By: Derek Yu

On: October 11th, 2008


The Proper Undead’s Skullpogo is an incredibly enjoyable combo fest that entails (I actually wrote “entrails” there first – did my Freud slip?) hopping on pigs and bats to obtain a highscore. Power-ups and power-downs add to the liveliness and distract you from the sobering realization that you are, in fact, crushing the living hell out of innocent animals. Or are they criminals? Well, we’ll never know now, WILL WE?!

Now if only you could play this game with the Dance X2 !REVOLT control pad. And some real pigs!

P.S. If you’re having trouble accessing the forums, try downloading the game directly from here (1.5 MB).

  • AuthenticKaizen

    this game is truly a MASTERPIECE! it feels and looks very polished.
    the graphics, sounds, controls, combo system, powerups…ALL…
    pure greatness!

  • Deacon Blues


    If you kill the animals and quit, they’ll still be dead the next time you start the game. It’s all about consequences.

  • cougarten

    when does tho next level orb appear?
    I run out of time in lvl 4 or 5

  • AuthenticKaizen

    no orbs after you have reached level 5.
    get as much points as possible in these 5 levels.

    hint 1:
    there are 5 levels and in each level your time is limited.
    so…only collect the level up bubbles when the time is nearly over and not instantly
    when it appears. that way you maximize your playtime cause when you enter the next level your time meter will be refilled.

    hint 2:
    there are several power ups and one is a combo maximizer. its the one with a face innit.
    collect it and then kill the bats and/or pigs shown at the bottom in the right order to get massive combo points.

  • Necromian

    “If you kill the animals and quit, they’ll still be dead the next time you start the game. It’s all about consequences.”

    I lolled

  • BeamSplashX

    Objects with faces on them maximize my combo… JUST LIKE REAL LIFE.

  • Sninnyer

    This is much better than my previous hobby which was sitting in a dark room, crying!

  • Ignobliss

    This one neat little game! Very polished and a great concept! Cheers.

  • Cougarten


  • Marmot

    I want this ported to PSP! :D

  • BeamSplashX

    Wait a sec, don’t you see those killer pig fangs, Derek? OF COURSE they’re killers, they’ve modified their bodies for massive killing power!

    Any guilt for playing this pig murdering simulation is gone.

  • Rolf

    I’m getting white squares around the sprites, a vista problem perhaps?

  • ChevyRay

    Xerus said as much to me in the forums. The game was created with Game Maker, and sometimes the program’s drawing functions disagree with certain graphics cards, etc.

  • t3mp3st

    Definitely not just a vista related issue, I have Vista and no problems here. Definitely look towards your graphics card, perhaps try some other GM-made games.

    Great game, ChevyRay. Good work with the online scores as well, first game that doesn’t seem to hiccup while submitting/retrieving scores :)

  • ChevyRay

    Thanks t3mp3st.

    It was the first time I’ve ever worked with online scores, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

  • Cougarten

    when I resize in fullscreen the bottom is cut of, so I cannot see what I have to hit for the bonus-combos

  • qwraith


    Great game, love it.

  • Whistle Blower

    The game will not let you submit obscene words as high score names.

    This whistle has been blown.

  • Sninnyer

    I tried to post a high score as ‘Shit’ but I couldn’t! So I wrote ‘Shiat’ and all was good!