Legend of Princess

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: January 27th, 2009

Legend of Princess screen

Konjak has released a new action game, perhaps his last for the foreseeable future, called Legend of Princess. Any similarities between it and that big game franchise from that big game company are purely coincidental, of course.

True to Joakim’s style, LoP features fast action, lovely hand-pixelated graphics, clever boss fights, and over-the-top effects. On top of that, there’s a pretty nifty gameplay mechanic where you choose Li— er, the main character’s items (a jump item and ranged weapon) before starting the game. This affects the difficulty as well as how you overcome the game’s various obstacles. Pretty sweet.

I put this in the Demakes category, even though it isn’t exactly a demake. If you’re anywhere near as big a geek as I (unlikely!), you’ll love this game. I wouldn’t mind seeing a complete set of temples…

TIGdb: Entry for Legend of Princess

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    And now I’ve got the anti-music stuck in my head. :|

  • Maisnon

    Woh, my jaw dropped when I started the game and it’s still down, awesome!

  • Vylaroth

    This is awesome. Such beautifully polished graphics. :o

  • Adamski

    Awesome graphics. I did notice some slow down though, and at one point I was able to use my boomerang to uncover a hidden area which was not reachable/I was no where near yet.

  • eobet

    No OS X version? :(

  • Al3xand3r

    Add more levels, bosses, and maybe 2 player coop, and it’s instant-classic material. As it stands, it’s pretty damn great, without even considering it’s something he did as a break from his other game. Is that one in the same style? If so, I can’t wait. I bought Noitu Love 2 and thought it’s good, but I’ll surely love the next game more!

  • falsion

    Seems like Konjak is a bit late for the bootleg demakes compo.

  • falsion

    Just kidding, of coarse.

  • salade

    last in the forseeable future? isn’t he hard at work on solar plexus?

    but seriously; what?

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Solar Plexus isn’t exactly an action game…

  • Huzzah

    Noitu Love 3

    believe 2010

  • Marmot

    A frikking re-made Zelda O_O
    I am quite ashamed to admit the mirror boss mopped the floor with me. Twice.

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Haha, me too.

  • Balrog

    I love Konjak, he is a master of style and game development

  • Lim-Dul

    You are my hero, konjak! THIS is how you make a tribute to a great game – not like *cough cough* some other “tributes” to stories happening in caves. :-P

    It’s wonderful how you “ported” both the gameplay and monsters to your style and how you managed to retain some Zelda-like puzzles.

    Also, the theme is an awesome nod to the Overworld Theme without being a rip-off. :-D

    I’d seriously pay a lot of money for that game if it were longer. But I agree that you have to explore new directions, so make Solar Plexus and only later expand this. ^^

  • konjak

    thanks guys!

    I have not enjoyed working on Solar Plexus for a long time, we’ll see how much I get back on track…

    I guess it’s just… not my thing? I may still muster up the courage again, though.

  • Bumman

    I enjoyed the crap out of this (Oh man, the juggle fight/main boss/l#nk’s expressions). Someone give this man money and lots of it.

  • shilrobot

    Oh my lord, it’s like Christmas a month late.

  • Jeremy

    I absolutely loved this game. The boss battles were fun, challenging, and a blast to play.

    I’m eagerly awaiting any future games Konjak puts out.

  • Dim_Yimma_H

    I’ve been wishing for a game like that, and it seriously looks more beautiful than Nintendo’s 2D versions of Zelda, well done!

    (You should show them how to make amazing graphics, ha, they might drop their jaws.)

  • Radish

    Am I the only one who think of Eternal Daughter when playing the game?

  • Carlz0r

    Why does Noitu Love 2 run great on my PC, and this game runs like absolute crap?

    I wouldn’t say it’s not playable, but I think it’d be a lot more fun at a faster speed.

  • Scott

    Cool, I’ve been playing the old a Link to the Past.

    I was kind of hoping my chicken helper would have some kind of secret attack if I hit him enough.

  • Squirrelsquid

    realy awesome work here. I realy enjoyed it. great graphics and challenging gamplay.
    me needs MORE! ;D

  • http://blog.ahfr.org noah

    I didn’t really say anything *particularly* different about this game, but I posted some words about it.

    Oh, and I loved it.

    thanks konjak!

  • Sparky

    Best wishes, Konjak!

  • lp

    the konjak man has lot of talent indeed! sooo … any subtle hints on the mirror boss? :)

  • Rad

    He mirrors you, so you’ve got to mirror him back. Also try not to run away or he’ll nip you in the butt.

  • Rhyus

    Amazing work! I’d love to see a possible version with more than the one temple one of these days. Perhaps as a premium thing, so to speak. I do know if such a project is ever in the works, I’ll be one of the ones online to shell out the cash needed. All the same, keep up the great work, Konjak, and hopefully there will be many more to come. When it comes to development on a game, take breaks as needed, I would think. Quality really shouldn’t be rushed, IMO.

  • C-

    nice, but I got stuck in an infinite loop by stabbing downwards into water and gave up.

  • qnp

    Bit late… but great game! Longer than I expected it to be.
    I’m always excited when I hear Konjak is making something new.
    The sprite work is really great again.
    Got a big smile on my face after playing this.

    PS damn you mirror-Link!

  • iosomewhere

    Wish konjak would have the money to open his own game company and employ more people. Then we would have to wait a long time for a good game. The games he makes always remind me me of the good golden time of 2D.And there are not many coming out these days as we all know.:( These games are just plain fun and addictive,I spend rather 50$ on such a game then on most else what is coming out these days.
    Thanks once konjak,hope in future we could see another Level for this beauty !