Grow Tower

By: Derek Yu

On: January 22nd, 2009

Grow Tower

Yay, there’s a new Grow game on Eyezmaze! Pick five items in the right order to grow the highest tower possible. I enjoyed this one immensely.

(Thanks, Cheater!)

  • Hello Kitty

    I just got max height.
    That was awesome.

  • Hello Kitty

    I just got max height.
    That was awesome.

  • Hello Kitty


  • lp

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • Bleagle

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • sinoth

    I just got to max height. That was awesome.

  • Pip

    I just got Max Payne. It was alright.

  • jrsquee

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • Joe Larson

    I just got to the max height.

    One thing that drives me crazy about this game, and other grow games in general, is that you fiddle around with the “wrong” combination enough and you only get so high. But when you get the right one all this stuff starts happening that don’t happen in ANY other combination.

    And yet I can’t stop playing them.

  • Adam
  • Bleagle

    @Joe Larson: I never heard of the Grow series before, and I just tried some other games. I had the exact feeling when finishing this. “Yeah I think I got it! What? Oh come on, that never happened before! And what is that?!” – 3 minutes later… “Eh yes…”
    I love the animation and all but the end was just too much at once. I mean while trying you get always just to that stupid cloud or less. Although the other games werent that “strange”.

  • Trotim

    I just got max height. That was average.

  • Turgid

    Yeah, it’s not so much a puzzle game as a “keep trying until you magically get it right.” There’s not enough indication that close answers are close. To reference to the wolfire blog (same guy who does the design tours) who discussed designing the solution space here:

    The solution space for this game is not only purposely bumpy, but seems to angle you AWAY from the correct solution in many cases. The topography looks something like a volcano, if you will. Of course, for a lot of people this is the appeal of these games, but for me I find it’s closer to “artificial difficulty” rather than an actual challenge. It almost seemed easier to me to try all 120 orders in sequence, but I eventually just went and found a hint for the first couple instead.

  • Jad


    I fiddled around ’til I got max. I don’t think it’s very hard to get the highest, you just need to think about how many steps each item takes the other and go the farthest with the optimal combination you can come up with, and if that doesn’t work, rethink and try again.

    It was fun also : D

  • Benzido

    The Grow guy/guys seem really talented. But I wish they would get a newer version of Actionscript and stop making these barely-interactive choose-your-own-adventure games.

  • Eddie

    I love the Grow series

  • Nitro Crate

    That was amazing. Also I think the super 10x animation thing on the right combination is more like the reward you get for completing the game. I think I like it that way. It feels really great.

  • Sparky

    I really like the original GROW v.1 and GROW TOWER. They’re both very beautiful, and I find the simple interaction appealing. However I’m with Benzido in being impressed by the author’s talent, but wishing he’d push challenge himself and go a bit further out of his comfort zone. I’d love to see new types of games by this developer!

  • Masna

    Awesome! I love the grow games.

  • Radial

    Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

  • Sorry

    Never liked a grow game, tried this one, still boring ;, sorry

  • MisterX

    I can basically agree to what others said. I think in the other Grow games he mostly got it very right, after a bit of trying stuff out you could get pretty cute results even if you didn’t do it right, maybe even if you did something in the very wrong order. In Grow Tower, though, nothing really happens, until you get it right, and then it just goes nuts. Yet, when that happens, it’s again very satisfying and looks very sweet :)

    I especially liked that it didn’t feel too random, but you actually learned from what you did wrong and could say “Yeah, if this block can do that, maybe I should put the other one above it, so they can interact..”. Some things may lead to “traps”, but after a bit of rather satisfying trial and error it works and it’s all right :]

  • Deacon Blues

    Got it on my first try. That’s a first for me.

  • BroodKiller

    A wonderful piece, although slightly too un-deterministic for me. Was great fun getting to the top nonetheless.

  • Dean

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • Max Payne

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • Max Man

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • CureZen

    help im lost
    is the brick supposed to push the button?

    is the pot supposed to get rain

    what is the robot supposed to blow up?


  • MisterX

    no, yes, that yellow thing if I remember correctly

    That should get you going :)

  • Mad Max

    I just got max height. That was awesome.

  • Dean