Commonplace Book Compo: Results!

By: Derek Yu

On: December 24th, 2008


Finally, for my ultimate Christmas Eve post, here are the results of our creepy-crawley Commonplace Book Compo! The winner, by a sizeable margin, is Kyle Pulver’s Verge. A well-deserved win by the former Vice President of RomeoPie Software.

The top 10 games were:

1. Verge, by Kyle Pulver

2. From Primordial Egg, by Fifth

3. Eversion, by Zaratustra

4. This Cursed Rock, by deadeye

5. Lost in Eldritch, by Bob le Moche

6. My Entry, by cactus

7. Herbert West in ‘Carrion Re-animating!’, by captainbinky

8. The Clatter of the Keys, by Pishtaco

9. The Lake, by agj

10. Doorror, by Pencerkoff

Please check out the rest of the entrants, too! Congratulations to all the entrants for making this a memorable couple of months. May an Old One crawl down your chimneys and bring you each the gift of a quick death tonight. Merry Cthulhumas!

  • toastie

    FORMER Vice President???

  • laremere

    Yay for Verge.

    Numbers 7 and 8 really should be both numbered 7, since it was a tie.

  • BlademasterBobo


  • BMcC

    SAV– wait, Bobo beat me to it!

  • xerus

    Whoa whoa, whats all this about former? Did our contract with Yves go out the window because I used Game Maker? SHIT.

  • Annabelle

    yaaay i voted for verge im glad it won it was my favorite!!!

  • Noyb

    Congrats, Xerus!
    I’m a bit disappointed that the IFs didn’t make a stronger showing on the top ten.

  • Secret Admirer

    I think everyone knew already that Verge was going to win

    Congrats to everyone

  • Santa

    Ho ho ho! These games are awesome! Good job, everyone!

  • Al Borland

    Cave story rip-off.

  • Santa

    Al Borland, you are not funny. You’re getting coal in your stocking next year!

  • Tantan

    Pencerkoff got shafted.

  • Alf

    Cave Story lookalikes the new in-thing?

  • yes


  • cigarettes

    I have to say, the lake was my personal favorite.

  • none

    This Cursed Rock was my personal favourite. It looked really promising.

  • Adamski

    Alf said about 18 hours later:

    Cave Story lookalikes the new in-thing?

    Not new, people always seem to do that here….

  • Malasdair

    Verge was totally fun! I just wish it had been more Lovecraftian. I’m glad Lost in Eldritch made it in the top 5, those chunky running physics made my Xmas.

  • ssidbroadcast

    I got to try out Verge for like, 5 minutes on my brother’s PC laptop. It’s a shame that this compo barely got any Mac love. :/

  • Adamski

    I bet if this game was scored on originality Lost in Eldrich would’ve beaten Verge by miles. I loved the atmostphere that game had.

  • yes

    Adamski is never pleased.

  • Adamski

    Not when people are constantly influenced by Cave Story. It’s a great game and a great style, but people need to set a trend and stop following one.

  • BMcC

    This competition wasn’t “scored” at all. It was an open vote. If more people voted for _any other game_, that game would have beaten Verge. But that didn’t happen.

  • shaddup

    Gee you you sure hit the nail on the head Adamski *`*rolls eyes`**

    I don’t like Cave Story and I though Verge was the funnest game of the compo, hands down. THAT IS ALL. It was just more fun than any other game.

    Quit it with the Cave Story comparisons, people… for those who think it’s funny, you’re wrong, and for those who take it seriously, I feel sorry for you.

  • headcrab.

    Get over it, winning a tigs compo has no meaning beyond a frontpage blurb such as this one. Lay off and let kyle have his 15 minutes, it’s the most he’s gonna get.

    Before going back to his two-man romeo pie development team, or whatever. vp of marketing…

  • xerus

    YEAH. Wait. I cant tell if that was a shot at me or not. haha

  • shinygerbil

    he’s probably from that rival company Juliet Cake.

  • xerus

    No, our rival company is Pie Devil Studios.

  • Adamski

    Too many people in these comments thread are ripping off Cave Story’s dialog.


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