10800 zombies

By: Derek Yu

On: December 1st, 2008

10800 zombies

JW’s fast-paced run n’ gun 10800 zombies was released this Halloween, during our front page downtime. The atmosphere is well done and the way the game forces you to switch weapons constantly is a nice change of pace. I dig that the characters explode like ketchup packets being stepped on! Or teenager zits.

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  • MrLollige

    Looks good! I am going to play right now!

  • falsion

    Is there any way to run it in windowed mode?

    The graphics in full screen look all blurry and stretched. I wouldn’t mind if it was full screen with the pixels enlarged but instead it seems to use some kind of resampling that makes it look really blurry and hard to see.

    The game itself is not bad though and is pretty enjoyable.

  • falsion

    n/m I found the windowed mode in the options screen. Although still, there’s no option to change the resolution or disable the blurriness/resampling.

  • James Madison

    I quit playing after I made a jump onto a block, walked too far to the side of the screen, and exploded inexplicably.

  • quack

    James, you stepped out of bounds. I made that mistake too. It’s just like falling into a bottomless pit.

    This game is hard. Level 4 is filled with BS jumps! I’ll be back though.

  • pragma

    There’s a hidden weapon on the last stage of level 1 – use the shotgun to destroy the brown boxes in the ceiling halfway through the stage. It looks like a shield, or a scabbard of some kind, and the ammunition for it reads “inf”. I have no idea what it does since pressing CTRL does nothing, and monsters will happily run straight through it when armed. Does anyone else know what it is supposed to do?

  • Cybolt

    Pragma: You’re right that it looks like a shield because it probably is. If you stand in front of those guys with shotguns, it will deflect their shots if you have it as your active.

    The game is pretty cool. Haven’t gotten very far in it but enjoying it.

  • VD

    This game has good gameplay, but it’s too freakin’ hard.

    I mean, the second boss was stupidly difficult.

    The game is hard to the point of being hazardous. I was forced to delete it after hitting my computer so hard it shut down. You should really only play it if you’re absolutely sure you can handle it.

    (Also: Hello, comments!)

  • Chris

    This game isn’t difficult, it’s just badly made.
    When you die, it’s not because of some mistake you made, it’s generally because of the way the levels are set out. For example, shotgun guys who’s path you have to jump into to kill, making it impossible to use skill to avoid damage if you’re low on health. Pits that have no indication that they’re pits. Tedious rushes through platforming elements because they’re boring and clunky followed by a big chunk of enemies you jump into because you’re want to get past the dull jumping.
    On the other hand, the graphics are cool and the weapons are fun. It’s just s shame the enemies, levels, and platforming is so lackluster.

  • Sisyfos

    I was about to make a post regarding the bad level design and the issues with shotgun enemies.

    But since Chris described it so well i’ll just agree with him instead.

  • Q

    I hate games you can not save.
    If there where infinite lifes and enemies would respawn when you die it would be much better.

  • Q

    @Chris: right, but the way I described it the game somehow adopts to the players skill, because the player will become as fast as he can without restarting to much. This results in a challenging (as fast as possible) but still rewarding (slow/careful enough to reach the goal most times) game.

  • Q

    oh and btw, do the exploding boxes hurt me and why can’t I shoot upwards?

    anyway a great game

  • pragma

    Q: use the shotgun and stand diagonally away from the exploding blocks before you shoot them.