The Underside, now with sword and saw

By: Lorne Whiting

On: October 3rd, 2008

New video of The Underside, featuring 33% more badass, 50% more Ali, and 100% more melee weapons.

There’s also some pro-elitist brainwash propaganda thrown in at the very end.

  • Shinii16

    I was wondering if TIGSource would ever post this, as from what I can tell TIGSource and PIGScene are enemies of sorts…

  • CG

    That’s right. NIGSource it not indie because it values things like “fun” and “good gameplay” over innovation and bold artistic statements.

  • Lim-Dul

    Hey, I was usually the first one to scream “Cave Story Rip-Off” whenever The Underside was mentioned (or something playable was released) but I must say this is starting to look more and more original – just like a game only INSPIRED by Cave Story like Arthur always said it was.

    Good, good – now I am actually starting to look forward to this. Keep up the good work and make even more unique gameplay elements – this could be more like a Cave Story sequel with all the improvements shown in this video. =)

  • Skofo


  • Tanner

    bonesaw ripoff.


    this is what tigs has done to me.

  • CG

    If it were a REAL bonesaw ripoff, it would run at about 20fps most of the time.

  • permanent

    It is certainly a rip off but who cares?

    The graphics are not the strongest selling point on either game.

  • Benzido

    I guess normally in game developer culture it is considered normal to clone another person’s game mechanics or gameplay ideas (within reason), but you are expected to come up with original graphics and music… mainly because it is much easier to come up with truly original artwork ideas than truly original gameplay ideas.

    More importantly, I think that it is normal and reasonable for developers who spit the dummy over legitimate criticisms to be trashed for it by everyone: like Dyack or Smart. If everyone calls your game a rip-off, the right responses are either a) “I don’t care, this is a doujin game” or b) “Whoops, I’ll fix it”.

    It’s a shame because this looks like a great wonderboy clone, which is something I would love to play, but now I want it to fail horribly because of the author’s reactions.

  • Pip

    Um so yeah what’s the current ETA?

  • Esha

    I do love The Underside, and it’s good to see it coming along so nicely.

    Also, isn’t the Cave Story meme many years old yet? Honestly, it’s like yelling “ALL YOUR BASE”… and you can bet someone’s going to do that.

    Random internet people, I weep for you.

  • Therum

    Now, I haven’t watched that video – I’m on dial-up, I can’t. Is it significantly different from the demo up on the Underside’s website? Because I wasn’t really fond of that demo – thought it was pretty awful, to be totally honest.

  • Bread

    The game looks pretty much the same to me as it did from the beginning, from watching all the trailers (and only that, I didn’t try the demo).
    I liked the look of it from the start.

  • Therum

    See, I like the /look/ of the game – almost a 32-bit version of Cave Story – I just couldn’t stand the gameplay. The level design was… not very good.

    That might’ve just been me, though.

  • Pita

    I really, really want to like this game. I mean, this is the kind of game I usually love. It looks like it could really stand on its own feet, and seems to have earnestly tried to seperate itself from cave story (in both mood and gameplay).

    The graphical similarities are still really-really jarring, though, and this seems even more unnecessary than before. And, like been said, if they had been acknowledged as copies then it wouldn’t bother me as much. I would probably still wish it hadn’t been done that way since the game seems so promising.

    Like Benzido, I’m also unfortunately bothered by the authors reactions. Now it seems the only way I can see this game is through a filter of internet drama, and that the only reason the elements decidedly similar to Cave Story persist is to prove an argument or point (which… it fails to do).

    So, all in all, it’s really annoying. I want to like it, but can’t. And because of reasons that shouldn’t even be a concern.

    Now, just to contradict myself here, I don’t even really mind rip-offs. Innovation isn’t so important to me personally. For me it’s style, and, as far as art is concerned, nothing is sacred. Rip what you want to achieve the effect you want. Cave Story has a very distinct style. If you want your game to breath ‘Cave Story’ then copy it. I even /want/ more Cave Story-esque games (it’s a damn awesome game).

    Copying pixel for pixel is only going to echo Cave Story more-so, and only going to piss more people off if you then claim this is your own personal style (which, yes, is there too, behind it all, and only behind it all).

    I guess what I’m getting at is: maybe this is failing because it seems indecisive. Either be a rip-off or don’t?


  • Phasma Felis

    The bit where he’s wearing a Quote costume made me laugh out loud.

    Also, the big-head dude in the tree at the beginning could be a brilliant Balrog parody, with XTREEM CLOSE-UP character portrait and all.

    I think it’s cool that Podunkian is being such a good sport about all the “OMG RIPOFF” silliness.

  • Water

    As long as he’s not making any money off of it he can rip whatever he wants off. Well, there are certain naming conventions companies have managed to patent (-tris), but unless he’s using another game’s popularity for financial gain, there’s no quantifiable reason to oppose it. Whether he values internet popularity and is ripping Cave Story’s visuals off to gain it is the real argument. Personally, I think he just isn’t a very creative artist, so he picked a style he liked and emulated it best he could.

  • Dusty Spur

    I can understand you guys getting pissy if Podunkian claims the art style is all his own, but man, who gives two shits that it looks like some other game? At least it has a style at all. If you want to bitch about art, bitch at developers for the 360 who don’t even try to have art design.

  • Lorne

    Because it will be better than Super Mario and possibly better than Metroid.

  • BMcC

    Um, so that game The Underside looks pretty awesome. Better and better.


  • !CE-9

    Shinii16 sayeth:
    _I was wondering if TIGSource would ever post this, as from what I can tell TIGSource and PIGScene are enemies of sorts…_

    omfg, enemies? isn’t it all good fun? well it is, for me. I’m simple like that. (good to know that the indie scene is big enough for enemies now, btw.)

  • BMcC

    Only the _Indie Mainstream_ have enemies. Now we need a new word that’s indier than “indie.” (*Alternative?*)

    How personal it gets teeters on scary, though…

  • !CE-9

    Pandapendent is the new term.

  • Hempuli

    The game looks awesomely cool, and IMO it differs enough from Cave Story to not be a rip-off. It makes me a bit sad to see that people argue about so small stuff when the main point is that there’s an awesome game we will get to play some time in the future.

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    I think it’s funny that people are talking crap about some internet drama and then reflecting that upon the game. On the other hand that’s very natural, I don’t deny that.

    But I see it this way: if an artist that i’ve had some sort of personal feud, or just came off as a dick to me puts out something that I could like – as for artform it’s more benifical for me to put my ego to the side and just digg it. I mean even here on TIGsource there’s people who have rubbed me the wrong way but it doesn’t close out the possibility they could put out a really enhoyable (spanglish) game to me. It would be harder for me to apreciate it but given the chance I still could.

    After all, we’re suppose to create and not pat each others on the back just becouse we’re such a handosome and nice guys or girls. It’s not like Eurovision song contest.

  • Jrsquee


    It looks fun, and I’m going to play it. That’s all that really matters, right?

  • Stryguy

    I’m indie as FUCK

  • BeamSplashX

    I wish you could drunk drive in this game to Cave Story music…

  • Therum

    No, seriously – it looks good but it plays awful. Everyone who’s excited about this game should play the demo so they don’t get let down when the game sucks.

  • Fishy Boy

    Therum: I played the demo and I loved every bit of it. I can’t wait for the full game.

  • BMcC

    Yeah, it plays just fine, and that was even an early demo! C’mon, guys.

  • ultim8

    Ruh oh

    Castle Crashers rip-off?

    Lol, I kid

  • Therum

    Seriously? I thought the difficulty was way out of whack, and I thought the level design was kinda bleh.

    For the record, the first time I ever HEARD about this game was yesterday – so I don’t have any bias or anything.

  • Kongming

    Oh, hey, Guy misses the point again.

    The reason people said the Underside was/is a Cave Story ripoff is because of the graphical style. Whether you think it’s a ripoff or an homage is a matter of opinion, but you’d have to be blind and retarded to deny the similarities, especially since Podunkian will freely admit to them.

    It’s got nothing to do with gameplay elements. (I dispute your unsubstantiated “Cave Story is a clone of older platformers” claim, by the way. Sure, it borrows gameplay chunks here and there, but there’s no one game you can point to as a primary influence. For all its comparisons to Super Metroid, for example, Cave Story plays very differently, in that it is much more linear and has much less exploration.)

    But hey, I don’t give a shit about graphics as long as they don’t make my eyes bleed. And as somebody else said, this looks like a 32-bit version of Cave Story, which is very nice.

    Gameplay’s the important thing. I haven’t played the Underside yet, and I’ll probably wait for the full game since I hate demos. But gameplay-wise, at least, this doesn’t look *anything* like Cave Story.

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    I actually wanted to refresh my memory so I played trough the demo again. And was surpriced how different it looks to both what it has become and cave story as well. I although there’s tile based graphics and the colour scheme is similar, the art is more reminicent of games like Earthbound to me. Not to say anyone here said that Podunkian ripped Cave Story’s visuals, but I got the picture that the drama that I referred earlier had something to do with that.

    I don’t kow guys – it could be that I’m sucking Podunkian’s cock, but I’m ready to buy it’s his own style with a lot of homage to Cave Story. (But like Kongming said, there’s no denying similarities)

    Noticed that on some other forums people whined it looked too much like Cave Story, and when that has changed they whine about “not staying constant/true”… Is it just me or have some people already made their mind about the game?

  • Eclipse

    “gustav said about 15 hours later:
    OK, why must every thing be innovative?”

    not innovative, only made without ripping off sprites, tiles and not only the exactly game mechanics maybe…

    Also: stole gfxs is not an homage

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    Eclipse, I’m not gonna fall into that so I’ll just counter “stole gfxs is not an homage” with..


    “..Lol ur gay u liek stole graphics from jet set radio!” xD

    ..and totally not serious about that one.