Gish Design Tour

By: Derek Yu

On: December 16th, 2008

David Rosen continues his tour with an oldie but goodie from Edmund McMillen: Gish! Although at his pace, it’s less of a tour and more of a rampage. This one’s real fun.

Speaking of Wolfire, if you want a free copy of Lugaru for Christmas, all you have to do is join the Overgrowth Facebook page.

  • Q
  • Nigmos

    I guess they just didn’t have the money to host the site when it wasn’t even on its way to get released just yet.

  • Edmund

    We were having problems with our host when gish expired. then started working on No Quarter full time. Gish 2 is currently on hold till No Quarter is done. Gish 2 isnt going to be called “gish 2” so we didnt keep the domain.

    im sure we will jump back on it in about 6 months, but right now no quarter is taking most of our time.


  • pnx

    This guy’s tours are really quite excellent, but I suppose I’m just stating the obvious by saying that.

  • MikeK

    God this makes me want to play gish again! So awesome. Can’t wait for “Gish 2”.

  • Mark

    Thanks for creating this tour, your point about sound effects is very important.