It’s Pixel!

By: Derek Yu

On: October 19th, 2008


And I wasn’t sure if there was a camera powerful enough to capture his true majesty (modesty?). From the Cave Story Wii blog.

  • renkin

    Omg, he’s real.

  • Dusty Spur

    Pixel = fuckin’ pimp

  • Seth

    I was expecting something much more square and single-colored

  • KennEH!

    YAY! New fap material.

  • Gutter


  • gustav

    dude messed up his wii :(((

  • Smoke

    Cave Story ripoff. Look at his pad.

  • HandCraftedRadio

    Oh great. Another person claiming to be the ‘real’ pixel. I can’t believe you fall for these things derek.

  • Benzido

    Is that… two wiis duct-taped together?

  • xsportseeker

    The back… of a God!
    The pic becomes believable after you spot his mouse.

    Looks like a mouse that had almost 24-hours a day of usage.

    I’ll buy a Wii with Pixel’s signature, even though I don’t really want a Wii right now.

  • Valkyrie

    Do realize that the camera was only able to support the back of his head. God knows what would’ve happened if he had turned around at that exact moment.

  • Adamski

    You guys need to get over trends and start setting them with your own unique styles and games.

  • Miya

    The back of his neck is so hot,

  • Robert

    Huh… I sort of expected a halo around him or something…

  • Quetz

    Man, I’d pay a zillion bucks for one of those Wiis. A zillion!

  • greywolf

    I can’t believe that a picture of the back of Pixel’s head counts as news. I like Cave Story as much as anyone, but at this point it’s just getting absurd.

  • king

    If we ever saw his face, we would cease to exist.

  • alspal

    Greywolf, will you not bow before him?

  • your mom

    He looks chinese ?:

  • Shabadage

    pick up the phone adam.

  • Honesty

    Obviously, he IS japanese. Chinese and Japanese has the same ancestry.

  • Jad





  • Biggerfish

    Pixel needs to toughen up and show his face on the internet.

    Yeah, I said it.

  • Eclipse

    if you carefully zoom on the mouse you can see his face reflected on it.

    And he’s not human.

  • Guy

    Is pixel now a label? Like nike?

  • bateleur

    He looks about twelve years old.

    Wait… is Pixel twelve years old?!

  • corpus

    Have you.. ever actually seen a twelve year old?

  • Hamburger

    This is getting downright crazy. Is there a set rule that you can’t go two days without mentioning Cave Story or lightning will strike you?

  • Adamski

    Are you guys sure he’s actually drawing on a wii, and not a display stand or something? It looks a bit thick to be a wii, unless it’s two on top of each other… why he’d balance them on top of each other I don’t know.

  • Adamski

    Oh nvm there are cables going in to it. Another use for Sharpies I guess.

  • Jad


    No, but since Pixel and his game is quite legendary among very many indie game fans, the first picture of him ever released is probably something that many, including me, would like to know about.

    Where’s the downright crazy part? Go tell the ‘cvstry rpff’-guys instead, they’re the annoying ones ):

    Btw guys, THIS IS NEWS (because I really think so @ w@)

  • fartron

    How many megapixels?

  • GC


  • pnutz

    His face is naturally pixellated, something like 8×8 with a terrible palette. It safe to assume that he’s kind of sensitive about it.

  • !CE-9

    so how do we know it’s not somebody else’s back?

  • Eclipse

    it’s not pixel, the art on the wii is blatantly The Underside style

  • Guy

    I think fanboysim is bad in general, especially in indie gaming.
    But I know its useless to start a discussion about it here, I will be stoned by people here.
    When you reach a point you can’t even discuss something because it will make people angry, you know something is wrong.

  • greywolf

    @Guy: You speak the truth.

  • ben2theedge

    Notice how the Pixel in its natural habitat flourishes because it has adapted its shirt to blend perfectly with the surrounding floor, making it safe from predators and territorial rival indie gamers.

  • Quetz

    Fanboyism is usually characterized by irrational fanaticism. Our love is really the most rational way to feel after Cave Story :o

  • Guy

    Quetz, I was hoping you were ironic, but I am afraid you are not.

    ben2theedge, huh?
    There are no rivalries in the indie scene that I am aware of.

    I don’t have much strength to argue about this too much, so I will leave it as is.

  • Codemonkey


  • BeamSplashX

    Ben knows what he’s talking about, he was working on a Metroidvania game once. I don’t recall any pictures of him blending into his surroundings though.

  • Guy

    How exactly can “rival” indie gamers(developers?) can harm his indie game in a legal way?

  • Hooker with No BeViS

    @Guy, whoa after everything I cannot belive you honestly blame fanboyism when people start to stone you. =D Read posts and people disagree everyday, no big fits there necessarily.

    I don’t know if you somehow drew different conclusions but I never got pissed off to you becouse you don’t share interest or don’t digg same developers than I (Honestly, why would I bother getting upset about that?).

    Anyway, I’m just gonna leave that up to that. I don’t know what others think about you.

  • Valkyrie

    The rival developers would have to make a game better than Cave Story, and making a game that includes as much polish, dedication, and downright fun as Cave Story is too damn hard for a lot of people to muster. So we hate him for being awesome, yet love him for being awesome. People strive to best him, though they know they might never do so.

    It’s the great square of Pixelism.

  • Guy

    This is ridiculous.

    Its not like there are so many indie games out there.
    Any addition of a decent+ indie game to the market will be welcomed most likely by some people.
    Of course, indie games do not have such a big client base in the first place.
    Most of them, at least.

    Different people have different taste. No game can be pleasing to all the players in the world.
    This is how indie games started anyway, they targeted a niche market.

    There are alot of games out there, there are alot of people out there.
    Each person find the games that he likes, and ignore the games he is not interested at.

    I have played many games, and I liked alot, some of them. But I cannot recall a single game that I will call “legendary”, thats pure exageration.

    Games are alot of things, but games are not everything. There is more to life than just games.
    And I really havn’t found anything I can admire so much to call it legendary in life itself, so that includes games as well.

    (Gosh, did I just start a philosophical discussion?)

  • Derek

    Haha, well… I thought it was a fun picture. When we did our interview with Pixel years ago, he declined to include a photo of himself. He’s a pretty shy person and as far as I know this is the first shot of him.

    As you said, Guy, there’s more to life than games. So I like to break up the game news every now and then with stuff like this. It’s nice to get to know the people behind the games, too.

  • Guy

    Sure derek, I didn’t have any complaints about the picture itself, just some of the comments here.

    But maybe I am complaining too much.

  • HandCraftedRadio

    I think Guy’s just mad because pixel doesn’t return any of his fan email.