Booty Juggler

By: Derek Yu

On: October 8th, 2008

Booty Juggler

Oh boy do I get excited when illustrators take it upon themselves to make games (e.g. Gesundheit!). In Booty Juggler, you play an octopus trying to protect its pirate gold from falling bombs. I don’t really know how to top that sentence, so I’m going to end the paragraph here.

It’s the brainchild of Robin Davey, a UK-based artist and self-proclaimed gentleman.

(Source: Johnny, via Drawn)

  • sereneworx

    That is some sexy art!

  • pnutz

    my high score was -1700

  • MisterX

    Oh, gosh, I have trouble enough using my two hands, controlling six simultaneously is quite overwhelming..

  • Adamski

    Holy cow, love the style/painting effect.

  • Benzido


  • failrate

    great art, fun idea, but I wish I could have keyboard input (one key per tentacle).

  • Shoo

    Nice! Really well thought out art style. I’ll have to show a couple of my illustrator friends this! My only gripe was that I couldn’t tell if I had to catch falling treasure to have it count, because if I just let it pass by me it fell in the same place and seemed to make the same sound.

  • ChrisL

    takes some getting used to. how awesome is it that you can replace your blown up tentacles with falling hooks?

  • Teknogames

    I got 29700 just by pressing all the buttons as fast as I could

  • John Evans


  • Bleagle

    @failrate: Er, just read the instructions… Use ASD and JKL for the six tentacles!

  • Robin Davey

    How mad, I just found this discussion by googling my own game. Thanks everyone for playing, good to get the opinions of some seasoned gamers! The score to beat if you’re interested is 109200, set by me. Oh and if anyone would care to sign up and rate my game (5 stars, naturally) or leave (positive) feedback, that would be fantastic. Cheers!

  • Pyrrhon

    The art is fantastic and the idea of an octopus juggling pirate treasure is great.

    But still, i don’t think the game is fun to play and i don’t feel like replaying it to beat my own record. Fast puzzle games like this should be extremely easy to get into, but hard to master.

    With that said, i would love to see more games from!

  • Toom

    The art is beautiful, but the game itself is hells of sluggish on my system and has so far crashed Firefox four times.

  • heavyness

    i like the art a lot and it’s a fun game.

    but i don’t like it when objects from one hand get thrown to another random hand. it’s to hard to see what hand they are going to [you have to wait until they are about 1/2 over your head]. either keep them going to the same hand, or use a different system to show which hand they are going to.

    and yes, using the ASD JKL buttons are a must.

  • Robin Davey

    @heavyness, here’s a tip. The coloured trail behind each thrown object indicates which hand it’s going to: blue for the outermost hand, red for the middle hand, and black for the innermost hand. Hope that helps!

    @Toom. Sorry about that, it is an intensive game but I’ve not heard of it crashing a browser before :(