Cave Story Coming to Wii

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: October 4th, 2008

So, er, you guys like Cave Story, right? (Kidding, kidding — of course you do!) Well, Nintendo recently announced, in a very official-looking press release, that it’s coming to WiiWare “this holiday season.” And for real this time! Not only that, but with “exclusive content and features created only for the ”" title=“Cave Story Wii version Offical Site”>WiiWare version." Yay, go Pixel!

Tim linked to a presumably accurate fact sheet for the Wii version: 16:9 widescreen, progressive scan. New character designs by Daisuke Amaya (Pixel). Classic controller support. Ten unique weapons, over twenty boss battles. (Wait, Indie Cred be damned, how many were in the original?) Developed by Nicalis.

Some questions: Will the Wii version use the much-loved Aeon Genesis translation? What does Pixel get out of this? Is this actually happening? Do I wake up now? (Shih Tzu, do you have any more information?)


UPDATE: Word is AG’s translation is being used. (Thanks Zaratus!)

Also, IGN UK has posted some off-screen videos of the game in motion. Is that a new Quote sprite I see? (Thanks reetva!)

  • Didn’t you know

    So how is Nifflas involved in all this, Nicalis is his company right?

  • no

    I don’t think it is. In response to a question at the nifflas forum if he was working on Cave Story Wii, Nifflas said: “I can’t explain in detail how it works, but I have helped out a little with some smaller things related to that too.” (page 19 of the Skymning thread)

  • Blueberry_pie

    *”Yes, the old music and graphics will both be retained via a switch.”*

  • lolz

    It’s about time the game that everything is a rip off of got a Wii release rather than the all the games that are rip offs of it. Cave Story should be the only game on any system. Everything else is just a cheap rip off and doesn’t deserve any attention or praise or anything. Cave Story is THE video game.

    It is the definition of a video game, everything else is just the definition of a Cave Story rip off.

  • Al3xand3r

    So. They take one dude’s game. They take other dudes’ translation. What exactly are they doing by themselves? Porting can’t be that hard as the Wii should be able to handle a game like Cave Story no problem, even with some sloppy programming. They should give Pixel the larger share from the sales but that’s probably not the case. Shouldn’t the translators also get something out of it, or is their work open sourced and free for any kind of use?