Preview: Astro Tripper

By: Derek Yu

On: October 18th, 2008

When TIGSource was just a baby, PomPom Games was one of the kings of arena shoot ’em ups (for me, at least!). Space Tripper and Mutant Storm have earned a reputation for being a couple of fast-paced and sexy PC games. Unfortunately, they were pretty quiet after that, putting Mutant Storm Empire and Bliss Island (a casual game) onto XBLA with nary a whisper on their website and forums.

So it’s pretty cool to see that they’ve not only updated their website, but they’re also releasing a new game, for PS3 and PC (no XBLA, huh?). Astro Tripper is to Space Tripper what Mutant Storm Empire is to Mutant Storm – bigger, better, and more beautiful. Nice!

Not only that, but it looks as though Mutant Storm Empire will also be receiving a PC version, finally.

(Source: Kieron Gillen, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

  • Adamski

    Nice but it really is rather trippy, made my eyes go blurry :O

  • moi

    Wow pom pom games!
    I thought they didn’t exist anymore…

  • Spkl

    this looks so hot. is there any way to get space tripper?

  • Derek

    Not anymore, it seems like. :(

  • KennEH!

    This looks like it will be an orgasm to play.

  • BeamSplashX

    There wasn’t a PC version of Empire…?

    Wow, I’m an idiot.

  • FMsaziri

    I’d rather say “Astro Tripper is to Space Tripper what Mutant Storm Reloaded is to Mutant Storm”. Astro Tripper seems to be a remake of the original, rather than a true sequel.

  • haowan


    I personally wish they’d gone straight to this game and left out Mutant Storm Reloaded, Mutant Storm Empire AND BlissIsland.

  • lowpoly

    good to see pompom still at it, just wish they’d come back and be involved in the community again. Even if it was just blog or forum posts…

  • Cas

    Woooo excellent news!

  • permanent

    I know I played this game years ago, maybe in 03. It was a mostly a standard arcade shooter but the level/arena layout and controls were kind of interesting.

  • Melly

    The video didn’t realy impress me, to be honest. Looks almost like Space Tripper, with a few extra levels and more flash. Most of the levels shown there were in the original.

  • Mischief Maker

    This is an exact remake of Space Tripper with some new particle effects added. Complete with the disappointing 4th world shooting stone blocks and pillars. I’m rather disappointed they couldn’t even mix up the levels a little.

    It is prettier, though.

  • ElVaquero

    Put this on WiiWare and my money’s there.