Cave Story Coming to Wii

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: October 4th, 2008

So, er, you guys like Cave Story, right? (Kidding, kidding — of course you do!) Well, Nintendo recently announced, in a very official-looking press release, that it’s coming to WiiWare “this holiday season.” And for real this time! Not only that, but with “exclusive content and features created only for the ”" title=“Cave Story Wii version Offical Site”>WiiWare version." Yay, go Pixel!

Tim linked to a presumably accurate fact sheet for the Wii version: 16:9 widescreen, progressive scan. New character designs by Daisuke Amaya (Pixel). Classic controller support. Ten unique weapons, over twenty boss battles. (Wait, Indie Cred be damned, how many were in the original?) Developed by Nicalis.

Some questions: Will the Wii version use the much-loved Aeon Genesis translation? What does Pixel get out of this? Is this actually happening? Do I wake up now? (Shih Tzu, do you have any more information?)


UPDATE: Word is AG’s translation is being used. (Thanks Zaratus!)

Also, IGN UK has posted some off-screen videos of the game in motion. Is that a new Quote sprite I see? (Thanks reetva!)

  • MisterSmith

    Gideon over at Aeon Genesis has said “Can’t comment on this yet. Soon.” over at AG’s forums:

    But based on the press screens, the words, fonts, etc. are the same as the PC version.

    Either way, I’m thrilled.

  • skaldicpoet9

    Of course this would happen after I sold my Wii of course. Seriously though I really hope that Pixel is getting more then a puny stipend for this. However, that being said I would love to see Cave Story get a little bit more exposure.

  • permanent

    Underside rip-off!

  • BMcC

    He was probably too shy to ask for anything.

    (Or keeping it real or whatever.)

  • Zaratus

    It *looks* like it’ll be using the AGTP translation.

    Gideon Zhi posted on the site: “Can’t comment on this yet. Soon.”

  • ht

    There are videos of it here:

    I really hope the music is temporary.

  • Cobalt

    Whoa! I was actually thinking about a ‘commercial’ release of Cave Story the other day. Anyway, if I was Pixel, I’d just be happy that my game was well received and garnered so much attention.

  • soupy

    Sorry TIG, you’re 2 days late.

  • TakaM

    Glad to see Pixel didn’t get Cave Story snaked from him, I was vaguely suspicions ever since he apparently asked someone to cease their port to Wii homebrew.

    Wonder what extra content he has in store, I’m glad I can put down some money for Cave Story and it’ll get some mainstream recognition

  • kinten

    Sorry? For what?
    This isn’t a news agency.

  • soupy

    well it ought to be :V

  • Cobalt

    “I was vaguely suspicions ever since he apparently asked someone to cease their port to Wii homebrew.”

    That’s annoying. Why didn’t Pixel just release his stuff under the GPL? He’s afraid that… something will happen? I don’t get it.

  • rodnonymous

    Wait, that’s the same number of weapons as the original!

  • Gutter

    @Cobalt : Why would he have released Cave Story under GPL? That would’ve been a crazy move, Nintendo wouldn’t have licensed it.

    Or at least, I never saw any GPL’d game coming out on the Wii. Maybe I missed it, is there any?

  • Super John

    I read about this on PIGscene some DAYS ago.

    Oh.. PIGscene rip-off!!

    I think Pixel doesn’t even exist, it was just a Nintendo conspiracy to make us believe there’s a man so awesome to make a game like Cave Story by himself and then have it published on a Nintendo console.

    Think about it, it’s a pretty clever scam. 2 years from now you will see Cave Story 3 on DSi2, Cave Story Olympics, Cave Story Melee Battle, and so on. MARK MY WORDS.

  • Toadsanime

    Best thing I’ve heard all year. :D

  • Bread

    I count 18 bosses from memory. More if you include a few boss’s multiple forms (was that 3 or 4 for Ballos?).

    Anyway, great news! Money is good.

  • AdamButcher

    I hope this means Official Cave Story T-Shirts.

    Money *is* good.

  • doug

    Wow. Even the dwarf fortress forums knew two days ago. Is it just me, or are Tigsource posts slowing down a bit?

  • gsm

    Does this mean the [Homebrew DS Port] ( might run into legal trouble? Either way, I’m still waiting to play this (for the first time) on my DS.

  • haowan

    Guess it takes a while to unfilter the news ;)

  • Lorne

    Well the unfiltered IS crossed out up there, Hao.

  • BeamSplashX

    What do you think Dwarf Fortress players do when they’re not playing DF? CAVE STORY!

  • Cobalt

    @Gutter : Why would it be crazy? I doubt he knew that Cave Story would be as popular as it is, or that Nintendo would do anything with it.

  • BMcC

    *@ Zaratus:* Ah, right on! That sounds like good news to me. Thanks. :)

    *@ rodnonymous:* Wait, did you get that I was asking if it was or not? I think maybe no.

    *@ Douchebags:* Shut your fat mouths before I shut them with my fists. When has this EVER been Minute-to-Minute Impersonal Newsbite Source? Never.

    So sorry I was under the weather this week. And that I have to waste so much of my time actually working on games. I must be losing my edge.

  • BMcC

    Another question pops to mind: Since when have we tolerated so many drooling idiots over here? (I don’t necessarily mean you kind gents commenting on this post!) This isn’t Tim’s blog. Go away.

    Call me *elitist*, but I don’t think *Moron X*’s opinion carries as much weight as anyone else’s by default. (Sorry, but I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade. And I don’t suffer spades gladly.) Consider this an ultimatum.

    I’m going to go have some coffee now. :|

  • smallfry

    Everyone was at least civil until your comments, BMcC.

  • BMcC

    *@ smallfry:* Civil ain’t good enough! :P But whatever — I was venting, anyway. One of those mounting frustration things. More about those The Underside shenanigans, really. I don’t honestly think I’ll punch anyone over the internet anytime soon.

    I feel better now.

  • Shinji16

    “@ Douchebags: Shut your fat mouths before I shut them with my fists. When has this EVER been Minute-to-Minute Impersonal Newsbite Source? Never”

    Uh… this is a game news site? I came here for panda news, but apparently the site is sick.

  • Bread

    Why are you linking to Last Measure, !CE-9?

  • BMcC

    *@ Shinji16:* I’m glad *someone* understands where I’m coming from. :)

    *@ !CE-9:* Juicy, thanks!

  • BMcC

    And yeah, what the heck?

  • Terry

    That’s probably not !CE-9 – some idiot’s been spamming the comments with links to that site a lot lately. I think we’ll need to add a blacklist to the comments to sort it out :(

    Anyway, fix’d.

  • Lollige

    oh man! If this is true, I really want to have a wii (thats the first time of my life o.O)

  • reetva

    Haha, I was surprised when I saw “Thanks reetva!” in there. I forgot that you were in IRC when I posted the links.

  • konjak

    There are some videos of it now at IGN that Tim posted about.

    They seem to have replaced some chiptune samples with MIDI instruments, which is really strange.

    Also, Quote’s sprite has been redone. He seems to have a visible scarf now.

    In general the sound is dodgy and the colors are weirdly contrasted at times. I guess it is WIP.

  • konjak

    How did I miss this article saying that there are IGN videos?

  • Alex

    I wonder what this means for future ports of the freeware PC version. The GP2X luckily saw a magnificent port (thank you Simon Parzer!), now I wonder if the same will also happen for the new open handhelds that are coming up (Wiz and Pandora).

    Either way it’s very nice to see that Pixel will enjoy a larger audience and hopefully a proper financial compensation.

  • soupy

    there was 22 bosses in the original

  • soupy

    25 if you count all of ballos’ forms

  • Teknogames

    “A young boy is caught up in an adventure beyond imagination as the fate of both human and mimiga races hang in the balance.”

    God I really hope they don’t fuck it up.

  • DarkFalzX

    This news is indeed bittersweet, as Pixel has politely requested all people working on ports of his game to stop. This is especially sad in regards to the DS version, which was way more than just a port, but a partial re-code of the project. Ohh, well – I hope this will warrant an official DS port for which Pixel will get paid.

  • Skofo

    Hmm. I hope that they fix the sound effects, the water splashing and the triangle clinging is really high-pitched..

    Also I’m hoping that he will eventually stop shutting down ports. =/ The Pandora’s coming out soon and I was looking forward to playing Cave Story on it..

  • fcuk

    Cave story, yawn

  • Skofo

    @kinten (way up there): Eh-hum. Read what it says up there. “Independent Gaming News.”

    Plus, blogs are generally expected to post fresh things. There is no excuse for this being so late, just as most other posts on this site.

  • Kongming


  • Kongming

    PS: This site is about video games, you douchebag. It is not a REAL journalism site. Chill.

  • soupy

    We really ought to invest in a time machine so we can have our news before it happens

  • Gainsworth

    “A young boy is caught up in an adventure beyond imagination as the fate of both human and mimiga races hang in the balance.”

    Wait, that’s all true. Mimigas and humans are both under threat, and up until you meet Booster the main character may as well be a boy for all the player knows.

    I have faith in this. Hooray

  • Nitpick

    Aaah, those videos! I guess it’s still a work-in-progress, but aargh why did they have to replace those beautiful chiptunes with crappy MIDIs?! Aaaaa-