Sushi! Waxy’s Sushi Party

By: Derek Yu

On: October 20th, 2008

Sushi! Waxy's Sushi Party

Sushi! Waxy’s Sushi Party is a new action game from Srehpog, the creator of the popular Zeldalike, Ark 22. It’s hard to describe the game mechanics exactly – as a sushi chef, your goal is to manage orders and send out bills. Orders are represented by colored dots that move across the bottom of the screen. To complete an order, you have to hit the right button when the dot is over the matching color.

But what makes the game so challenging is… math. Not only do you have to take orders, but you also have to add up the bills in a timely fashion, which involves some quick addition and multiplication skills. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty useless without a calculator these days. Throw in some impatient customers waiting for their food and, well, I think the screenshot above accurately captures the kind of gourmet clusterbombs that can blow up in your face during this game (or is that a win pose?).

Interestingly enough, at the end of each round you can raise the prices of the various sushi you’re serving. But it’s important to take into account how this will affect your bill calculations in the next round. If you suck at simple arithmetic as much as I do, you might want to keep all the dishes at the same price, and perhaps also at multiples of 50.

All in all, Sushi! is a polished and enjoyable title that’s also lovely to look at. But it’s also rather stressful with all different stuff going on! Waxy, please hire some assistants for God’s sake!

TIGdb: Entry for Sushi! Waxy’s Sushi Party

(Thanks, ChevyRay!)

  • Toadsanime

    A little late, I suppose, seeing as that this title has been on ‘Gamemakergames’ for quite some time now.
    Great game, none-the-less.

  • Quetz

    I love this :D

    Wish I didn’t suck so much at teh maffs.

  • Scott

    This counts as an action game?

  • X-Tender

    Its mor an Stres-Game :D

  • Julie

    “prices of the various sushi your serving”


    Looks like somebody needs to head over to the Independent Book Source.

  • BeamSplashX

    This game has nothing to do with windows!

  • robolee

    awesome game, awesome graphics, awesome music (and sounds)… shocking maths renders me useless at it XD

    This game is amazing, but I’m not… I can’t make it past the first level (and I did all the tutorials) however this game will probably improve my math skills, so I’ll get better in time.

  • mr.zippycrow

    This game is cool but does get pretty stressful. The math got really frustrating, especially when the prices mismatch. I must admit I cheated a bit with an excel list next to the game window…