Quite Soulless

By: Derek Yu

On: November 12th, 2008

Quite Soulless is what I imagine The Divine Comedy would have looked like if Dante Alighieri was a basement programmer and he was eating mushrooms and drinking Mountain Dew all day. As the old adage goes: “May you live in interesting times, with interesting games.” (Currently downloading the 600 MB demo, what!)

(Source: Paul, via this thread)

  • policedanceclub


  • Quetz

    what ;_;

    somebody hold me

  • GonzoRob

    interesting discussion going on at :


  • Turniper

    Ouch, that woman yawned in technicoloro

  • Turgid

    That video basically told me it’s some kind of adventure game, with poorly done graphics. The story and gameplay may be awesome, but the video gives little indication of it…

    The website mainly told me they have no idea about web design. Why should I be interested in this game?

    I’m not putting it down, I really would like to know what the game and gameplay is about.

  • Skofo

    “The website mainly told me they have no idea about web design. Why should I be interested in this game?”

    Don’t judge games by their websites! SHAME ON YOU.

  • Skofo

    P.S. Even though it is an awesome website.

  • king

    “The website mainly told me they have no idea about web design. Why should I be interested in this game?”
    Because web design and game design are not the same thing?

  • Valkyrie

    ROFL @ 1:06

    Wow. That may be one of the most interesting game trailers I have ever seen.

  • KNau

    Whatever you do, don’t look at the Dwarf Fortress website! Those goobers don’t know a thing about web design and thus game design.

    I prefer to think the developer is trying to be ironic and therefore the website is funny and nostalgic. Otherwise it would be a crime against humanity!

  • Skf

    “’m nt pttng t dwn, rlly wld lk t knw wht th gm nd gmply s bt.”
    Cnsdr dwnldng th dm. Tht’s wht t’s thr fr.

  • Don Hilo

    This game looks wonderful, I wonder when it will be the time that some retro 3d games will appear. You know, polygon art and crappy 3d is the future of game aesthetics.

  • Cobalt

    It looks like a rainbow threw up.

  • Paul Eres

    “You know, polygon art and crappy 3d is the future of game aesthetics.”

    I agree — low-poly 3D is the new retro!

  • Zeno

    Succinctly, why the hell should anyone play this game?

  • corpus

    Clearly, if you don’t get this game, you’re not indie.

  • Zeno

    I tried playing the demo. It was maybe the worst thing.

    Why do you make me cry, TIGSource?

  • Whatever

    “Because web design and game design are not the same thing?”

    No, but they are related enough for one to have a good grasp on the other.

    The game looks, simply put, INSANE. I’m downloading the demo just to see whether its the fun insane or the bad kind. I don’t mind low-poly 3D but the animation are STILL weird and awkward to watch.

  • To be honest…

    I downloaded it. One of the WORST installers I had seen in a long time, it will make you install shit like 7zip and Adobe Reader for no reason (even though I already have both installed) You can cancel this if you are still conscious after waiting for so long for the file to uncompress.

    The game LOADS every time a new camera angle is needed (meaning FREQUENTLY). What’s the point of using real time generated graphics if you have such a big download with crappy high-res graphics that take forever to render.

    Technically it is POORLY created and executed. Try it and you will see. I will still give it a try because the video looks good, but my hopes are dying already…

  • Paul Eres

    Did you read its license agreement? That alone is worth the 600mb download!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXdP6kNsuys Paul Eres

    Okay, I made a Let’s Play video of this game for those of you who want to see what it actually plays like (click on my name to see it).

  • deadeye

    *Cockroach with a machine gun*

  • AmnEn

    wtf? no, seriously wtf?
    There are some games which are fun because they’re trash. This one isn’t one of them.
    What’s this? The Indie Gaming equivalent of a Rick Roll? You’ve been quite soullessed? Language just doesn’t come with enough words to describe how awful it is. Thankfully Internet has offered us ways to compare levels of awful and this one is having a group hug with a certain Doom Fanfiction Story. Yes John, you are the demons.

  • Adamski

    It hurt my brain to take in everything that was happening. Too many details and colours to manage at once IMO.

  • Jimmy Curbstomp

    Wow. The graphics make me want to get out my Sega Saturn.

  • Advenith

    You know, if the game looked like it did in the trailer and wasn’t horribly broken, this could be great. The retro graphics feel really eerie… Even back when I first got a computer in, like, 1995, nothing looked quite that messed up, with the possible exception of Alone in the Dark. It’d be fun to see someone utilize it.

  • http://gnomeslair.blogspot.com/ gnome

    Extremely intriguing… Downloading demo now.

  • rndll


  • Guy

    Advenith, nobody talks like that about the original alone in the dark! :P

  • Guy

    And seriously, I don’t see any connection between the artwok in this game compared to the one in alone in the dark.
    Alone in the dark had excellent art work and graphics to its time.
    Remember, there were not always 3D games. And low poly 3D games don’t necesseraly look bad.

  • Stij

    Are intentionally terrible games the new good games, or what?

    Seriously, Derek, I expected better from you.

  • rndll

    Well, it does have similar camera angles to ‘Alone in the Dark’ (at least that was my first thought when watching the video, I haven’t played AitD in over a decade).

  • rndmgy

    This post is hurting TIGSource’s credibility. Let’s see what’s on Pigscene.com…

  • http://studioeres.com/immortal Paul Eres

    I think beauty is in variety and distinction and weirdness too, not just in quality and polish. Although I would probably not willingly actually play this game any more than I did in that Let’s Play, I think the trailer is worth watching, I’ve watched it at least five times.

  • policedanceclub

    This game is so indie it hurts my eyes.

  • Whatever

    The fact that the camera angles are remiscent to Alone in the Dark is well-worth telling me that the game is shit. Fixed-position cameras are bad, simple as that. They are ugly, they are unmanageable and they make the game much harder than it should be.

  • Rocknards

    Who lacks the imagination and humour for this? :,(

  • http://studioeres.com/immortal Paul Eres

    Didn’t Silent Hill have fixed-position camera angles for many of its parts? I didn’t mind them in that game.

  • CMspice

    The game has a great aesthetic if you have the taste for it.

  • Advenith

    Fixed position camera with certain control schemes works, depending on the type of game. I personally like it, on occasion.

  • Deacon Blues

    Dig the strangeness and aesthetic, hate the controls and interface. Oh well. Better luck next time, Awesome Name Developer Guy.

  • null

    Killer7 had a fixed position camera. This game despite being rather bizarre, is no Killer7 though.

    Such an awesome concept, too bad the game is quite unplayable

  • null

    Also the old Resident Evil games had a fixed camera too, if I remember correctly

  • rndmgy

    It is not the God-damned camera, it is how it isn’t playable at all! Which is a shame, but I always wonder how people release games that are so OBVIOULSY broken. Seriously, don’t you have some amount of criteria? Some common sense?

  • http://studioeres.com/immortal Paul Eres

    Yeah, some people don’t like to do any playtesting before releasing a game, and obviously this guy is one. Personally I prefer using as many playtesters as possible, for a really long time, before releasing, *especially* if it’s a commercial game and not freeware.

    And it’s not just the game, the entire way he’s going about selling it is bizarre: 600 MB demo? Sold on lulu.com?

    As my friend TeeGee said, some indies pretend to be crazy, but this guy genuinely is crazy.

    I still admire all the work he put into it though. I would *like* to have enjoyed the game, I went into playing that video intending to enjoy the game, it’s just that the controls and brokenness of everything got in the way of enjoying its weirdness.

  • BeamSplashX

    I like the idea of no longer giving Rick free publicity. I believe “obscure indie game”-rolling should be the next step in informing the general public.

  • falsion

    I wonder if this guy intentionally made the game “bad.” I used to do the same using Klik and Play, making games with bad clip art graphics made in a few seconds just to see how people would react to them.

    I mean, I saw his main site and a lot of it seemed like satire, but then again he could be serious and maybe this game isn’t really a joke, not to him at least. He is attempting to actually sell it to people after all.

  • falsion

    Actually you know what, nevermind. I think this guy is indeed genuinely crazy.

  • null

    Yeah. Google his name or email address and you’ll find forum posts of him actually hiring people to audition for vocal roles in his game, among other things.

    If he was merely joking, I doubt he’d go through all the trouble and work that hard to actually make the game. Just read his posts and you’ll see that this guy is serious.

    But even despite the hard work he put into the game, the end result, well, isn’t exactly what I’d call good.

  • Rom

    Hi! where i can buy it?