By: Derek Yu

On: September 24th, 2008


Oh yeah, Multiwinia is out! (Followed shortly by a “multiorgasmia.”)

TIGdb: Entry for Multiwinia

  • Winterous

    Charmed, I’m sure.

  • Peepo Peepo

    Great game. It could use some serious improvements though.

  • Chris

    I don’t think you should be allowed to say that without giving examples. (;

  • sinoth

    I haven’t jumped deeply into the game yet, but so far I feel like I’m playing Defcon again. Not because of the game mechanics, but the general feel of lots of style and too little substance. The game is definitely delicious eye candy, but I have my doubts as to whether people will be playing it for more than a week.

  • Winterous

    That’s a real good point actually.
    I’ve only played the demo, but it does seem to be just an arena thing.

    I think it’d be great if the maps included monsters, and you had to cooperate to destroy them.

  • zanzer7

    Well, let’s just hope to see a lot of creative new stuff when the (confirmed) map editor is out.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    Ordering the limited edition in 14 hours.

  • Mr Innovation

    Seconded on the defcon feeling – it’s like some cute but fairly shallow mini games, all variations around the arena theme. Fun playing the demo through once, but not again. The console based camera/selection controls feel odd on a PC, but they work.

    Defcon demo had multiplayer, this doesn’t. I can guess why. When I played online in Defcon I either got my ass handed to me or the opponent ditched as soon as things went my way (needs a proper ranking system). I’ve seen similar comments from people who’ve bought this. I’d think it would be a good 10min fun game on the lan though. I’m disappointed.

    Considering how many staff Introversion have now I hope it does well, maybe it’ll kick ass on xbla (eek).

  • PHeMoX

    Great day for indie gaming. ;)

  • OrR

    This is the best RTS I ever played because it’s fast, fun, easy to get into and still deep enough to be enjoyable for a long time. I seldom play online multiplayer games but this will be an exception. :)

  • muku

    I don’t know where the Defcon “all style, no substance” comments are coming from. Defcon has a hardcore community that is still playing it, and some strategies took months to emerge.

  • Winterous

    What they mean by that, Muku, is that the game is extremly shallow.

    There is very little content in the game, and it needs substantially more to have a survivable community who aren’t just fanboys, light gamers, or those people who you never enjoy playing with because they own the shit out of you.

  • muku

    With “…and some strategies took months to emerge” I meant that there is enough depth to the game that new ways of playing it were discovered for a long time; so that would make it the opposite of shallow. At least that’s what I gleaned from reading the forum now and then; I don’t play Defcon myself, apart from a few games with the demo. And the community does seem alive (and comparably mature, if indeed a bit fanboyish) if you look at the forum.

  • Patrick

    Yeah, just because Defcon’s content is procedural doesn’t mean it’s shallow. The game has incredible depth, in my opinion, and apparently in the opinion of people who played it for months and months. It’s one of those games where you can get better and be on a wholly other level from where you used to be. That’s the definition of depth, mas o menos.

  • PHeMoX

    I agree, the fact that it’s content isn’t exactly huge when it comes to unit types, doesn’t mean the gameplay itself can’t ever be very deep.

    It doesn’t need more units to become a better game, in fact.. what would you add?

    I’ve been playing DefCon right from the beginning and although at first the small amount of different units is off putting, the gameplay and atmosphere so totally makes up for all that. Way past the point of even noticing it has very few different units.

    *or those people who you never enjoy playing with because they own the shit out of you. (cough-STARCRAFT-cough)*

    Yeah, but that only makes sense as even 30 to 40 year olds play Starcraft and the veteran players often have experience from playing over 10 years in total or so. :p

  • Zaphos


    Did you just call starcraft ‘shallow’?

    Hmm …

  • jph

    I just tried the demo and, like the last ver. of this, I find that while I really dig the art style, and some of the games ideas, and therefore should like this,. the ‘tutorials’ are so weak that I get frustrated and really don’t care to play any more,. I mean if you can’t provide a discription of the basic controls,. that dosen’t keep telling me, over and over, to do what I already have done, then that don’t bode well for the rest of the experiance., I try to play but the stupied stick people keep glitching on the ground and falling into the water,. (pathfinding problems?) I will try it again in the morning,. perhaps when I’m all hopped up on the morning coffee I will stumble throught the broken tutorials,. as I really do like the minimalist abstract looks of it.,

  • shinygerbil

    Multiwinia, like Defcon, has a lot more depth than it might seem at first glance. Just because there are few units does not mean there are few possibilities.

    Having said that, Multiwinia is not about having the perfect strategy – it’s not a Total War game. It’s about having a blast with some fast-paced arcadey action.

    We can all look forward to seeing the variety which will come from a decent map editor; I really think the community maps will be where it’s really at. :)

  • ChrisL

    “Did you just call starcraft ‘shallow’?”

    No, he called Starcraft full of unpleasant people.

  • PHeMoX

    *The console based camera/selection controls feel odd on a PC, but they work.*

    I vote for this system in many more games, with the addition of being able to select different units a tiny tad easier.

    I bet this will work great on Xbox or PS3 though!