Gamma 3D: Paper Moon

By: Derek Yu

On: October 21st, 2008

Gamma 3d: Paper Moon

What’s that I spy, hanging over the canvas sky? Why, it’s Paper Moon, a new game from my friend (and Aquaria partner) Alec Holowka, developed with his all-Canuck, Winnipeg-based studio Infinite Ammo. Made for Gamma 3D, this Unity-based platform game features true 3d graphics (using 3d glasses), and an interesting mechanic. The cut-out graphics are by the talented Katie De Sousa, with help from Adam Saltsman (Gravity Hook, Wurdle).

Play the demo at Gamma 3D in November!

  • Farbs

    Looks very nice guys. Gratz.

  • Gainsworth

    Ok people. Where can I find a pair of 3D Glasses? Shops, online, promotions. Whatever. Playing this game slightly cross-eyed just isn’t the same. Also, it hurts.

  • renkin


  • Valkyrie

    Damn. I still need me some 3d glasses.

  • Neon

    Yeah, there’s a few of these games that require 3D glasses but I never happen to have a pair around.

    that aside…

    Winnipeg? Sweet, as if there’s some indie game devs here in our tiny population.

  • pnutz

    “Ok people. Where can I find a pair of 3D Glasses?”
    Only 89 cents! (plus 5 dollars shipping.)

  • Bezzy

    “Add a little extra 3D fun to your event with these 3D glasses!”

    It’s sort of funny. These guys have no idea who the fuck would want these.

    The answer is: ME!

    Actually, I’d kind of like something a little more robust… I mean, I had a cardboard pair at some point, but they got dogeared.

    Better to just buy some Quality Street and make your own at that shipping price.

  • bateleur

    A little off-topic, but Katie de Sousa’s gallery on her site is very, very good. Hope she does some full colour art for a game sometime. That would rock!

  • sinoth

    I’ve usually been able to find 3D glasses at either the movie theater or book store (in some children’s books).

    This game looks beautiful!

  • Toadsanime

    Luckily, I obtained a pair of free 3D glasses with a gaming magazine I bought some time ago because the posters that came free with it were in 3D.

    This game looks fantastic, so I shall patiently wait for the full release.

  • Jean Snow

    Good art does not necessarily mean good game. It seems presumptuous to say “Play the demo at Gamma 3D in November!”, but the game goes look promising.

  • Krux

    yay i have my trackmania glasses

    since i have those glasses i notice how many game have features for them. Trackmania, Magic Carpet, Heart of Darkness – Outtro, and now this one.

  • Adam Atomic

    I took some snapshots of the environment art that I contributed:

    This was a really fun project and it was awesome to see how fast it progressed. Props to Infinite Ammo!