Jill Off Harder

By: Derek Yu

On: October 16th, 2008

Jill Off Harder

And I thought I jilled off pretty hard the first time! Jill Off Harder, the expanded version of Auntie Pixelante’s masochistic tower-climbing platformer, is now available. The game includes numerous tweaks to the original version, but the biggest draw is the super-tough second tower, which is inspired, in part, by the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (aka “The Lost Levels”). Thankfully, Tower Two isn’t merely a rehash of the first, and it’s got plenty of tricks up its sleeves. Much more fun, too, in my opinion.

  • BeamSplashX

    Ah yes, the gift that keeps on jilling.

  • Waffles

    My girlfriend said she already played this one before I got home…. wait wtf

  • Butzo

    Never have my hands hurt so right.

  • Mark

    Anyone else see that ending coming?

  • Biggerfish

    Been waiting for this, going to play it now >:)

  • Advenith

    Tower two time: 16:06.

    Also, I came.

  • jones

    I can’t figure out how to get past the flame-on-a-column in the second tower :(

  • daphaknee


  • daphaknee

    also i did voice acting for this game fuck yes i am a voice actor now

  • Fishy Boy

    jones: Fire does not occupy the entire tile. You can land on the very edge of the column, and you’ll live.

  • Fishy Boy

    Also, this game is great. Second tower was a constant kick in the pants, and I loved every minute of it.

  • Biggerfish

    Beat the first tower in 12:55, I swear it felt like it only took 5 minutes. It’s a lot easier the second time around. I’m going to attempt again in hopes of the second tower :/

  • ElTipejoLoco

    Jill Off Harder made my left hand feel numb. I can’t tell whether this is great or not.

    I guess since I had fun, it’s irrelevant.

    Also, phooey on speed-running the second tower. Who wants to hear only 7 NES-like whipcracks? Tsk!

  • Mark

    @ ElTipejoLoco:

    Maybe you should switch hands next time you’re jilling off.

  • jones

    Oh, so now I’ve beaten it, and it only took me 29:29 e_e That was actually surprisingly fun, though I’m not sure if I want to do it again. Thanks for the tip, Fishy Boy!

  • Guy


    That last room with the spiders, I died when I went in, died again when the clock was at 13 seconds left AND THEN DIED AGAIN trying to get out of the room!

    This is a good game, but that last room when you have to survive the spiders FOR WHAT SEEMS LIKE A FUCKING CENTURY is one of the worst examples of level design I have ever seen…

  • Mark

    Thanks for that update, Guy!

  • notyou

    @Guy: That’s not a clock. It’s the number of times you have to jump.

  • ExitMouse

    …wow, tower 2 is harder than IWBTG at places…
    Completion time: 22:36

  • Rolf

    Finally finished tower 2, took me 22:50.
    That last gold bit was HELL.

  • ElTipejoLoco

    I would switch hands if I could move the arrow keys on my keyboard to my left, and using the right shift key, I suppose, with my right hand… But, uh… That’s kind of awkward.

    Also, ha, Guy thought it was a timer instead of a counter. Fun stuff. A good Jill Offer can usually leave the room as soon as the third spider is ‘waking’.

    Still, the second tower is pretty “ACKPTH”, but it’s supposed to be! So it’s a smashing success.

  • Nemo07

    Phew! This game is really hard to do in under 12 minutes. The best I’m able to do is 14:19. That’s about 2 minutes faster than my first time too. Ah well, at my current rate I’ll have it by the next attempt or two.

    …I think my ‘z’ key is starting to wear out, though (not good on a laptop! o_o). Jill wouldn’t jump sometimes when I told her to. She’ll have to be disciplined, I suppose. Heh.

  • notyou
  • Jason

    i got 8:40 on my second go on the first tower and 11:56 on the first at the second tower. ExitMouse, IWBTG is way harder than ANY bit of tower 2.

  • Mark

    I agree, Jason. Also, if anyone really likes tower 2, go play Jumper and its sequels.

  • Pyrrhon

    What the f…?

    I beat it at 11:00 minutes, “Jill off harder” starts to flash and when i press “Z” the game crash to desktop… :(

    When i start it again im can still only play the first tower…

  • http://www.auntiepixelante.com auntie

    that bug’s been fixed and a new version uploaded. i’ve also tried to address the issue some people have reported of jill not jumping sometimes.

  • Nemo07

    Woohoo! I beat the first tower in 11:38!

    The second tower was most definitely a big jump in difficulty. I still beat it in a little over 19 minutes. Jill finally got a physical reward, too! :D

  • Nemo07

    How… odd. I downloaded the new version and now the “Jill won’t jump” problem seems to be worse (or at least more noticeable). Her floating isn’t always a nice slow slope downward either, she’ll sometimes float fast and then slow even when I’m constantly hitting her jump button.