Sorry it took so long…

By: Jeff Lindsay

On: November 26th, 2008


  • X-Tender

    Welcome Back!

  • Biggerfish

    I sort of miss the gimp-cat and emo panda now. It’s a void that will never be replaced.

  • X-Tender

    Funny. .. when i Go it, there’s still the kitty ;)

  • Klaim


  • GirlFlash

    you were gone for so long, anid it was dark, and it was cold, and I was alone.


  • !CE-9

    ever since the TIGSource main page stopped getting weirder, it has been a love affair.



  • Pnx

    Yay, we must celebrate!

    Indiehugs for everyone!

    Wow that actually lined up.

  • Blame

    It’s great to have this site back again! Thanks!

  • Sifu Peng


  • Paul Eres

    Some of the images on the sidebar appear to be broken. But other than that everything looks good.

  • Jeff Lindsay

    Actually, it only works if you use because I only just remembered to switch back … that’s also why some of the images weren’t showing up in the sidebar.

  • Rtigun

    Um… anyone konw what kind of game(or whatever) was that on the front page?

  • falsion

    Rtigun, the Panda thing was just a Google image search for “Emo Panda.”

    As for the other strange cat attached to a 3D model thing next to it, I don’t know.

  • falsion

    BTW, was there any games or anything significant released while the site was down?

  • xerus

    Check the announcements board in the forums.

  • KennEH!

    Freakin’ finally.

  • Imaginationac


  • Jerom

    Yessss! You’re back :D

  • yougiedeggs

    Wow, and I was expecting the gimp cat and emo panda thing to get any weirder. Welcome back, TIGS!

  • Victo

    Finally! Light at the end of the tunnel!

  • Drakkar

    I missed you guys ;_______;

  • soundofsatellites


    *gentleman emoticon*

  • Skofo


  • thearmyofnone

    Gimp cat and emo panda will haunt my dreams.

  • MonsterKingRen

    Hurray!?I liked the part where my eyes hurt and I had to trade them for better eyes to a weird guy with a dirty shirt.

  • deadeye

    Whoohoo! Glad to see everything’s back to normal :)

  • increpare


  • BeamSplashX


  • DragonSix


  • Anon

    Yay,The Independent Gaming Source is back in action!

  • Pretzelking

    Yay, now you can all gush over artgame crap. But seriously, though, I’m glad that the front page is back up, maybe NOW you can mention Dark Cut 3 or something? I wanna read Derek’s thoughts about that game! DO IT NOW, SLAVE.

  • robert


  • Gainsworth

    Jeff! You are the Hero. For us all.


  • Heavy


  • Heavy again

    You are a loose cannon sandvich, but you are a damn good cop!

  • IdleDeveloper

    I think I just cried a little. I missed you so much TIGSource.

  • Kvalsternacka


  • Just a guy

    It’s good to have you guys back

  • grabladon


  • JetSetPenis

    ZOMG FINALLY! Glad to have you back!

  • Paolo

    So, what exactly happened?

  • Matt

    Welcome back and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • ZeppMan217

    GOD DAMN! Could anyone tell me why the hell i’m banned on forum!?

  • deadeye


    Uh… you’re not? :/

  • ZeppMan217

    “An Error Has Occurred!
    Sorry ZeppMan217, you are banned from using this forum! ”

    I can give a screen if you want.

  • Snow

    Good. Now no one will think I’m some disgusting furry and an even more disgusting avril lavigne fan at work when I check this page during my break. Next time the site goes down, please have Optimus Prime or G.I. Joes or the Cheat Commandos on the front or something. :P

    Anyway, nice to see the site functioning again. You may now continue with the articles. You could start with an article about SAGE and what SAGE Expo 2k9 would be. :) Or I could write the article.

  • Scott

    bet you’ve never said that to a girl before

  • Valkyrie

    Although bizarre, the panda was something I could put up with. That cat, though… well, let’s just say, “Welcome back, TIGSource.”

  • PHeMoX

    Good to see things are back to normal again!

  • Firesword

    No more Emo-Cats… :(