Cave Story Wii Website Live

By: Derek Yu

On: October 7th, 2008


The Cave Story Wii website is now live, and features some downloadable wallpapers, and a message from Pixel, where he states that it is “like a dream to have the opportunity to see one of my games appear on the market.” Awwwwww…

Be sure to check out GoNintendo’s interview with Tyrone Rodriguez, who is producing the game at Nicalis. In the interview, Tyrone reassures fans that everything, including the music, is being approved by Pixel. And even though Cave Story Wii will feature some new graphics and a re-arranged soundtrack, it will be possible to play with classic graphics and music, if you prefer (or a mix of both).

Also, I just noticed that the official unofficial Cave Story fansite, hosted at, has been redesigned, and even has its own domain. It looks great!

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  • sandwich

    i have a reason to buy a wii now

  • GirlFlash

    I so regret selling my wii to buy food >.<

  • Mark Johns

    What’s the story with the terrible general MIDI version of the music?

  • Jad

    mark > Placeholder, apparently. The guy who does the actual music apparently did some music for some of nifflas’ games, and those soundtracks were awesomely atmospheric, so here’s hoping for the best.

  • Well…

    Sound great! Good to know he’s in control of the project.

    Also: Moonsong ;_;

  • Fishy Boy
  • 2:19toSingapore

    Oh man, now I have to get a Wii, too. Whatever happened to Cave Story DS? I haven’t seen any news on that in months.

    I’m not sure how WiiWare works, is this going to be a free distro, or a paid download, like the Virtual Console?

  • Bleagle

    I think its the same as Virtual Console. You buy Points and then use them to download the game.

  • Valkyrie

    Too bad the wallpapers are so small.

    Photoshop – AWAY!!!!

  • Trotim

    Cave Stowii!

  • Toadsanime

    This game is, inevitably, going to be an epic purchase. I actually highly approve them of making new graphics/music due to the alternative ‘original’ version being playable. Two experiences in one! :D

  • Moosader

    This is what WiiWare was made for. Not those cruddy games like super eating competition burping game (or whatever it’s actual name is)…

  • Del_Duio

    I hope that Pixel finally gets some $$ for his baby and a slice of that Wiiware pie. Do you think they’ll..

    a) Give him a percentage per download
    b) Give me a lump sum up front?
    c) Say: “Thanks for making the free game, you should really download our new version of it sometime!”

    I wonder how Nintendo goes about obtaining properties from freeware games to port / remake / whatever for their own benefit? At least they didn’t up and steal the thing as their own. (Impossible considering it’s Cave Story, but what about a lesser-known title?)

    But anyways, this would make any indie developer’s day. Congratulations!

  • Samerifrog

    It still says it will come out soon! (the website) Why? WHY?!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Samerifrog

    OK, it works now. ^-^

  • Dusty Spur

    Oh thank god you can play with the original graphics. The new Quote sprite in the videos was kind of… ungh.

  • Stargoat

    A wise man once asked;

    “At what point does indie cease to be indie?”

    The answer being “When they sign a contract with Nintendo”.

    In all seriousness, I’ll probably get this.

  • cuntface

    fuck ur censorship

  • cuntface

    lol no longer moderated, fuck me in that case =)

  • corpus

    cuntface, you used to be my legacy. Now I am ashamed of you.

    Yay for Pixel! Cave Story Wii? Delicious!

  • Anonymous

    What is this? Some Underside rip-off?