this thing rocks, not that cheap lawless streets in gta xD