World of Goo Design Tour

By: Derek Yu

On: December 2nd, 2008

Wolfire‘s David Rosen has started something cool: a “design tour” of innovative games, where he examines their design choices and shares the lessons on video. His tour begins with World of Goo, which is rife with interesting design decisions. As far as reviews go, I think it’s tops – David’s analysis is spot on, friendly, and feels like it is thinking about the game from both sides of the screen. Great work!

  • Bad Sector

    Very good tour and i liked the “oh that explains it” part :-)

  • Rory

    Great analysis of a great game.

    And this is the third feed this has turn up on. First Wolffire then 2D Boy now here :D

  • Venus Flytrap

    That’s a really interesting idea. It’s almost refreshing to hear someone else’s point of view, and comment on less highly scrutinized things like the user interface and loading screens.

  • BlademasterBobo
  • Q
  • MrLollige

    Awesome! Sad thing is, how do you copy the good parts.. without copying?


  • Mark-P

    Very interesting and enjoyable. I hope he does more.

  • Al King

    MrLollige, ;)

  • Sparky

    There’s such an overabundance of shallow review videos out there already- it’s about time someone started making videos that are more friendly investigation and less Olympic judge panel. I look forward to the next video in the series.

  • IdleDeveloper

    So refreshing to hear analysis of a game rather than one persons opinion. Would love to see more of these.

  • mrfredman

    Its funny how he praises the level titled “You have to explode the head” for its originality and exellence. Has he never played You have to Burn the Rope?! It is clearly a tribute to that.
    What ignorance and audacity! That clod!