World of Goo: Tomorrow or the Week After

By: Derek Yu

On: October 6th, 2008

People who pre-ordered the PC version of World of Goo will receive a download link tonight, at midnight (along with a hearty thank you!). The final deadline for pre-orders is 11:59pm PST, so there’s still time. For everyone else, the game will be released simultaneously on WiiWare and PC a week later, on Monday, October 13th. OSX and Linux versions are forthcoming.

For more information, hit up the 2d Boy website.

  • MedO

    I can hardly wait. After playing the first chapter, I can only say that this game is a lot of fun and INSANELY polished.

    Some people propose playing Tower of Goo as a demo to decide if you want to pre-order. However, after playing Tower of Goo you might be left wondering how on earth this concept could ever be stretched into an hour-long game.

    2d Boy achieved this by making every level unique (as far as I can tell from playing Chapter 1, of course). You don’t only get different types of Goo balls with different abilities, but the levels themselves are very varied, with lots of active elements.

    As you can probably guess from my enthusiasm, I think the first chapter alone was almost worth the full price of admittance.

  • Lollige

    I just took another look and yes… I did just preorder it :D


  • Toadsanime

    This looks friggin’ amazing. I’d pre-order it, but I’m saving up for the October London MCM Convention.
    I’ll buy the Wiiware release at some point instead.

  • Blueberry

    It is not coming for WiiWare in Europe! It will be a disc release instead = more expensive. :(

  • OrR

    Just got my email! :)

  • Pnx

    Yeknow it’s odd, this feels like the most hyped inde game I’ve ever seen.

  • Zaphos

    It’s not correct that people would get it at midnight — here’s the explanation from the faq:

    Q: when will people who pre-ordered get it?

    A: we’ll start sending out download links to people who pre-ordered on monday (oct 6). our crappy service provider limits the number of emails we can send out per hour so it may take a while to get to everyone, but if you pre-ordered, we can assure you that you will get your goo sometime this coming week and well before all the commoners :). thank you for having faith in us and supporting us through development of the game!

  • Valkyrie


    I’ll not be sleeping tonight. Thank you, 2d Boy!

  • Hideous

    2D boy website just went down. Suspended for using too much bandwidth.

  • Ynitsed

    Do any of you guys know a band or a musical group that plays music like the one in the trailer, I mean its INCREDIBLE.

    By the way I know it OBVIOUS but
    the game is looking awesome!
    Very well done 2d Boy