By: Derek Yu

On: December 18th, 2008

Now this is just a darn cool idea.

But I would be so tempted to try to beat the game by only drawing boobs and dongs. :(

Achievement unlocked.

  • Esquar

    darn cool trailer too

  • Esquar

    I mean it’s mostly a darn cool trailer, it seems rather impossible to play

  • TheBeardedDemon

    Wow, I want an actionuat soooooooooooooooooooooooo bad…

    That is honestly really sweet.

  • MisterX

    Definitely cooler than Drawn 2 Life :)

    But I also wonder if the game itself is going to be fun to play. Wouldn’t be the first to have an amazing idea but fail at the essentials.

  • Jacob

    Office Depot funded this game.

  • Neko_Baron

    If your having trouble playing without printer and such just start playing and stand on the crystals and they will rise automatically until it breaks and you will be sent to the design page and you’ll be able to draw on screen then, confused me at first but worked it out though unfortunately the raised platforms mostly don’t render for me. Fun still ! :D

  • moon_rabbits

    Really damned cool / fun / neat idea.

    But does it work? D:

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/slonzivaca Bellyache

    Wow, a sweet game indeed. I feel that i would be having tons of fun with it if my video card was not outdated (half of the stuff doesn’t render). The game could be polished a little on the presentation side, support for gamepads and scanners would be neat, but still – thumbs up!

  • wally

    Could you contact them? i really want to translate this to spanish (my mother could use this to the autists, downs and psychotics she teaches) but both email addresses bounced:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Unrouteable address (state 14).

    If you can contact them, can you contact me?


  • dukope

    The game is fully playable without a printer and webcam. We originally planned to “keep it real” with only the paper interface, but it’s just not practical for this particular concept. You can draw in-game using a mouse or tablet.

  • Sneakish

    Eh, the game crashes when it prompts me asking if I want to use the printer and paper or just on-screen.

    Any ideas?

  • dukope

    Wally: [mightier at ratloop dot com] should work. Check your spelling.

    Sneakish: Can you mail the log.txt file to us?


  • rz.

    requires pixel shaders, LAMEEEE

  • http://s.hryx.net/ hryx

    Ohhhhh my. Otco-sweet idea.

  • falsion

    If only my scanner wasn’t incompatible with Vista. And only if my printer wouldn’t fail at printing color (i dunno if nozzles are permanently clogged or if maybe its the cheap ink I’m using).

    Oh well, I guess I’ll have to play it without either of the two.

  • falsion

    actually, not just color, my printer seems to fail printing at anything thats not text. :(

  • http://gnomeslair.blogspot.com/ gnome

    Quite interesting, really. Bordering on impressive actually.

  • Mr Anon

    Looks to me like it won’t be much fun. Technically brilliant, but no fun.
    Kind of like….
    …. um…
    Gears of War.

  • sean

    cool idea, but a little unenvironmental.

  • harvestoflove

    This is so fucking cool.

    I came.

  • Neddo

    I have been playing this all night and having a blast. Some of these maps require a lot of thinking to get just right.

    My absolute favorite part of the game so far is the ability to design everything myself. Great idea, implemented well, and just a ton of fun. Great game.

  • Neddo

    I am now trying to assemble the datagons… either I’m just really dense or this is really hard!

  • http://chaoseed.com/garden John Evans

    Looks pretty neat, I’ll have to try it out!

  • Nemo07

    Wow! This is a really cool concept and it’s also a pretty fun game.

    I got to Sector 12 and stopped playing for the night because it’s too late right now to work out any more puzzles.

    I made some pretty ugly looking, but functional, solutions to some of the puzzles before that. It’d be pretty cool to see all the different ways people solve the puzzles. There’s even a folder containing all your solutions to the puzzles, so posting them would be simple.

  • Neddo

    Aw, nuts. I was hoping there would be some final super-level after figuring out the password. That’s the only disappointment I had, though.

  • leeham

    If you could beat the game by drawing dongs, would that make it a…

    …a Penis Mightier?


  • linger


  • TeaAndBiscuits

    EyePet coming out on PS3 next year uses tech like this.

  • MisterX

    I’ve spent quite a while playing it and I’m glad that in my opinion it’s definitely more than just a gimmick, the game is actually very fun to play :) I thought most of the levels were too easy, but some of the last ones ended up quite challenging, so I’m satisfied. Even though the “designing” (of the character, jetpack, etc.) isn’t relevant gameplay-wise it was still motivating enough just seeing the drawings come to life, and there’s even some fun to be had messing with the underlying mechanics. For example I liked my bunny character best, which had the ears where the “default cutout” has its arms, so they wiggled when walking :) And having little flying saucers aiding you in the place of the “niks” was also neat.
    I also like the presentation, as it is mostly simple but very harmonious throughout. I just think that if the game was to be expanded, different scenarios for the levels would be necessary, as I think that they tend to look uninterestingly barren with the brown surface and few details.

    Very nice game. If just somebody made something like that for the DS, as Drawn 2 Life actually is very gimmicky and the only game of the kind for it, as far as I know.

    By the way, is it possible to do the Assembly without a printer? And if not, what is it, anyway?

  • dukope

    Wow, thanks for the great feedback MisterX.

    The barren landscape basically comes down to time. The game was originally going to be spread across 3 planets, but yeah.. Nov 1st came up real fast.

    The last puzzle does require a printer. I don’t want to spoil it because it’s supposed to be an interesting surprise.

    You could conceivably install a direct-to-image printer driver and solve it in an image editor but that’s a lot of work. I’d feel guilty about the lack of a solid payoff if you did that :)

  • MisterX

    Alright, if it’s a nice surprise I’ll make sure to use my brother’s printer somehow and give it a try this way :)

  • JW


  • Scott

    I didn’t keep the game, but I did keep the title song

  • Chris

    Definitely an awesome idea. I had fun, but I found the ending to be kind of anticlimactic.

  • red

    I have no printer and no webcam. There is no chance to draw anything :( I’m running around about 30 minutes, pressed everything on my keyboard and nothing :(
    When standing on the crystals, nothing happens too :-/

  • Nemo07

    I don’t have a printer or webcam on this laptop, either, but the game is working fine for me.

    In the opening sequence I jumped at the first “plug” a few times and Engineer 254 raised a platform so I could get it, I did the same for the second “plug”, lost contact with Engineer 254, and then I became Engineer 255 and solved the puzzle by clicking on the Schematix and drawing platforms.

  • Sigvatr gives a meaningful review of this game


  • MisterX

    I’ve just done the “assembly” now. I did expect a little bit more of a reward for suceeding at it, but the thing itself was already very nice, so that’s fine. Took my brother and me quite a while to get it right, especially as something seemed to be missing. But then I remembered the last words of the “professor”, hehe. Cool idea :)

  • Winterous

    Loved it.
    Although when I was assembling the puzzle my computer went to sleep, and I had to play through the whole game to type in the password.
    Didn’t take too long when I’ve already got the solutions though :P

    For those who couldn’t be stuffed, it’s ‘Sabotage’.

  • Hypersapien

    Something wrong with the graphics. When the land raises up, I can’t see it. The crystal goes up, but the land that is cut away is just an indentation in the ground covered with squares. I can jump on top of the raised land and run around on it. The physics work fine, but it isn’t rendering.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Nemo07

    Hmm… I can’t wrap my head around Sector 12 no matter how hard I try. Any tips?

  • dukope

    Hypersapien: A few people have reported the same problem. Can you email us your log.txt file?

  • MisterX

    Winterous, even if you don’t remember the level codes, the solutions to each level are stored, you just have to flip the pages in the Schematix :)
    I’ve also redone several levels until I noticed that, and it was quite nice to see my own different solutions to the levels.

  • gamecreator

    Great game. I beat sector 15 but I have no printer for the rest.

    Also, I have an ancient video card (Radeon 9600) and I had a similar problem to Hypersapien. Some of the platforms rendered, some didn’t, so sometimes it looked like I was walking on air (which obviously didn’t prevent me from playing far into the game). But I’m pretty sure it’s the age of my card, not the game.

  • Krux

    Cooooooooooooool … music

  • Jules!

    I loved this game!! it was really fun to play though i dident use a printer or scaner (except for last code). . .i problem though, i found the last code EXTREMELY difficult to work out. .even after cutting everything out very neatly :P!anyway, awesome game hope more stuff like this comes along!!! :D

  • Jules!

    (when i said “i problem” i meant 1 problem, sorry :p

  • Hypersapien


    I just tried emailing it to [email protected], but it bounced back. Where should I send it?

  • Sciere

    I’m playing the game on a recent Radeon HD4870 and I have the same problem. The first time it showed fine, then all of a sudden invisible platforms.

  • it gives me an error

    it wont let me play