Rara Racer, Mirror Stage Preview

By: Terry

On: December 9th, 2008

It’s very difficult to explain why you should play increpare’s Ludum Dare game Rara Racer without spoiling the whole bloody thing, and unfortunately the screenshot in the thread really doesn’t do justice to the concept. The windows download is available here, and will only take a little over two minutes and 10 seconds of your time… You just have to play it for yourself. It’s worth every second!

Also, if you’ve been following the What are you working on? thread on the forums, you might have seen a screenshot or two of increpare’s Mirror Stage, which has been in the works on and off for a couple of months now. That’s nearing completion – in fact, could quite possibly be finished this weekend. I’ve seen a few running demos at various stages of development and at TIGJam:UK, and it’s definitely one to keep an eye on! More screenshots of it after the jump:

  • Hiro

    Wow… Rara Racer is amazing. Highly recommended.

    First post! :D

  • Pragma

    Rara Racer.

    That was really, really strange. I hope Cactus doesn’t go anywhere near it, or the universe just might implode on itself.

  • Benzido

    Rara racer is pure unadulterated genius

  • Connor

    Ha! My jaw is still unhinged from what Rara Racer just pulled off. Wow.

  • Adam Atomic

    Rara was a blast, made my night. Thanks increpare!

  • Xion

    Holy crap more like Rara Rawesome. It’s a play on words, see. Surprised me, that one, it did it did.

  • IndieJoJo

    Uhhhhhhhh… NSFW, y’all?

    Yes, there’s no actual content, but the context…

    It’d be nice to have SOME kind of warning is all – my boss walked by as I was playing this.

  • HAHAHA Rara >= Awesome

  • qrrbrbirlbel

    probably the most refined ludum dare game i’ve played yet. awesome!

  • cactus

    Wow, the idea for Rara is awesome. And Mirror Stage looks awesome too.

  • Turgid

    @IndieJoJo: Uh, it’s a game site. What did you expect?

    Rara Racer had me laughing hard, and then playing it over just to see if I could beat it. XD

  • Permanent

    Along with the other witicisms I like how uncritical the design is… is he playing the game or is he watching a video of it? Who cares!

  • Frank West

    Someone needs to do a lets play of Rara Racer.

  • null

    Then after someone does a lets play of it, get the guys from SA to do a retsupurae of the lets play video. It’ll be a Let’s play of a Let’s play of a Let’s play. Talk about a mindf***.

  • null


  • null

    damn, this site doesn’t let me self censor myself

  • IndieJoJo


    I work for a game company, so generally I don’t have any issues. :)

  • falsion

    TubGirl55 exists in for REAL!


    Holy shit, my mind is blown.