World of Goo Demo

By: Derek Yu

On: October 17th, 2008

World of Goo

I hear that there’s a World of Goo demo on the loose, for those of you that are still not convinced.

It’s also now available on Steam, if that’s your platform of choice.

It won’t be long before it’s in your bed, smoking a cigarette and lying to you about how good you were.

That’s right, there will be a World of Goo under your covers with you.

  • Mike

    Hmmm… I haven’t thought of taking World of Goo to bed with me.

    When can I get it on my DS?

  • Quetz

    Consider me convinced!

  • sluzzuls

    wow this game was waaaay shorter than i expected. having much meatier games for a quarter of the price on iphone is kind of a letdown. and there’s not much replay unless im missing something. no editor/sandbox.

  • 2d boy

    world of goo has been in bed with me for 2 years, but it wasn’t telling me how good i was, it just kept nagging… “do me!” and “finish me off!”

  • PHeMoX

    I liked the demo, but I fear the full game is rather short also.

    Definitely an awesome game though.

  • Marmot

    I am completely thrilled.

  • Cas

    It’s a great little game, oozing style (haha). Doesn’t have to last a million years to be worth the price, though I admit that it’s not entirely my cup of tea as it doesn’t involve blowing stuff up.

    wrt iPhone prices – they’re artificial. Anything priced over $1.99 on iPhone doesn’t seem to sell very well at all and when you’ve only got a short crack at the top 10 list in iTunes you need to make the most of it. So prices have tended to gravitate towards the crap end of the scale.

  • Apekooi


    I played the preorder version for at least 10 hours, and now with the full game I haven’t slept in days. The replay is amazing, the WoG Corp concept is pure genius. You all go wash your mouths. or fingers.

  • MisterX

    I have also spent quite a while with the demo already, especially figuring out ways to complete the OCD challenges. World of Goo is definitely well worth the few dollars it costs, but even for that I will definitely get a lot of value, at least judging from the demo. And then there are still enough reasons. What about charm, creativity, variety, polish? Typical argument, but it just holds true for WoG as well: There are enough much more expensive games which are likely worth buying but don’t even come close to WoG in these terms.
    To cut it short, as all has already been said before: Wonderful game! (I’d just love being able to rip out the green goo ball-structures even when there are hordes of other goo balls happily rolling along them)

  • Zulgaines

    I bit my lip and dropped the $20 at Direct 2 Drive.

    The game is so good in all areas, the complaint that the story is too short is all I have. The game has plenty of replay value but I enjoyed the story-mode so much I’m disappointed it’s over, heh.

    2-D, go work on an expansion.

  • John Evans

    >That’s right, there will be a World of Goo under your covers with you.

    …Ewwwwwww! I guess I need to break down and get those rubber sheets.

  • Ynitsed

    This is one of the BEST games that
    i have played in a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG

    2DBoy, you are a amazing!

  • Dock

    This game isn’t coming to Europe, even on Steam, until next year I believe. On Wii it will be a disc release instead of WiiWare, lamely.